The Superior Works: Bedrock #601

A missed marketing opportunity of the past is now finally corrected. Overlooked in the original production run of the popular Bedrock series of bench planes, the #601 miniature smoothing plane is now available today thanks to the fine team effort of The Superior Works. A #1 size plane was offered under the Bailey design, but wasn't under the Bedrock design. And for good reason - it's a very difficult plane to manufacture with the Bedrock features. Undaunted by the difficulty, The Superior Works took up the challenge. Our pain is your gain.

With years of painstaking development, where no detail was neglected, the #601 is an exact miniaturization of the original Bedrock line. Every part, all 33 of them, from the smallest screw to the largest casting, is 100% faithful to the original. In fact, one can easily believe that the #601 was made decades ago (when the last originals came off the assembly line during the early 1940's). It's that true and precise, able to withstand the finest scrutiny by the most critical tool connoisseur.

Only the finest tradesmen dared tackle the production of such a tool. With patterns made in an old-time patternshop that formerly served the shipyards of coastal New England, a foundry that actually knows how to pour cast iron, precision machine work performed by the finest machinist on the planet, wooden boxes fabrique au Canada by a real live viscount, and efforts by several others all performed tirelessly to manufacture the #601.

Simply put, there is no finer plane being manufactured today. By anyone. Guaranteed. You'll never look at another plane of modern manufacture the same after owning, or even seeing, the #601. Each and every #601 is warranted and guaranteed to satisfy; the cutter even says so right on it.

Click on images for a crystal clear larger image of each.


Like the original Bedrocks, the #601 has these swell features:












Packed in a wooden box, made of brown ash, that's reminiscent of the boxes used during the early 1900's to store the #45, the #55, #444, etc. The box keeps the #601 safe while not in use or while on display, and you'll get as much joy displaying it as you will using it.

The #601 measures 5 3/4" long, with the cutter's width of 1 1/4". Planes of this size are favored by instrument makers, model makers, patternmakers, flyrod makers, cabinetmakers, and any other trade where small and detailed work is required:

The #601 does all this, and more, with finer control and greater tactile feedback than can be had with a larger bench plane or block plane. Fine work demands fine tools, and the #601 is simply the finest small smoothing plane ever made.

Beat the rush, and get your Bedrock #601 plane today, all for the bargain price of $695.00+ship by pressing the Ordering link. You won't be able to put the thing down, and, honestly, you'll be fighting with the wife over who gets to hold it first. No Bedrock collection is complete without the #601.

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pal, August 7, 2000