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Don't forget the cool new tools that I'm making - a jazzy layout
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a detachable block plane handle designed to fit your standard pitch
block planes, a killer Robinson's Improved Patent sliding bevel, a
tilting jaw for your Emmert's vise, and the finest bench plane in
production today, the Bed Rock #601. You can see it all at:


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FT1 A rare Brown&Sharpe point of sale display with the firm's
tools nicely arranged on a board within a glass case;
stenciled "The Property of Buck&Hickman, London", this
large display is 36" by 31" by 6" and contains over 50
of the firm's tools; used to aid tool buying for the
customers, displays such as this were fashionable from
the late 1800's to the 1950's, this one appears to be
from between the two World Wars; Brown&Sharpe seems to
have had greater market presence in England than Starrett
did, perhaps displays like this put the customers in a
"buy me...buy me...by me" trance (it certainly has for
the tool lad as he wants to keep it); none of the tools
have been used, it's obvious that the lower right area
shows them with rust and mildew, this is on the apprentice
kit that is in a leatherette case which held moisture
and started the process; fortunately the apprentice kit
can easily be found to replace the one in the display
(or you can clean it); with some missing return moldings
on the sides, and expected knocks and dings after being
removed from the wall and then stored, it's nevertheless
 a great example of quality tool production that now is
almost extinct; this cannot be shipped, but may be able
to get it to many areas east (or along) the Mississippi:
 http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/f2.jpg $1,950.00


ST1 #71 router; all original parts, including the three cutters,
fence, and throat closing shoe, it's an earlier UK made ex-
ample that is on par with anything made in the US; box
remnants tossed in for free; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t4.jpg $130.00
ST2 #271 miniature router; a clean and barely used UK made
product, all it needs is a honing; with original box, it's
perfect for routing work where smaller hinges are used;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t7.jpg $55.00
ST3 #94 cabinetmaker's rabbet; the largest of the four plane
series, it's also the least common; from the 1920's, with
sweetheart logo stamped on the nose's disk, it's free of
the usual damage, it shows normal plating wear; a fairly
popular plane in England, where most are found, this one
has never been altered or abused; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t8.jpg $235.00
ST4 #93 cabinetmaker's rabbet; used a few times and put away,
it's a 1980's UK example made years after Stanley's US
production stopped; only in need of a honing, it's no
longer made by Stanley; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t8.jpg $130.00
ST5 #92 cabinetmaker's rabbet; another UK production, but from
the 1960's; all original and no damage, it's ready to use
after honing the iron; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t8.jpg $115.00
ST6 Later UK Stanley model of the #9 1/2; given some other
stock number that would injure my brain if I tried to
memorize it, it's a heavier version of the #9 1/2 style;
all original parts, no damage, little used, a fine worker;
top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t14.jpg $30.00
ST7 #53 adjustable mouth spoke shave; a 1920's sweetheart model
with all original parts, no damage, it's one of the finer
shaves Stanley made, the mouth can be opened/closed as
needed; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t14.jpg $40.00
ST8 #444 dovetail plane; complete and in the battered remains
of the original box (slide cover is a replacement), it saw
use and has plenty more left in it; plating 75%, one for
the user, not the collector:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t17.jpg $765.00
ST9 #80 cabinet scraper; a clean and all original UK made model
that only needs a sharpening to be put back to work; the
easiest and most popular scraper made; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t38.jpg $45.00
ST10 #42 saw set; an as found ca.1930 example with remnants of
decal; dirty from sitting idle, it's a sound working ex-
ample of a very popular design that many prefer to use
today; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t38.jpg $40.00
ST11 #7 jointer; made ca.1930, with all original parts, it saw
little use as most of the decal is present on the tote;
dusty and dirty from sitting idle for decades, this one
will clean to be in much nicer than usual condition, the
japanning is 95%; made during the golden era of Stanley
production; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t39.jpg $175.00
ST12 #4 smoothing plane; same vintage as the previous, also
with all original parts, it's been waiting to be used
again after sitting unloved for decades; no damage, it
will compliment the previous nicely for those who want
their planes from the same era; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t39.jpg $85.00
ST13 #98/#99 side rabbet pair; with depth stops, no damage, all
original parts, and free of modification, in fine worker
condition; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t40.jpg $165.00
ST14 #21 combination square; nickel plated 1920's model with
sweetheart logo and patent date, it has a graduated 9"
blade; a sound quality for woodworking, nearly all plating
remains, some areas of tarnish; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t42.jpg $35.00
ST15 #151 round sole spoke shave; UK made, in nicer than usual
condition, a very popular shave that is next to impossible
to find as US production; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t48.jpg $40.00
ST16 #20 circular plane; a very clean 1930's example that saw
barely any use; the best plane for working convex and con-
cave surfaces, all it needs is a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t52.jpg $175.00
ST17 #59 dowel jig; complete, in original box, and with the
instructions, it proved to be the best design for doweling
edges prior to joining boards; dates ca.1960; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t59.jpg $50.00
ST18 #1 trammel points; the smallest of the three sizes, these
are the first model with the Victorian decorative casting;
in fine shape, with original bearing plates, they are
perfect for laying out curves, ellipses, etc.; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t60.jpg $65.00
ST19 #605C Bed Rock corrugated jack plane; a ca.WWI model with
all original parts, V-logo, "BED ROCK" lever cap, and in
much cleaner than usual shape, all it needs is a honing;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t63.jpg $155.00
ST20 #5C corrugated jack plane; a ca.1930 example in as found
condition and with all original parts; dirty, it will clean
to be a solid worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t63.jpg $80.00
ST21 #4 1/2 oversize smoothing plane; a clean and all original
1930's example, it saw very little use, has some dried
sticker adhesive, it's far nicer than what's normally
found; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t64.jpg $135.00
ST22 #10 1/2 smooth rabbet plane; with a full length Lie-Nielsen
iron, this one dates from the 1930's, it's dusty from being
in a worker shop; some very minor pit spots at heel, all
this one needs is a honing; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t64.jpg $175.00
ST23 #78 duplex rabbet; a ca.1960 model with all original parts
and the original box, it's dusty from sitting in a working
shop; nearly every woodworker in America had one, which is
all the proof you need for its utility; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t65.jpg $75.00
ST24 #39 1/2" dado plane; a very clean and little used worker
with all original parts, it has some superficial rust
blooms along the sole, those will quickly clean; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t70.jpg $120.00
ST25 #155 rosewood morticing gauge with patented brass fence
casting for doing curved work; an earlier model; fence
can be flipped for curved or straight work, it's an earlier
model that has the typical brass thumb screw and the small
countersunk screw, the patent date is cast into the curve
fence plate; little used, plenty of life in the points; a
finely made tool; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t72.jpg $55.00
ST26 #100 squirrel tail block plane; a handy plane for general
trimming, it's easier to grip than the #101; all original
parts, cleaned, from ca.1950; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t72.jpg $30.00
ST27 #G3 smoothing plane; an all original worker with no damage,
dust from the shop, embossed with the patent date, it can
be honed and put to work immediately; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t73.jpg $110.00
ST28 Reproduction hold down clamp for the #52 shootboard; so
many are missing, this is a good quality reproduction that
will get yours back to full function; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t73.jpg $45.00
ST29 #606C Bed Rock corrugated fore plane; as found, all original,
no damage, ca.1930 with sweetheart iron and "STANLEY" lever
cap, it will make a fine worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t75.jpg $140.00
ST30 #6 fore plane; a 1940's example in cleaner than usual
condition, all original parts, only in need of a honing,
owner initials stamped in the handle; a solid plane;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t75.jpg $110.00
ST31 #148 match plane; perhaps used, in the original box, no
damage, all you need to do it hone it and start cutting
tongue and groove joints; bottom of box has masking tape
on the corners; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t78.jpg $120.00
ST32 #43 Miller's Patent grooving plane; a sound and never
messed with model, the japanning is better than 75%; all
original parts save for the set of cutters, this model is
much less common than the #41 and #42 models; skate is
free of pitting, never cleaned or abused, an area of stain
on the rosewood handle; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t79.jpg $385.00
ST33 #96 blind nailing chisel gauge with 1/4" bevel edge Buck
Bros. chisel; plating wear on sole of the gauge, chisel
is as close to new condition a ca.WWI chisel can be, each
make a fine complimentary pair; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t79.jpg $145.00
ST34 #112 scraper; as found with original J-logo iron, never
messed with or cleaned, and so much more charisma than the
modern copy, all it needs is a sharpening; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t80.jpg $185.00
ST35 #18 knuckle joint block plane; a 1930's worker with all
original parts, long machined bed, no damage, plating loss
on lever cap, it's my favorite Stanley standard pitch
block plane; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t80.jpg $55.00
ST36 #90 steel case rabbet plane; likely made to counter the
steel infill planes offered by Great Britain makers and
retailers, it proved to be a flop due to a fatal flaw,
the shavings cannot escape freely from the mouth; nearly
all are found with the side/mouth filed to overcome this,
this one is 100% original and never messed with; in much
nicer than usual condition, it's a plane only a collector
could love; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t86.jpg $290.00
ST37 #46 dado and rabbet plane; one of Stanley's best planes,
this example has a single cutter (reworked a bit) and is
missing the slitter and its stop; quality reproduction
cutters are made for it, those are all you need to make
this a solid worker; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t87.jpg $110.00
ST38 #50 plow and beading plane; earlier nickel plated US made
example with 14 cutters; in clean shape, it's a bargain
worker that's missing a couple cutters; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t87.jpg $120.00
ST39 #31 angle bisector; with rosewood body, all original parts,
it's a very handy tool for laying out polygonal shapes;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t97.jpg $80.00
ST40 #45 combination plane; all original parts, including the
screw driver, it has extra size grooving cutters; in solid
worker condition, cutters are in owner made wooden cases
that also have slots for other cutters you may want to add
to it:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t98.jpg $210.00
ST41 #6HR hollow & round bottoms for the #45 with original
cutters; in much nicer than usual condition with nearly
all plating; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t99.jpg $120.00
ST42 Same as previous, but #8HR; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t99.jpg $120.00
ST43 Same as previous, but #10HR; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t99.jpg $120.00
ST44 Same as previous, but #12HR; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t99.jpg $120.00
ST45 Pair of spoke shaves, the #63 and #64, both barely used
and with all original parts; handy for smaller work, with
1 1/2" wide irons, a flat and a curved sole, each only
needs a honing; bottom left two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t100.jpg $55.00
ST46 #3 smoothing plane; a 1930's example that was used a few
times and then put back into the original box (corners
have separated); a sound worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t102.jpg $90.00
ST47 #64 set of butt chisels in original roll and tattered
remains of original box; the clear plastic handle version
of the Everlasting chisels, they are fine general purpose
workers, widths of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", and 1"; showing little
sign of use, the 1" managed to become chipped, these are
not to be confused with the modern junk, these date to ca.
1960 and are the model #60; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t102.jpg $110.00
ST48 #608C Bed Rock corrugated jointer; earlier round side model
that saw use and has plenty more left in it; all original
parts, the frog and main casting mate just like the more
expensive square side model does, this will make a fine
worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t103.jpg $145.00
ST49 #604C Bed Rock corrugated smoother; a square side model
offered for restoration, the tote is split, the knob is
off a larger bench plane with the countersunk hole made
deeper, it's been repainted with the embossing picked in
white; some elbow grease will have it worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t103.jpg $90.00
ST50 #150 miter box; as found, with all original parts, including
the usually long gone stop, this worker saw use, has plenty
more left in it, the original wooden table shows the common
kerfs, it's designed to be replaceable as needed; a very
popular tool:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t108.jpg $110.00
ST51 #60 1/2 low angle block plane; as found, in need of a real
clean, little japanning remains; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t109.jpg $30.00
ST52 #8 jointer; a 1930's worker that is cleaner than usual, with
all original parts, plating loss on the lever cap, no damage,
japanning 90%; even darker patina, you can hone this one and
start using it; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t121.jpg $195.00
ST53 #18 sliding bevel with 10" blade; as found, in the WWII
finish, the blade is locked firmly in place with a thumb
screw at the butt; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t123.jpg $40.00
ST54 Earlier #39 1/2 nickel plated level; with floral casting that
resembles a Miller's Patent plane, this one saw very little
use, the plating glistens (despite what the poor image may
suggest); vial cover stamped with Stanley name and patent
date, it's difficult to find them this clean; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t126.jpg $55.00
ST55 #10C corrugated jack rabbet; a difficult model to find, this
one has all original parts, no damage, shows normal signs of
wear, japanning 75%+, iron has about 1/2" life left to it;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t127.jpg $255.00
ST56 #604 1/2 Bed Rock oversize smoothing plane; an as found
example with "BED ROCK" lever cap, the upper portion of
that, the cap iron, and iron have pitting, all parts are
still usable; most japanning remains, there's a sound
worker waiting your restoration effort; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t127.jpg $235.00
ST57 #2C corrugated smoothing plane; a ca.1900 model that's
free of damage, lightly cleaned, and has a full length
'92 patent iron that I replaced as the original was short;
less common than a #1, it's guaranteed to be a real one
and not some modern rework; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t128.jpg $365.00
ST58 #100 corner brace; stamped with the old Fray model number,
it also has the Stanley Rule&Level name stamped in the
frame, it has the unmistakable Fray chuck; as found, in
sound worker shape, showing normal signs of cosmetic wear,
it can bore against any well, into corners, and bothersome
group meetings at your job; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t131.jpg $90.00
ST59 #4 1/2H oversize heavy smoothing plane; a proper one, with
the embossed "H" after the model number, this is the nicest
example I've seen, it saw barely any use; all original
parts, two patent dates on main casting, '92 patent iron,
this model was sold in England, though made in the US, to
complete against the infill planes popular on that island
country; so many of these have been messed with, whizzed
up, replaced with UK Stanley irons, you'd be hard pressed
to find a finer example; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t131b.jpg $1185.00

**** ******

WP1 Ebony double side rabbet with steel sole; found in England,
where such planes, as well as chamfer planes, seem to have
been in a contest over which owner could come up with their
own design, this one differs from others in that the two
irons are offset relative to each other; 5 1/2" long, in
sound worker shape, one iron's tang is snapped off, a hang
hole in the steel; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t1.jpg $65.00
WP2 5/8" (depth of cut) common ogee; by Routledge, with owner
only, it saw little use and is free of modificaton;
expected bang marks on heel, it's a solid worker of the
classic profile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t2.jpg $75.00
WP3 5/8" (depth of cut) square ovolo; found with the previous,
same owner mark, also by Routledge and little used:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t3.jpg $60.00
WP4 Adjustable chamfer plane for regular and stopped work; no
maker's mark, but iron is Preston and the plane has all the
characteristic's of a Preston, perhaps the workman who made
this had his mind on the liquid lunch and his motor skills
were a bit impaired; adjustable fence regulates the width
of cut; lightly cleaned, owner mark, showing normal signs
of use; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t7.jpg $115.00
WP5 Steel plated shouldering plane; often called a dovetail
plane, it can perform that duty to cut the tails of a
sliding dovetail, its proper use is to clean the 'apex'
of a tenon where the cheek and shoulder meet; with nicker
iron, it's owner made, as most are; 7" long, as found,
no damage, it looks to have been waxed awhile ago; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t11.jpg $120.00
WP6 Larger bed molding (ovolo and cove) by Eastwood/York; a
classic profile commonly used where the soffit meets the
frieze, this one cuts 1" deep by 1 1/4" wide; owner marks,
little used, the rear corner was slightly rounded so that
it doesn't destroy the hands during use, this was a common
practice on wider profiles; a very nice example that will
work well for case pieces:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t21.jpg $135.00
WP7 Mathieson moving fillister; a very clean and little used
worker that easily cuts rabbets in any grain direction;
fully boxed shoulder (front corner shows some dings where
something must have rubbed against it during storage, it
has no bearing on its use), boxwood wedge for the nicker
iron, steel plated screwed stop, notched fence for easier
removal of iron when sharpening, and three screw fence;
lightly cleaned, owner mark, this kind of plane is the
best for cutting rabbets; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t31.jpg $165.00
WP8 V grooving plane by Clegg (appears another maker that was
bought out, I can't make it out); lignum sole, rabbet
throat, it's a perfect plane for cutting squares in profiles
made with hollows and round, tracking rounds, a detail
between matched boards, etc.; owner mark, in fine worker
condition; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t47a.jpg $85.00
WP9 Unusual smaller grooving plane with nicker iron; perhaps
a specialized tool for coachmaking, it may also be for
cutting grooves for inlay; adjustable fence with brass
plating slides along a single arm, there is plating at
the mouth, that is necessary as it cuts a 1/16" groove;
a well made plane, lightly cleaned, it's 6" long; top
left; this is a fine tool; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t49.jpg $245.00
WP10 Germanic carved router; with an 1881 date and initials,
the starburst and leaf carvings appear to have been done
later; 9" long with a 1/2" wide cutter, it can be used
and/or displayed; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t53.jpg $115.00
WP11 Clean toothing plane by Varvill; carefully used, showing
no appreciable wear, with owner mark; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t53.jpg $65.00
WP12 H.Chapin Union Factory screw arm plough plane; a little
used worker with boxwood arms, nuts, and washers, it lost
its wedge long ago, that's easy to make; with some original
irons (not in the image), it's a bargain worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t61.jpg $95.00
WP13 Routledge fully boxed reeding plane with owner made fence;
cuts three adjacent 1/4" beads, the fence allows you to
make multiple cuts over the width of the work, it can then
be sliced to make a reeding detail of whatever length you
choose; some chips in the boxing, the plane is fully func-
tional; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t69.jpg $95.00
WP14 Marples grooving plane with three original cutters, unused
and in the original box; the firm's version of the Record
043, it has 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" irons, the plane has its
full label; perfect for small boxes and drawers, a fine
working tool; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t74.jpg $110.00
WP15 Clean Marples screw arm plough plane with its original
matching eight irons; in much nicer than usual shape, all
you need to do is hone the irons to start grooving to the
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t77.jpg $255.00
WP16 22" chunky lignum vitae jointer; loads of mass in this
plane that could never fly, or float, it has lovely grain
pattern and is remarkably free of the common checks that
lignum suffers; 2 1/4" iron, some pitting on cap iron,
the mouth is finer than usually found on wooden planes,
the wedge is beech and has the same owner stamp as that
in the stock; this one may be able to plane by itself if
you put it on an incline; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t83.jpg $165.00
WP17 1/2" square ovolo by Malloch&Sons/Perth; barely used, no
owner mark, fine quality and proportions:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t95.jpg $65.00
WP18 Slipped 1/8" bead R.Nelson; fully boxed, sprung for keeping
it on the work, the stop can be removed so it can work
deeper into the wood; in fine shape, much nicer than usual
condition, owner mark, it's the smallest diameter of the
standard set; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t96.jpg $65.00
WP19 3/4" dado by P.A.Gladwin&Co.; never modified, carefully
used, owner marks, the perfect size for today's stock, you
can cut many dados with this plane faster than it takes
you to set up your 'lectrical wood muncher; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t96.jpg $85.00
WP20 1 1/4" skewed rabbet by Moseley; much clean than usual, no
alteration, expected banging on the heel, a solid worker;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t96.jpg $40.00
WP21 Steel sole maple scraper with inlaid mahogany strips; very
well made, with strike button to removed the wedge, 5 1/2"
long, all it needs is a sharpening; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t105.jpg $60.00
WP22 Unique triple iron extra long molding plane with removable
side portion when not needed, the side portion can also be
slid up/down to change the resulting profile; a well made
thing by some long forgotten visionary, it has a closed
tote, it measures 22 1/2" long; cuts a 3 1/2" wide complex
profile, it's in sound condition showing expected knocks
and dings:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t106b.jpg $285.00
WP23 Gabriel toted late 18th century cove, astragal, and cove;
a very pleasing profile on a 13 1/2" long plane that has
its original John Green iron; in great original and never
messed with condition, no owner mark, with inked marking
on heel, this is a real survivor that cuts a 1" deep by
1 1/4" wide profile, the cove adjacent to the fence is
much smaller in size than the other; a significant UK
plane; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t107a.jpg $385.00
WP24 Another 18th century UK plane, this one is only stamped
"S GREEN", it cuts a unique flat and symmetrical profile
that measures 1 3/4" across between the two fences; cuts
two outer beads that have a Cupid's bow like motif between
them, it's a very nice profile that I've never seen before;
steeply pitched iron for the exotic wood this worker, there
are some inactive worm holes toward the heel, it has its
original iron that doesn't have a clear maker's stamp in
it, the wedge was replaced sometime ago; a lovely plane
with flat chamfers and is 13" long; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t107c.jpg $385.00
WP25 Slender 22" jointer made of mahogany; a classic coastal
New England product with a razee body that was favored by
shipwrights, it's a very well made plane with a closed
tote that looks to be maple; 1 7/8" double iron by
Moulson, it has about 1" of life left to it; showing ex-
pected knock/dings, it's still a sound worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t111.jpg $110.00
WP26 1/2" match planes by James Howarth, one of England's pre-
mier tool suppliers; centers the groove on 1/2" thick
stock, the planes saw very little use, with no maker marks,
all they need is a honing to cut the common tongue and
groove joint; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t111.jpg $90.00
WP27 1/4" (depth of cut) quirk ogee retailed by Melhuish; barely
used, minor banging on the heel, profile is stamped into
the heel, original finish, no owner mark, and an uncommon
size for this pleasing profile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t129.jpg $115.00


MS1 Owner made miter plane with Cupid bow detail on the sides
of the 10 1/2" long casting; a very well made and sleek
looking tool, the same detail of the casting is found on
the brass bridge; stuffed with mahogany, and extra long
snecked iron, owner mark in wood, free of damage about
the mouth, the plane only needs a honing to be put back
to work; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t1.jpg $490.00
MS2 Record 043 plough plane; fine worker with all original
parts, original box, it's the plane of choice for cutting
grooves 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4" wide when making small boxes
or drawers; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t4.jpg $115.00
MS3 Gunmetal shoulder plane with overstuffed ebony infill; a
well made plane with plenty of mass, mouth has not been
altered, 8 1/2" long, owner mark in metal and wood,
lightly cleaned, it's a handy tool for making your mortice
and tenon joints nearly watertight; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t5.jpg $225.00
MS4 Timmins 8" divider; double leaf joint, very well made by
one of England's best makers, scribed detail near hinge,
original points, those escaped being ground through use;
bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t5.jpg $70.00
MS5 Preston brass pocket level in wooden tube; clearly stamped
with EP logo, original vial, 3" long; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t5.jpg $95.00
MS6 Smaller bow saw with 7" blade; very well made and with good
age, all original except for the line, turned knobs look to
be boxwood; an unusual size; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t6.jpg $85.00
MS7 Six clean carving chisels probably made by Addis for
Colquhoun&Cadman; barely used, original matching handles,
8 1/2" average length, there are two V's, two bent gouges,
a single gouge, and a single front bench gouge; widest is
9/16"; C&Q offered only the finest quality stuff; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t6.jpg $125.00
MS8 Record 077A bull nose rabbet; a clean and complete example
with an extra shim for opening the mouth, it saw very
little use and comes in its original box; a plane that's
so much better than Stanley's #90; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t7.jpg $115.00
MS9 Kimberley&Sons Patent 5 1/2" dividers with large thumb
screw to lock them legs; clearly stamped with the maker's
mark, they are in sound worker shape, it was a design that
never caught on; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t9.jpg $75.00
MS10 Early 5" adjustable nut wrench; different from what I can
recall, the handle is rotate to slide the lower jaw; a
name is stamped in the top jaw, I can't make it out;
showing expected knocks/dings, it works smoothly, the
jaws aren't all beat up for one that looks to be ca.1875;
top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t9.jpg $165.00
MS11 Wells Unbreakable File Handle; iron, the tang of the file
is fit into the wooden insert to hold the file for more
comfortable use; made by the same firm that made the small
and decorative lamps, the wooden insert may have to be
replaced; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t9.jpg $40.00
MS12 12" ebony spirit level; a used example that has a proper
replaced vial, full brass plated top, is shows expected
wear from years of use, it's manufactured with Warranted
stamp; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t10.jpg $45.00
MS13 Clean Millers Falls No.1 circular spoke shave; much nicer
than usual condition, no modification of the sole/mouth,
good amount of original red finish in throat; probably the
most popular shave for curved edges; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t10.jpg $65.00
MS14 Cast iron pad saw handle; manufactured, no maker's mark,
it takes a standard blade, a thumb screw secures it in
place; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t10.jpg $45.00
MS15 Natural honing stone in a owner made box with integral grip
and a cover; an irregular shape, the box was morticed to
accept it, the working face is fairly flat; stone is 6"
long and 5/8" wide, you won't be using this one on your
bench plane irons; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t11.jpg $75.00
MS16 Small diameter dowel maker; with turned integral handles, it
turns a fixed diameter of 3/8", it's 5" long; the larger ones
can be found rather easily, small ones like this are uncommon;
bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t11.jpg $65.00
MS17 Tyzack combined marking and mortice gauge with rollers for
marking a variety of materials and standard pins for marking
wood; new, in the original box, a fine quality worker; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t12.jpg $60.00
MS18 Loftus six-fold gauging rule; a much nicer than usual ex-
ample that's normally found as a four-fold version, it's
ready to check barrels in your winery, how much milk each
family member chugs out of the plastic jug, or spot in-
spections in your favorite gin-joint; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t12.jpg $185.00
MS19 Odd rule with internal slide vernier; by Baird&Tatlock of
Glasgow, it's well made an in fine condition, it has metric
and proper inch scales; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t12.jpg $90.00
MS20 Clean cross peen hammer with original handle; in fine worker
shape, ready to use, head is 4" long, it's stamped Moseley&
Simpson, Covent Garden; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t13.jpg $45.00
MS21 Coachmaker's three arm bevel; a stout owner made tool, it
can maintain three settings, a necessity when working the
complex angles/shapes of carriages and coaches; owner mark,
never cleaned, the triangular head is thicker than usual
brass plate; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t13.jpg $115.00
MS22 Odd brad point auger with 'looped' spurs; looks to be
manufactured, it cuts a flat bottom 1 5/8" diameter hole;
in sound shape, round shank; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t13.jpg $35.00
MS23 3/8" bevel edge paring chisel with boxwood London pattern
handle; by Marples, barely used, fine quality, most of the
decal remains on the handle; all it needs is a honing;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t13.jpg $40.00
MS24 Good push button oil can with brass spout; well made, no
maker's mark, but embossed Made in England, where oil cans
are a high art, nicely cleaned, spring in plunger is firm,
the straight spout will make it easy to lube your bench
planes; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t14.jpg $65.00
MS25 Marples model of the #71 1/2 closed throat router; uncommon
tool by this Sheffield juggernaut, it's like the Stanley
but pre-dates the adjustable fence; with vernier adjuster,
two cutters, it's in solid worker shape; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t15.jpg $110.00
MS26 Gunmetal 4" small shoulder plane by Miller; while not
signed, the profile and quality of work make it unmistak-
able that it's Miller's output, for some odd reason most
of the firm's products are not marked; steel sole, ebony
wedge, never altered or abused, very lightly cleaned, a
very small spot of pitting toward the toe; Miller was
England's best metal planemaker; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t15.jpg $285.00
MS27 Record 041 small rabbet/shoulder plane; clean, nearly all
nickel plating, only in need of a honing, 5 1/2" long with
a 5/8" wide iron; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t15.jpg $155.00
MS28 Brass frame ebony stuffed square; 12" blade has some super-
ficial rust that will easily clean; manufactured, no maker
mark, lightly cleaned, owner mark, it's a Sheffield product
of fine quality; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t16.jpg $115.00
MS29 Different sighting level; 12" ebony body is compeltely
surrounded by brass plating, it has trapezoidal shape
plates to either side of the vial, there is a thick bit
of brass at the base to mount on a base/staff; manufactured,
the top plate is stamped as warranted best tested level
tube; cleaned, sight works, crosshairs are present;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t16.jpg $185.00
MS30 Pair of smaller hammers with rosewood handles; 1 7/8" and
2 3/8" long head, handles firmly attached, perfect for
finer work; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t16.jpg $130.00
MS31 Wm.McMaster/Belfast cast infill with mahogany stuffing;
stamped with name and location in the bronze lever cap,
the usual rectilinear bun is formed as an oval knob for
greater comfort during use; well made, as found, with
owner mark, it has a closed tote; a chunky plane with
lots of mass, fine mouth, it will make a great worker;
a new name for me to find on a metal plane:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t18.jpg $365.00
MS32 Well made 4" tube level in its original case; with two
adjusting posts, it's not the typical design; original
vial, never cleaned, great patina, rotating vial cover;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t19.jpg $110.00
MS33 6" pump drill; perfect for finer work, the brass spool is
pushed and pulled to rotate the drill point; friction fit
chuck, well made, and ready to use; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t19.jpg $65.00
MS34 Marples bench stop; morticed into the bench's surface, a
screw is turned to raise/lower the stop; a must have for
keeping wood still while it's being butchered, this is a
sound working example of a time tested design; bottom
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t19.jpg $35.00
MS35 Vise for a Goodell-Pratt bench drill; often missing as it
had more fun hanging out with your missing socks, it's as
found and in need of a clean; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t20.jpg $60.00
MS36 Larger cross peen hammer; 5" head, original handle, ready
to bang stuff; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t20.jpg $50.00
MS37 French multi-tool, the La Debondeuse; with a hammer face
and cross peen (both show chipping from use) it has a
telescoping thread end for driving into bungs, etc; a
patented thing, 10" long; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t20.jpg $60.00
MS38 Odd double arm protractor-like bevel housed in a hinged
mahogany case; very well made, no maker's mark, it has a
360 degree graduated circle about which the arms rotate;
for some specialized application, it measures about 15"
long; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t22.jpg $190.00
MS39 Hollowing shave with turned wooden handles; round edge for
scooping, it's about 3 1/2" across, it saw little use, shows
knocks and dings, handles securely attached, made in England;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t22.jpg $90.00
MS40 Brass water level; two pieces that look like thermometers
are joined with a flexible tube (long since disintegrated)
where water seeks its own level; named the Aquarule, and
made in England, they are free of damage; manufactured water
levels are not easy to find; top two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t23.jpg $265.00
MS41 New old stock Smallwood 12" ruler with tools printed on
the back; front has the Smallwood name and location, as
well as the tools they offer, the graduated edge is
beveled; likely found when the Smallwood hoard was
discovered; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t23.jpg $90.00
MS42 Marples 9/16" joiner's mortice chisel; a much cleaner than
usual pigsticker, all it needs is a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t24.jpg $45.00
MS43 3/16" Isaac Greaves pigsticker; another extra clean worker
that only needs a honing; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t24.jpg $45.00
MS44 Footprint blind nailing tool with 1/4" bevel edge boxwood
handle Marples chisel; both in fine worker condition;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t24.jpg $55.00   MS45 Record No.311 combination bull nose, shoulder, and rabbet
plane; in its original box, all parts match, no damage,
it's a handy plane that serves three roles; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t25.jpg $165.00
MS46 Four adjustable washer cutters; an instant collection and
in sound worker shape; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t25.jpg $65.00
MS47 Ten Henry Taylor carvers, barely used and still with their
decals; two are uncommon dogleg flats, rest are a variety
of shapes, widest is 3/4", it's a straight gouge; one with
a bit of rodent nibble on the end of the handle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t26.jpg $190.00
MS48 5/16" Isaac Greaves pigsticker; owner mark in handle, in
sound worker condition; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t27.jpg $45.00
MS49 Natural honing stone in holder with integral handle; stone
is 6 1/2", it's in good enough shape to use as is, good
age, extra fine grit; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t27.jpg $85.00
MS50 1/8" Isaac Greaves pigsticker; the narrowest of the standard
set, owner mark, fine worker shape; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t27.jpg $55.00
MS51 Preston dovetailed smoothing with etched side and rosewood
stuffing; Ward&Payne iron appears to be original, it forms
an extra fine mouth; lightly cleaned, owner mark, tote
started to develop a check/crack, it was halted long ago
with a repair of a concealed countersunk screw, the plane
only needs a honing; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t28.jpg $385.00
MS52 6" machinist's level signed and dated W.Metcalfe 1870;
original vial, the long sides are milled with a semi-
circular depression for gripping it; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t28.jpg $115.00
MS53 Spofford 10" sweep brace with exotic wood head and grip;
a clean and ready to use worker, the frame isn't bent like
many are, all you need to do is add an auger; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t29.jpg $85.00
MS54 Record No.125 eggbeater drill; as nice as they come, if it
was used at all, it was once; with a removable handle that
can be oriented at a right angle relative to the chuck, it's
a much nicer product than what Millers Falls made; rosewood
knob on handle unscrews to reveal storage for bits; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t29.jpg $145.00
MS55 Ebony slitting gauge with screw to secure the cutter and
fence; full brass plating on the fence, the wedge is
surrounded by a brass collar, this is the best model of
the most versatile gauge made; as found, usual scuffs and
dings, owner mark, there may be a maker mark on it some-
where; there's really nothing this gauge can't do; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t30.jpg $125.00
MS56 Patternmaker made small bronze router mounted on mahogany
base; roughly the size of the #271 with waffle pattern
detail to the casting, it's a nicely looking tool that will
work as good as it looks; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t30.jpg $70.00
MS57 #15 rounding shape; identical to the Stanley #55 shave, it
has no maker's mark, it has a Preston look to it; as found
and in sound worker condition, it's perfect for rounding
edges, handles, spokes, etc.; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t30.jpg $35.00
MS58 Patented pad saw with brass collar and knurled nut to secure
the telescoping blade at the desired length; a very well
made tool, it's the nicest of its class produced; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t31.jpg $45.00
MS59 6" (edge length) drawknife with looped forging where the
handles attach; no maker's mark, very well made, good feel
in the hands, handles firmly attached, wedge-shape profile,
all it needs is a honing; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t31.jpg $75.00
MS60 Dovetailed shoulder plane with rosewood stuffing by Spiers
Ayr; as found, never mucked with, all original, dry grunge
on it, nearly watertight mouth, 1 1/8" wide iron, it's
waiting to see real use as it didn't see much of that when
first made; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t32.jpg $285.00
MS61 Goodell-Pratt No.3 1/2 automatic drill in the tattered
original box; little use, some original drill points in
the magazine, a fine quality tool like all GP products;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t32.jpg $95.00
MS62 Cleveland Twist Drill drill index; made of maple, I don't
believe it's been used; 7" diameter, much less common than
the metallic ones; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t33.jpg $55.00
MS63 Starrett No.362 draftsman's protractor in its original
leatherette case and with tattered instructions; made of
stainless steel, used a few times, it's a pre-WWII model;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t33.jpg $110.00
MS64 Cased speed indicator with two tips; a very well made item
that had to be manufactured, there is no maker's mark on
it; exposed gears, it almost resembles a Rolex; as nice an
example I've seen, it's likely German or French judging by
the style of numbering stamped on it; in its original case;
top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t34.jpg $385.00
MS65 Machinist's surface gauge that appears inspired by a Hjorth
 or Wyke product; well made, as found, original scribe, it's
stamped with its owner/maker name; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t34.jpg $65.00
MS66 Accordion style dovetail gauge; expands to the width of
of the work, a nut locks it to the desired width; in fine
shape, a clever design, it's working range is 3 1/2" to
12 1/2"; a patented UK design; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t34.jpg $85.00
MS67 New old stock two-foot, three-fold boxwood rule; a form that
was often used in Masonic ritual, this one appears to be for
normal use, it's stamped Toye&Co., Ltd. along one edge; an
uncommon style regardless of its intended use; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t35.jpg $135.00
MS68 Rabone No.1213 two-foot, four-fold boxwood rule that also
doubles as an eye examination chart; with sliding caliper,
it has all sorts of scales to drive an older person crazy
trying to read them; an ironmonger's rule for figuring
metals, all alignment pins save for one edge one are
present; some staining, the interior is much nicer than
the exterior; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t35.jpg $145.00
MS69 Spofford 14" sweep brace; an uncommon size for more power-
ful boring, it's as found, with no damage, and ready to
secure whatever bit/auger you can put in the jaws; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t36.jpg $110.00
MS70 Unusual double side nut wrench with cam-action lever to
secure the nuts; named the Bull Dog, it measures 5 1/2"
(not including the handle); as found, everything works
as it should; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t36.jpg $185.00
MS71 Millers Falls No.240 honing jig; a very well made and
popular design to keep your chisels and plane irons at
a consistent pitch during grinding/honing; in the original
box, with instructions; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t37.jpg $45.00
MS72 Extra clean and barely used #48 style match plane; with no
maker's mark on it anywhere, it looks to be the Union model
that was then ground of its identification when Stanley
purchased Union's products; well made, nearly all plating,
all it needs is a honing; will cut the common tongue and
groove joint as well as the Stanley; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t37.jpg $85.00
MS73 Advertising Indian chief (with full headdress) for the
Carborundum Corp of Niagara Falls, NY; made of a hard
plaster, it's free of damage, stands 5", the back has
the company's name of its English division located at
Trafford Park, Manchester; an uncommon item that managed
to survive for decades without damage; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t38.jpg $135.00
MS74 Millers Falls No.75 block plane, never used and in the
original box; like the Stanley #220, it's a quality worker
for general use, all it needs is a honing; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t40.jpg $35.00
MS75 Well made numbering tools with rotating bronze disk that has
a push button catch to align the desired number with two
flanges on either side of the disk; numbered 1-13, with a
turned wooden handle, it wasn't struck with a mallet; 9 1/2"
long, the only use I can think of for it is numbering donuts
for a baker's dozen; a very nice tool that needs to be
seen in person to appreciate; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t40a.jpg $145.00
MS76 Millers Falls No.1425 double pinion eggbeater drill, unused
and in the original box; ready to go for general drilling,
it's usual Millers Falls quality, handle unscrews to reveal
bit storage, 1/4" three jaw chuck; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t41.jpg $55.00
MS77 Millers Falls No.733A 8" sweep brace, new in the original
box; with seven Irwin augers, including an uncommon 1 1/4"
diameter one, this is a perfect grouping for those who want
a quality brace with some augers; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t41.jpg $125.00
MS78 Spofford 8" all iron brace; same function as those fit with
a wooden grip and head, this one does it for less money; as
found, all original, could use a clean; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t42.jpg $50.00
MS79 Rabone two-foot, four-fold boxwood rule; new old stock and
ready to use, it's a wider than standard rule; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t42.jpg $40.00
MS80 Interesting group of six narrower Buck Bros. cranked gouges
with unique handles; from the 1920's, in barely used con-
dition, their original owner fit three of them with small
turned handles, the narrowest have mahogany handles that
are a broad oval shape with gentle curvature over their
length, they fit the palm nicely; widths from 1/4" to 1",
all they need is a honing; left pile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t43.jpg $145.00
MS81 Five Buck Bros. carving chisels found with the previous
lot, they also have unique handles; all are gouges, four
bent, barely used, widths from 1/4" to 7/8"; will make
great workers; right pile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t43.jpg $110.00
MS82 From the same group as previous, two narrow bevel edge
paring chisels with same mahogany handles described at
MS80; Buck Bros., barely used, widths of 1/8" and 1/4",
they are perfect for the finest paring; left two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t44.jpg $75.00
MS83 Three bevel edge butt chisels by Buck Bros.; came with
previous lots, have the small turned handles, fine worker
condition, widths of 1/2", 5/8", and 1"; only in need of
a honing; right three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t44.jpg $95.00
MS84 Late 18th century, early 19th century wooden surveyor's
compass for restoration; mahogany body with paper label,
it was fit with a more modern vane and brass mount for a
tripod; maker's mark is on the label, I can't make it out
as the three mounting screws obliterate some of the letters;
two vials were added early on, original glass is cracked
(tape holding it together), wood has checks, it sounds like
a woofer, but it's a survivor worthy of your efforts; 14"
long; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t45b.jpg $295.00
MS85 Mathieson set of eight plough plane irons in a canvas roll;
always together, the standard set, clean workers, they saw
little use as the heels aren't a mushroomed as is common;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t45.jpg $125.00
MS86 Half-dozen 6" mill bastard files in their original box;
made in Philadelphia by Kearney&Foot Co., they have never
been used and are in the original wrapping; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t46.jpg $50.00
MS87 Earlier 8" Peck, Stow & Wilcox dividers with the East Berlin
Connecticut location; in fine worker shape, never abused,
with brass joint and leaf spring fine adjustment; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t46.jpg $55.00
MS88 Morrill style bench stop; mounts on the bench, the pop up
dog is secured in position with a screw; one of the best
designs, it shows normal signs of use and has loads more
left in it; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t46.jpg $55.00
MS89 Matching set of Jennings pattern augers made by Jennings
before their acquisition by Stanley; bright condition, most
still in their wrappers, three section wooden box, diameters
of 1/4" to 1" in 1/16" increments, they are the best pattern
for hardwoods, the double thread pulls the auger into the
wood; far, far nicer than what's normally found; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t47.jpg $235.00
MS90 Clean Record No.151 spoke shave; flat sole, little used,
all it needs is a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t48.jpg $35.00
MS91 1/2" lock mortice chisel with boxwood handle by Marples;
only in need of a honing, original decal, it's perfect for
digging out deep mortices; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t48.jpg $60.00
MS92 Chesterman's angle boring tool with turned beech handle;
a ball and socket type action, the tang is designed to fit
into a common brace, it accepts the old style bits (like
center, nosing, shell, etc.) where a thumb screw secures
them; a most uncommon specialized tool, it's in fine
condition with no repairs, lightly cleaned, with an old
gimlet bit, it's a perfect compliment to your collection
of stuffed Sheffield braces; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t49.jpg $390.00
MS93 Folk art level made to resemble a ship; made of several
different woods, 8" long, the brass level is probably a
pocket level let into the wood, it has a nice look to it
and is well made; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t49.jpg $285.00
MS94 Record No.778 duplex rabbet; like the Stanley #78, but a
much better design with its two arm longer fence and vernier
adjusting nut to set the iron, it has all original parts,
no damage, and only needs a honing; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t50.jpg $110.00
MS95 Marples mortice gauge in original box; made of mahogany,
a screw secures the fence in position, there are brass
strips inlaid in the face of the fence; sliding point is
set with a thumb screw; points are full length, ready to
use out of the box out of the box (you have to remove it
from the shipping box, don't forget), it's a ca.1960
example of fine quality; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t50.jpg $50.00
MS96 Record 04 1/2SS oversize smoothing plane with the stay set
iron; a clean and never abused example with all original
parts, the cap iron is two pieces to allow honing without
having to remove it all and preserving its position after
the iron is put back in the plane; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t51.jpg $95.00
MS97 Millers Falls No.9 smoothing plane; all original parts, an
earlier model with no number stamped in the cheek, rosewood
knob and tote, two piece lever cap for more even pressure
on the iron, it's the best model made by the company that
tried to go toe-to-toe with Stanley in bench planes, the
Great Depression curtailed that as the planes were announced
days prior to the stock market crash of October, 1929;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t51.jpg $75.00
MS98 Record 010 jack rabbet; a copy of the popular Stanley pro-
duct, this is a fine and less costly alternative to Stanley's
offering; all original parts, no damage, nearly full length
iron, all it needs is a honing; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t52.jpg $115.00
MS99 Preston adjustable spoke shave with offset handles to make
you use it in skewed direction relative to the work; my
brain is frozen over the model number of this one, it's
one of the firm's uncommon models, it has the vernier nut
and lateral lever; all original parts, no damage, japanning
is mostly gone, flat sold, plenty of life left in the iron;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t54.jpg $95.00
MS100 Preston adjustable chamfer shave; the best model made, it
has the adjusting nut to set the iron; all original parts,
japanning is 90% all it needs is a honing; width of cut is
determined by sliding the guides laterally; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t54.jpg $90.00
MS101 Smaller hand vise by Fogg with ebony handle; a very well
made example that saw little use, jaws are 3/4" long;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t54.jpg $55.00
MS102 Yankee No.992 precision vise with No.1992 rotating base
with lever lock; made by North Bros. prior to Stanley
purchasing them, it's a fine quality tool with 2" hardened
jaws; showing normal signs of use, everything works
smoothly; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t55.jpg $90.00
MS103 Lignum vitae carver's mallet; amazingly free of checks, it
saw barely any use and is ready to go; 3" maximum diameter,
10" long; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t55.jpg $60.00
MS104 5/8" screw box with plated sides to prevent wear; made by
Cuthbert Cooper of Sheffield, with integral turned handles,
tap matches, cleaned, an uncommon diameter; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t55.jpg $90.00
MS105 Continental metal vise with rotating base and small anvil;
a fine quality tool in as found condition, with 2 1/8"
jaws; decorative locking nut, a solid worker; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t56a.jpg $290.00
MS106 Fine quality stake anvil; far nicer than what's normally
found, it's 7 1/2" across the top; curved and flat horns,
the very tips show very minor mushrooming, this one sat
around much more than it ever was used; perfect for smaller
and finer metalwork; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t56.jpg $115.00
MS107 Earlier larger try square with level along reference edge
of the mahogany handle; brass diamond-shape inlay where
the 17" blade and handle join; original vial, never abused
or cleaned, the handle and blade are wider than typical
on this owner made (and well done) tool; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t57.jpg $165.00
MS108 Unusual mahogany level with Rabone vial cover; probably
owner made, the 18" body is laminated construction; never
abused, good color, most original finish remains; different
style; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t57.jpg $145.00
MS109 Three Marples bevel edge paring chisels with decals on
their boxwood handles; longer parers, in fine shape, never
introduced to a paint can, widths of 3/4", 7/8", and 1",
latter is 15 1/2" long; top three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t58.jpg $130.00
MS110 Good coachmaker's bearded axe; a side axe, with bevel on
one face, the opposite is flat for shaping; 7" edge, handle
looks to be original, with a recent shim, the backside has
 an embossed maker's name, Continental origin, and with good
 age; a fine worker with great balance and very desirable
form; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t58a.jpg $165.00
MS111 Clean 6" open handle dovetail saw retailed by Buck; split
nut screws, teeth too fine to count and sharp enough to
use as is, the top horn had a splinter off it long ago,
it was smoothed; a great wee saw; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t58.jpg $115.00
MS112 Five bevel edge paring chisels by Marples with their
original metal rack; boxwood handles, decal remnants on
all but one, these are very popular chisels now, someone
in the toolmanati must have recommended them, their prices
have been crazy ever since; widths of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2",
5/8", 3/4", and 1", it's the longest at 11"; always to-
gether, not an assembled set; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t59.jpg $275.00
MS113 Millers Falls No.7 combination rabbet block plane; as
found and with all original parts, a bit of grunge from
sitting idle, it's the firm's version of Stanley's #140;
more mass than the Stanley, it's in sound worker shape;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t60.jpg $95.00
MS114 New old stock 3/4" gouge by Greenlee; encased in protective
material that make's Lenin jealous, this one has been
waiting 50+ years for someone to love it; original leather
tip handle, great quality, it's perfect for scooping out
recesses; see below for unused carving chisels that were
found with this; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t60.jpg $35.00
MS115 Good group of Starrett precision tools including four
calipers, a scribe with an extra longer end, depth gauge,
etc., calipers are roughly 7" long; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t61.jpg $115.00
MS116 Earlier caulking mallet; an as found worker with all the
original bands and original handle, it's dirty from sitting
idle for decades; head is probably hickory, it has a Drew
look, there may be a maker's mark under the grunge; cloth
shims around end of handle, it will make a fine worker;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t62.jpg $110.00
MS117 Odd manufactured miner's pick; head has oval stamping that
I can't make out, the protective collar looks to have
Hardy/Sheffield stamped in it; manufactured, with original
handle, I can't recall seeing one of these before, it's a
well made tool that didn't see much use; has a leather
strap at end of handle; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t62.jpg $85.00
MS118 Smaller hand cranked drill press with flywheel that can
be controlled by turning a small thumb screw; complete
and free of damage, the drilling assemble can be raised
or lowered along the post; perfect for smaller work, this
kind of drill (called a pillar drill in England) is a very
popular design in England; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t65.jpg $85.00
MS119 Pair of brass and steel plumb bobs, with their original
spool, in a their original owner-made oak box; well made
examples of different sizes, they and the spool are fit
into respective cutouts within the box, a small third
plumb bob was with them, but is now missing, it may have
been used as a projectile during WWI; fine quality, these
were not owned by your average Joe Plumb-Bob of yore:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t66.jpg $185.00
MS120 Cranked 1 1/2" bevel edge paring chisel by Buck Bros. with
custom made smaller turned handle; found with the
grouping in MS30, it saw very little use, all it needs
is a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t67.jpg $55.00
MS121 Odd, special purpose machinist's caliper; with a long
threaded rod that spans two smaller jaws at each end, a
sliding middle one allows measurement to either side;
7"; well made by an anonymous tradesman, dated 1899;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t67.jpg $135.00
MS122 Cranked 3/4" bevel edge paring chisel by Buck Bros., it
was found with MS120; in fine shape, barely used, great
quality, with the smaller turned handle; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t67.jpg $55.00
MS123 New old stock, still with the original wax wrapping Buck
Bros. 1/2" front bent gouge; from ca.1940, you can be the
first to feed it wood; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t68.jpg $35.00
MS124 New old stock Buck Bros. 1" gouge; found with previous,
 coated with comoline, ferrule cracked; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t68.jpg $40.00
MS125 New old stock Buck Bros. 1 1/4" front bent gouge; caked
with cosmoline, found with previous; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t68.jpg $45.00
MS126 Mahogany tool handle with nickel plated chuck; designed
to accept the common bits used in framed braces, bits like
center, gimlet, nosing, shell, etc., it currently has a
screw driver bit; as found, most plating on the chuck,
spring won't release, some work is need there, fine
quality; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t69.jpg $55.00
MS127 Low angle block plane by Sargent, their version of the
#60 1/2; the No.606, with all original parts, as found,
grunge from sitting idle, it'll clean to make a fine
worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t70.jpg $40.00
MS128 Stanley made #71 1/2 closed throat router for Keen Kutter;
identical in all regards to the Stanley marked product, it
has the vernier adjustment nut for the 1/4" wide cutter; a
solid worker with no damage; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t71.jpg $80.00
MS129 E.M.Chapin No.84 1/2 three-foot, four-fold fully brass
bound boxwood presentation rule; with custom yards scales
(for fabric) on the exterior, it probably was custom made
for Mrs. Elisha Johnson of Hartford, Conn and dated Dec.
25, 1858; in a fine state of preservation, barely used,
one alignment pin is missing, this is a significant rule;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t71.jpg $690.00
MS130 Starrett No.14 diemaker's square; essentially a small
double square with a graudated 3" blade, it's in sound
worker condition, an owner scratched his name in the
handle; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t72.jpg $35.00
MS131 6" dividers with brass hinge and leaf spring fine adjust-
ment; likely a PS&W product, it has owner marks; in fine
worker shape; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t72.jpg $30.00
MS132 Unusual inclinometer with counterweight pointer that reads
degrees from a quarter-section of a circle; having a ca.
1950 appearance, well made, the working parts are integral
to a 12" base that is graduated in 1/2" increments; this
may be a manufactured piece, I've never seen one before,
it's as found; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t74.jpg $265.00
MS133 A dozen unused hacksaw blades by Victor Saw Works of
Middletown, NY; in their original wrapper, from ca.1950,
great quality, 12" long, they are far nicer quality than
the modern junk offered today; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t74.jpg $35.00
MS134 Large Elwell axe with outrageous curved handle; barely
used, the 11 1/2" long head is stamped "7", nearly all the
original black finish remains; handle has been in it for
a long time, I suspect it's original; perhaps this one
doubles as a boomerang, if the cutting edge fails to make
the kill, the curved handle (and mass) will, you just
better hope you're not the prey when it come winging back
at you; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t76.jpg $265.00
MS135 Continental hewing axe; 14" cutting edge, nicely decor-
ated, with maker initials, earlier handle may be original,
a lot of mass; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t76.jpg $245.00
MS136 Mathieson mast axe; clearly stamped with the Mathieson
mark, it's in fine shape with older, likely original,
handle; 11" long, an uncommon maker's mark for such a
tool; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t76.jpg $185.00
MS137 Saw vise with ball and socket joint for allowing the work
to be oriented to your comfort; a very popular and rugged
design, no damage, little original finish remains, clamps
onto the bench; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t78.jpg $55.00
MS138 Smaller Preston curved (to to heel) spoke shave; fancy
open cast handles, all original parts, little plating
remains, some pitting, it'll clean to make a bargain
worker; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t79.jpg $55.00
MS139 Owner made mahogany try square with decorative 22" blade;
well made, in sound shape, minor scrapes to finish, tab
for resting handle on the work; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t81.jpg $110.00
MS140 Too generous pile of old style bits, a wide assortment,
there's 70-something of the things that will have you
twisting and turning for several lifetimes; will make
fine workers, they fit common plated braces, Scotch
pattern braces, Spofford, and Holt patent braces, etc.;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t81.jpg $190.00
MS141 Clean Norris A5 post war smoother; all original parts,
never abused, lightly cleaned, over 1" of iron left;
nearly every cabinetmaker in post-war England had one
of these, this one is in solid worker shape; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t82.jpg $365.00
MS142 Smaller hand adze with short handle for one hand use;
sold by Woodcraft, they contracted with quality makers
to produce stuff for their retail store, this one looks
to be from the 1970's and saw very little use; 18" long,
with 3 1/4" edge, all it needs is a honing; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t82.jpg $75.00
MS143 Pair UK tool manufacturers' catalogues, a 1938 Toga brand
tools, and a 1954 Woden tools; both as found and in sound
shape, with expected wear, the Woden has dogeared pages;
bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t82.jpg $55.00
MS144 Extra long millwright's chisel with 15 1/4" long blade,
the overall length is 26"; 1 3/8" wide, with turned handle
that has owner mark stamped in it, it's extra clean and
never abused; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t83.jpg $90.00
MS145 Cast iron and tin nail caddy; a different design, it has
seven removable tin cups oriented on the revolving cast
iron holder; 12" across, free of damage, oiled, it's
perfect for sorting your nails/screws or using to order
hamburger and hot dog condiments for your next backyard
keg party; a nice thing:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t84.jpg $175.00
MS146 Book, "Cabinet Making for Beginners" by Charles Hayward;
originally printed in 1947, this is the hardcover 1979
printing with dust jacket; in fine shape, it's such a
clear and concise book on proper tool use, joinery, and
projects, you'll be the one teaching classes after
mastering the information within; in fine shape, and one
of the four must-have books by the prolific English
author who is one of the few able to remove the mystery
from the craft; back:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t85.jpg $85.00
MS147 New old stock Millers Falls awl; a lowly tool that's only
appreciated when you need it, you can be the first to
poke/scratch stuff with it; best quality, the wooden
handle is 'grooved' so it can't roll around on the bench;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t85.jpg $20.00
MS148 Millers Falls "Perfection" jointer gauge for wood and metal
planes; maybe used once and then put back in the original
box, it's one of the best designs due to it simplicity and
ruggedness, all you need to do is add a plane; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t86.jpg $115.00
MS149 I haven't a clue what this is, it's certainly not some
instrument of torture found in the basement of former
communist Bulgarian city, Plovdiv, nor is it likely for
divining water; it can be whatever you wish it to be (as
that's the nature of people these days), it's certainly
well made and manufactured on planet earth somewhere;
comes in a hinged wooden box:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t88.jpg $110.00
MS150 Smallest Millers Falls miter box, the one everyone wants,
with demand far outweighing supply; as found, dusty from
dearly departed mason, Clayton Wilson, who liked to cut
bricks in the basement until I read him the riot act, it
has no saw (the easiest part to find); all original, free
of damage, 12" long, it's the perfect size for small
moldings; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t89.jpg $295.00
MS151 Millers Falls exotic wood tool handle with large number
of original tools; nicely grained cap, patent date is
stamped in chuck, some superficial rust on chuck's collar,
it's in solid worker shape; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t89.jpg $50.00
MS152 New old stock Underhill Edgetool Co. cooper's adze; with
much of the original gold finish, this one appears never
to have been used, it has some superficial spots here and
there, but overall has bright surface; a larger than usual
example, adze edge is 3 1/2" long, original handle, it's
amazing that this 125+ year old tool could be in this
condition; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t90.jpg $145.00
MS153 Three brass plumb bobs; as found, in sound worker shape,
roughly 5" long, one steel point ground back a bit; bottom
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t90.jpg $40.00
MS154 Alldays&Onions heavy duty vise that resembles the standard
blacksmith's leg vise but without the leg; designed to be
clamped to the bench, some claim these were part of a
wagon's tool kit where it can be clamped on the tongue for
emergency road repair; clearly marked with this very
desirable maker's name, jaws are 3 1/4" wide, it has loads
of mass and is in fine working condition; oiled long ago
and ready to use, it's especially suitable for the person
who eats onions all days; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t91.jpg $355.00
MS155 Pair of as found framing chisels; in need of a clean and
new handles, your efforts will be rewarded as the chisels
saw little use but a lotta sitting around so they'd rust;
classic New England styles, laminated steel construction,
they'll love you long time should you apply elbow grease
and wood; widths of 1 1/2" and 2"; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t91.jpg $70.00
MS156 Extra clean Disston D-12 5 1/2pt rip; with carved apple
handle, 26" long straight back, original teeth are sharp
enough to use as is on softer woods, this isn't your usual
blah paint by numbers saw, it saw very little use, all
etching is visible; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t92.jpg $145.00
MS157 Simonds saw, their top of the line $2.50 enamel escutcheon
model; as found, grungy from sitting idle, carved apple
handle, 24" skew back, 12pt crosscut, etching present,
this one is screaming to be put back to use after a
cleaning, your efforts will definitely be worth it;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t92.jpg $115.00
MS158 Extra clean Irwin half-set of augers in their original
hinged wooden box; the commonly used diameters of 1/4",
3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1"; only one appears to have
been used; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t93.jpg $85.00
MS159 Marples Improved miter box, barely used in its original
box; a handy, simple, and portable tool that can accept
tenon and panel saws, it has metal guides for accuracy;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t94.jpg $55.00
MS160 Record corner clamp; unused, in the original box, it
secures two mitered pieces for working on them or for
gluing; a handy aid; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t94.jpg $30.00
MS161 Small natural honing stone in a nice owner made box with
integral grip; 4 1/4" long by 5/8" wide, there's a crack
in the stone, it's entirely usable; a much nicer thing
than the poor image suggests; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t97.jpg $65.00
MS162 Clean Sargent No.3409 transitional smoothing plane; with
all original parts, nearly all finish, some scuffing along
one edge of the sole, it'll make a solid worker with just
a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t100.jpg $60.00
MS163 WoodRiver beading tool patterned after the popular Preston
model; with two adjustable fences (Preston only supplied
one), it has its full compliment of cutters; appears to
be unused, made of manganese bronze; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t100.jpg $110.00
MS164 Morse Twist Drill mahogany drill index with rotating
cover to select the desired diameter; in sound condition,
with many twist drills inside, I haven't examined them
for condition; a very well made thing in as found con-
dition; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t101.jpg $60.00
MS165 Three smaller hammers; an instant collection, each with
original handles, longest head is 3 1/2"; right three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t101.jpg $75.00
MS166 Clean and matching set of eight cabinetmaker's screw
drivers by Clay, the name for such tools; always together,
only showing some finish loss, each marked, size from
4" (an uncommon size) to 16 1/2", ready to go; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t104.jpg $125.00
MS167 Norris No.1 dovetailed steel rosewood stuffed 14 1/2"
panel plane; as found, lightly cleaned, original cap
iron, iron is a Marples and has been in it a long time,
it forms a very fine mouth; no damage to the wood, there
are some minor spots of pitting well back from the mouth,
the plane is a sound and beefy worker that won't bank-
rupt the tool budget like a pristine example can; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t104.jpg $665.00
MS168 Roll of eight rifflers; made in Taiwan for Woodcraft, or
similar retailer, they are fine quality and show very
little signs of use; price French/Italian ones for real
sticker shock, 7 1/2" long; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t105.jpg $50.00
MS169 Odd bicycle oil can; with three compressible springs, it's
designed to fit into the open end of a tubular handle bar,
the springs are designed to keep it from falling out; in
sound shape, with original screw on cap; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t105.jpg $65.00
MS170 Pair of smaller Starrett calipers; outside and inside, in
fine condition, legs are roughly 2 1/2"; uncommon size;
bottom right two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t105.jpg $30.00
MS171 Group of doming punches, etc. for finer metal work; various
diameters, in an old tin box, with provenance tag; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t109.jpg $115.00
MS172 10" ebony spirit level by Marples with extra thick brass
plating; original green color vial, lightly cleaned, lots
of mass, in sound shape for use or display; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t109.jpg $65.00
MS173 Millers Falls No.5 eggbeater drill; as found, free of
damage, typical finish loss, three jaw chuck works as it
should, it'll make a fine worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t110.jpg $65.00
MS174 Odd iron clamp that resembles a Colt; a sliding jaw on the
5" beam, the clamp is at a right angle to the jaw, there
is a point opposite the clamp; perhaps to use two secure
laminated pieces, it's as found, rusty/dirty, I can't recall
seeing another like it; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t110.jpg $45.00
MS175 Tidgewell&Co. Middletown, CT 14" sliding bevel; clearly
stamped with the maker's name in the rosewood handle, this
is a rare size by any maker, especially so by this earlier
Connecticut maker; as found, the locking nut is a steel
wig nut; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t110.jpg $85.00
MS176 Three matching boxwood handle bevel edge paring chisels;
always together, with same owner mark, Sheffield made, in
fine worker condition, widths of 1/8", 3/8", and 1/2";
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t112.jpg $110.00
MS177 Goodell-Pratt bench vise; made by America's best general
line tool manufacturer, this solid worker clamps onto the
bench with a large knob; as found, free of damage, small
anvil surface, 2" jaws, in need of a clean, paint splatter
on it, it's not the usual cheap product so commonly found;
bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t112.jpg $50.00
MS178 Boxwood handle draw bore pins; an assembled set, same
length, on tip chipped and should be reground, owner marks,
one with retailer mark in handle; a worker set priced
below what matching pairs fetch these days; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t112.jpg $80.00
MS179 Ulmia inlay cutter, unused in the original box and with
instructions in German; with shims that set the width of
cut, it can work curved and straight edges, it has the
long (24") and short arms; a very well engineered tool,
and ready to use:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t113.jpg $145.00
MS180 Very unusual five-foot, two fold boxwood rule with arch
joint; graduated in tenths/foot, it's stamped "Board of
Trade" and probably was used for inspections to make sure
merchants weren't shortchanging customers; a well made
thing, probably manufactured, but no maker's mark, it has
two of its three alignment pins; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t114.jpg $165.00
MS181 Three as found framing/mortice chisels; each usable after
a clean and a new handle, a 1 1/2" by Underhill, a 15/16"
(meant to be either a 7/8" or 1", but tolerances weren't
back then) by Underhill, and a 9/16" that's marked
Warranted Cast Steel; these make look like paint stirrers,
but they'll surprise you with their quality and mass,
you'll be happy you bought them despite their knocks and
dings; bottom three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t114.jpg $95.00
MS182 Seven measuring rules, including a Starrett caliper, a
Simonds, and five steel rules by General, etc.; tarnish
from sitting idle, they should clean well; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t115.jpg $50.00
MS183 Group of protractor and centering heads for steel rules,
and two steel rules; quality makes of Starrett, Brown &
Sharpe, Union; in fine shape, a few need a clean; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t115.jpg $110.00
MS184 Goodell-Pratt bench mount drill; a fine quality tool for
controlled drilling, the chuck is hand fed by turning the
large knob at the top; two speed, fully functional, the
boy gave up one of his Jacobs chucks (by Jacobs) as the
original is MIA; runs smoothly, could use a clean, the
small disk on the clamping screw is missing, sometimes
that was pulled off so it would attach better on the bench;
a solid worker:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t116.jpg $175.00
MS185 Record vise stand; a point of display item to show the
different models/sizes, it can hold four different ones,
each place has the model number embossed; cast iron and
steel construction, it's as found, stands 27" tall, and
is the first of its kind I've seen; expected finish loss
 from storage, no breaks or repairs:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t117.jpg $255.00
MS186 Ten Buck Bros. gouges that were used just a few times and
then forgotten; ca.1900, each with matching turned handles
of fruitwood, widths from 1/8" to 2", all they need is a
sharpening; the Bucks trained in Sheffield, came to the
US and worked for D.R.Barton, then established their own
business in Millbury, MA, their stuff is as good as it
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t118.jpg $690.00
MS187 Smaller dovetailed oak tool chest retailed by Melhuish;
of the kind that were sold as working kits of tools, the
original tools are long gone, what remains is in solid
shape; with a removable tray and a drawer, Melhuish
retailed only the best, this is a fine made example with
only apology of missing bails, those can easily be re-
placed; 20" by 11" by 9", it's a handy size for storing
smaller tools:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t119b.jpg $245.00
MS188 Davis Level & Tool 12" (actually 13") ratcheting brace;
a fine quality tool made by the same firm that made the
decorative cast iron inclinometers; as found, everything
works fine, a bit of chipping where the head and collar
are joined, it can take Jennings, Irwin, etc. pattern
augers; one of the earlier uses of hard rubber on a tool;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t120.jpg $85.00
MS189 A.A.Wood adjustable hollow auger; with a clever self-
regulating adjuster to set the working diameter from 1/4"
to 1 1/4", it's one of the best designs for turning round
tenons; original stop, plenty of life left in it, it fits
in a common brace; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t120.jpg $80.00
MS190 Seriously large BFH for banging metal; photographed along-
side a #8 jointer, it has a 7" long head that is rounded
at each end; as found, with rust that will clean, older
handle is probably a replacement, and ready to bash to
bits whatever dares to get in its way; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t121.jpg $75.00
MS191 Clean 7/8" diameter screw box with owner made tap wrench;
turned integral handles, in much nicer than usual shape,
always together, probably manufactured in Sheffield; a
good size for making wooden clamps; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t122.jpg $95.00
MS192 Early wooden brace with different style pad; normally
secured in the brace with a thumb screw, a clothes pin
style catch, a nail, this one has a notch in the chuck
to accept a mating projection on the pad, it keeps the
pad from spinning around within the chuck; a wooden pin
(long gone) keeps the pad from falling out; well made,
as found, no damage, likely American (found in NH), and
with good age, it's ca.1800; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t122.jpg $145.00
MS193 Three narrower cranked gouges; two with Buck Bros. handles,
other no name but handle looks to be Buck (ferrule is gone
on this one), they are as found; widths of 1/8", 1/4", and
 3/8"; will clean to be fine workers; top left three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t123.jpg $90.00
MS194 1/8" incannel scribing gouge by Buck Bros; all original,
handle has decal remnants that appear to be some retailer's;
nearly 12" long, and a tough width to find; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t123.jpg $40.00
MS195 Clean Record 044 plough plane in tin box; all original
parts, all it needs is a honing; a very popular plane when
first offered and still so today; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t124.jpg $155.00
MS196 Millers Fall No.2A eggbeater drill; a cleaner than usual
example that's ready to use, five drill points are in the
handle; a very popular tool; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t124.jpg $85.00
MS197 Hollowing drawknife with turned wooden handles and 11"
across the pronounced curvature; French origin, in sound
worker shape, and just thing thing for scooping out deep
recesses the curvature's depth is around 3"; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t125.jpg $75.00
MS198 Preston quirk router with two reproduction cutters of
around 1/8" and 3/16", it has a single fence (originally
came with several), it's the perfect thing for inlay and
grooving curved edges; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t125.jpg $75.00
MS199 Double arm marking and mortice gauge with applied hornbeam
face on the fence; made by a German firm, it has metric
scales in each arm; fine quality, points are original their
original length, arms are secured with brass thumb screws;
a handy gauge for laying out half-blind dovetails where
two setting are required; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t126.jpg $30.00
MS200 Sargent No.407 (#2 size) smoothing plane; earlier model
with patent date stamped in the lateral adjuster and oval
logo stamped in iron; mahogany knob and tote, very minor
bruise at back of mouth has no bearing on its use, all it
needs is a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t128.jpg $145.00
MS201 Record T5 technical jack and shooting plane; with remov-
able handle, it can be used as a jack plane, but with the
handle secured on either cheek it functions as a shooting
plane; used just a few times, all it needs is a honing,
you get two planes in one with this plane that's unique
to Record; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t130.jpg $155.00
MS202 Record No.712 1 1/4" rabbet; another plane unique to
Record, it has an integral grip toward the heel, the iron
is skewed, a depth stop on the opposite side; cleaned and
with a later protective coating over the 50% original blue
finish, it's in sound worker shape and is not a common
plane; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t130.jpg $145.00
MS203 Linford All Steel Master Plane, in the original box and
unused and for good reason, would you be caught dead with
this pressed steel thing in your hand; purported to be a
smoothing plane, the public didn't believe that, it proved
that stupid ideas never ring up large sales; now for the
collectors, who want one of each, I promise not to tell
anyone you bought it; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t132.jpg $90.00
MS204 Yankee No.1555 multi-ratchet drill; an engineering marvel
in barely used condition, everything functions perfectly,
it's an earlier one with the patent date stamped in the
handle; ready to serve all your serious drilling needs,
this one was put away without the side handle attached,
that got separated from it, what's here is important, you
can find a rusted/broken one easily for its handle; rarely
found in this condition; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t132.jpg $135.00
MS205 Millers Falls No.360 sabre saw, used once and then put
back in the original box; with original paperwork and
many blades in their sleeves, I normally don't offer
tools with tails, but it's wintertime and many tools are
now hibernating and waiting for springtime to throw
themselves at me; I suspect it's fine quality, made in
America, you can have the pleasure of plugging it in for
the first time in 50+ years; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t133.jpg $55.00
MS206 6" (edge length) drawknife; manufactured, but no maker's
mark, it's stamped Warranted; beveled on both sides, it
was never abused, and is perfect for finer work; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t133.jpg $60.00
MS207 Meriden Malleable #8 jointer; one I've had in my collection
for 15 years, it's free of damage and saw very limited use;
the totes on these planes are very fragile, it's uncommon
to find them free of damage, fortunately this one escaped
that; dusty (my wife refuses to keep my tool collection
clean), it has all original parts save for the iron, which
is a Stanley, the cap iron is proper and has the patent
dates stamped in it; one of the many attempts to dethrone
Stanley, like all others it was quickly relegated to the
trash heap of shattered dreams; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t134b.jpg $590.00
 MS208 Disston D-8 26" skew back 11pt crosscut; never abused and
in ready to use condition, it was sharpened recently; most
etching visible, it's made in Canada, but don't hold that
against it as it's not Justin Bieber or anything like
that; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t134.jpg $115.00
MS209 Preston 2" flat bottom spoke shave with vernier adjusting
nut; in far nice than usual condition, setting the iron
is easy with the nut, all it needs is a honing; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t135.jpg $70.00
MS210 D.Kimberley (same one that sold the patented plane) bull
nose rabbet plane with rosewood wedge; used once or twice
and then put away, this one is as close to new condition
as one could hope to find; 3 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide iron,
and a mouth almost watertight; these handy cast planes
are next to impossible to find in such condition; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t135.jpg $165.00
MS211 Preston 9" torpedo level; with decal remnants and stamped
with the EP logo in the full length brass plating, this
one has never been cleaned; expected scuffs in the finish,
wood looks to be mahogany; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t135.jpg $85.00
MS212 Four cutters for the Preston 1399P large router; harder to
find than the difficult to find router, two are stamped
with the Preston name, two are custom made by an owner;
widths of 1/4", 3/8", 7/16", and 1"; as found with minor
superficial rust, they are all usable; left four:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t136.jpg $125.00
MS213 6 1/2" cast iron plumb bob with interesting shape; unusual
to find one made entirely of this metal, it has good age,
minor knocks, cap unscrews; a graceful thing; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t136.jpg $110.00
MS214 Five carver's background punches; each in fine shape, one
showing signs of being a favorite (due to mushrooming at
end), they are all waffle pattern; not easy things to
find, these all came together from the same source; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t136a.jpg $195.00
MS215 New Rogers treadle jig saw; made by Millers Falls, it
proved to be the most popular design made as it captured
the Victorian passion for fretwork and cottage industry;
with all original parts, including the normally long
gone bellows (leather disintegrated), it also has the
spindle for a buffing or grinding wheel; short grain of
the lower arm split off long ago, that can easily be
fixed with some glue and a small piece scarfed onto it;
the same area of the top arm has a repair as the grain
wanted to do the same; a square nut has been replaced by
a wing nut; overall, it's much nicer than what's normally
found, these things work well and are fun to use; this is
 pick-up only, or I can bring it to some tool show local
 to you:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t137b.jpg $325.00