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  Don't forget the cool new tools thatI'm making - a jazzy layout

knife being used byprofessionals (made cover of Feb '98 FWW!); a

detachable blockplane handle designed to fit your 20 degree

block planes, andthe finest bench plane in production today, the

Bed Rock #601. Youcan see all this at:




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  FT1  Tool boy is showing off two chunks of metal – the

       barelyvisible complex wiring stuck to his teeth,

       and theeasily spotted larger chunk of metal in his

       hands;it’s the latter we’ll concentrate on, as it’s

       nicer tolook at and far less costly than the metal

       bitswithin his mouth; probably one of the earliest

      dovetailed panel planes made by Mathieson, dating to

       the 1850’s,this carefully used, and treasured, plane

       isessentially in the same condition when made long

       ago;dovetailed steel construction, stuffed with the

       choicestrosewood available, this plane looks some-

       whatprimitive when compared to later examples that

       evolvedfrom this design; amazingly the tote is free

       ofcracks, chips, and repairs, just a few bang marks

       arevisible along the top of the horn as a result of

       slightlymisdirected hammer blows when setting the

       iron; therosewood wedge show similar marks from

       backingthat off, the bun similarly is lightly marked,

       otherwisethis specimen looks like it came directly

       out of abackward time warp; 13 1/2" long, with a

       2 1/4" wide iron by Ward, a singleowner stamp neatly

       placedbelow the bun, this is a significant plane for

       lovers ofinfill planes and Mathieson production:







        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/f6.jpg       $2285.00







  ST1  #15 block plane; 1” longer than the common as mud

       #9 1/2,it’s otherwise identical in all regards to

       that plane;as found, no damage, in need of clean,

       90%japanning, it’s a 1930’s model with the wide

       machinedbed; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t1.jpg        $45.00

  ST2  #98 side rabbet; a ca.WWI model, with the V-logo iron

       it alsohas the depth stop; in fine worker shape, no

       damage,the nose can be flipped so it can do stopped

       work;handy for tweaking grooves and rabbets; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t1.jpg        $80.00

  ST3  #1 Odd Jobs multi-tool for folding rules; the first

       model, itwas supplied without a rule, the buyer used

       hiscommon two-foot four-fold rule for it; all original

       parts,save for the pencil locking screw, it’s in fine

       shape, nodamage, far less common than the later model;

       imagine asingle tool to do all your layout work, and

       here itis; left:

         http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t7.jpg        $95.00

  ST4  #39 3/4" dado; a sound worker, with no damage and all

       originalparts, it has the patent date embossed on the

       handle; the perfect dimension fortoday’s standard stock

      thickness, it’s in nicer than usual shape with 95%

      japanning; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t7.jpg        $135.00

  ST5  #984 corner brace; with all the fine features found

       onStanley’s best braces, this one is designed for

       boring incramped spaces or up against a wall or

       otherobstruction that otherwise prevents a standard

       bracefrom working; in sound worker shape, no damage,

       and readyto use; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t7.jpg        $85.00

  ST6  #144 1/2" rounding plane; no damage, and all three

       originalparts, 99% japanning, from the 1930’s, this

       planecuts a 1/2" radius on whatever passes under it,

       it’s arather ugly thing, but does its job well; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t8.jpg       $190.00

  ST7  #18 butt locking sliding bevel with 6” blade; in sound

       workershape, with most plating, handy for tight work,

       a turn ofthe thumb screw tightly locks the blade in

       the desired angle; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t10.jpg       $35.00

  ST8  #60 1/2 low angle block plane; a ca.1910 model, with

       alloriginal parts, no damage, long milled bed, plated

       trim, anddifficult to find in this shape this old;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t10.jpg       $65.00

  ST9  #95 edge trimming block plane; in as clean condition

       as theycome, from the 1930’s, I don’t believe it was

       everused; perfect for square edges relative to the

       face,shims may be added to it for coopered work; all

       it needsis a honing; bottom left:

         http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t14.jpg       $140.00

  ST10 #93 cabinetmaker’s rabbet plane;an early UK model,

       fromca.1960, in little used shape and nearly all

       plating;no longer made anywhere, recently honed, a

       couple oftiny notches filed on the top edge as an

       owner’sidentification; top section can be removed

       so itfunctions as a chisel plane; ready to use out

       of thebox; bottom right:

         http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t16.jpg       $125.00

  ST11 Clean #923 8” sweep brace; idealfor finer work, this

       is themost popular top of the line brace Stanley

       offered,it has all the fine features one expects in

       a brace– ball bearing head, full ratchet, spring

       jaws, exotic wood, plated frame –it’s in ready to

       usecondition; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t17.jpg       $90.00

  ST12 #39 1/2 dado plane; a very clean1930’s example, with

       no damageand all original parts, 99.99% japanning,

       tarnishedon the milled side, and not the usual dog

       of anexample commonly found; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t18.jpg       $125.00

  ST13 Stanley #118 block plane; designedfor the most rugged

       work,where you can drop it from 5000’ and expect it

       to worklike the day it was made, this steel sole

       plane wasalso aimed at trade schools where the

       youths ofyesteryear did their best to destroy them,

       which,unfortunately for many examples, didn’t survive

       as wellas those dropped from 5000’; never under-

       estimatethe destructive force of a 15 year old boy,

       this onenever got into the hands of one of them, it

       does havea small hang hole at the heel, it’s still

       a fineworker as is; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t18.jpg       $25.00

  ST14 #10 1/2 smooth rabbet; a bargainworker, with no

       damage,plenty of life left to the iron, dates to

       ca.1905,good wood, japanning has had an overspray

       on it, thathas no bearing on its use; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t19.jpg       $125.00

  ST15 #40 scrub plane; a cleaner thanusual example, from

       ca.WWI,with the V-logo on the iron, good wood, 95%

      japanning, and eager to be feed rough and gritty


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t19.jpg       $75.00

  ST16 #79 side rabbet; an American-madeexample, with depth

       stop, andin barely used shape, the original box is

       tossed infor free; second from top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t21.jpg       $75.00

  ST17 Pair of #2 bronze trammels withoriginal pencil claps;

       a musthave tool for anyone laying out circular or

      elliptical work, these are in fine shape, and ready to

       use;bottom left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t21.jpg       $75.00

  ST18 Six cutters for the Millers Patentplough planes; as

       found, inneed of a clean, widths of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”,

       3/8”,1/2" (slight radius to the edge), and 5/8” (bit

       ofmushrooming on the heel); bottom right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t21.jpg       $185.00

  ST19 #82 cabinet scraper; one ofStanley’s better general

       purposescrapers, the business end can be angled to

       suit thework and comfort of the user; little used,

       alloriginal parts, from the 1930’s, and with the

       originalbox; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t22.jpg       $60.00

  ST20 #81 rosewood sole scraper; fromthe 1920’s, with the

      sweetheart logo on the original blade, barely used,

       and with theoriginal box, something very difficult

       to findfor this tool; box is a bit rough, structurally

       fine,minor label loss; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t22.jpg       $185.00

  ST21 #4 smoothing plane; a very cleantype 14, with all

       originalparts; made ca.1930, with the sweetheart

       iron andmost of the decal on the tote, this one saw

       verylittle use, the main casting has a uniform

       tarnishedpatina, it only needs a honing to be put

       back towork; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t23.jpg       $90.00

  ST22 #3 smoothing plane; a type 13,with all original parts,

       and infine worker shape; tall knob has a small chip

       re-glued,it’s still a fine worker that only needs a

       honing tobe put back to work; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t23.jpg       $90.00

  ST23 #5C corrugated jack plane; a type14, with all original

       parts andin nicely cleaned condition (japanning looks

       to betouched up with an overcoating); still with most

       decal,sweetheart logo on the iron, hone and go with

       it; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t25.jpg       $90.00

  ST24 #605 Bed Rock jack plane; with alloriginal parts,

       includingthe “BED ROCK” embossed lever cap, free of

       damage,it’s in need of a good clean, the japanning

       is 75%; abit of elbow grease and you’ll have a fine


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t25.jpg       $125.00

  ST25 #20 circular plane; in glisteningnew condition, this

       one hasall japanning and looks to be unused; just a

       localizedarea of tarnish on the flexible steel sole,

       this isthe best plane for general curved work, both

       concaveand convex, all you need to do is hone the

       iron;ideal for those who want their tools in pristine


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t27.jpg       $245.00

  ST25 #10 jack rabbet; a great exampleof a ca.1930 plane,

       with aprotective red baize bag, this US-made plane

       wasrescued by yours truly from England and repatriated;

       99.9%japanning, near full length sweetheart iron, decal

       on thetote, still with original luster on the exterior,

       this isan extra special example that is normally found

       planedhard and put away broken; it’s happy to be home,


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t28.jpg       $245.00

  ST26 Smaller steel square from the1920’s with the sweet-

       heartlogo; 12” by 18”, none of the usual pitting or

       rust, it’s ready to use, its sizeis ideal for the

       cabinetshop; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t30.jpg       $45.00

  ST27 ca.1910 #65 chamfer shave; in farnicer than usual

       shape,with all original parts, it only needs a honing

       to be putback to work; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t32.jpg       $115.00

  ST28 #72 razor edge spoke shave; thescarce cast iron model;

       alloriginal parts, no damage to the cutter’s carrier,

       in soundworker shape, 50% japanning; my favorite

       spokeshave design of all; second from top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t32.jpg       $185.00

  ST29 #60 double spoke shave; in barelyused condition, no

       damage,it has a straight blade for standard work and

       a concaveblade for working curved surfaces; nearly

       alljapanning remains; second from bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t32.jpg       $35.00

  ST30 Clean #14 double square; a ca.1910model, with logo

       stampedon the 6” graduated blade, nearly all plating

       andfinish remains on this sound worker tool that is

       difficultto find in this condition; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t33.jpg       $60.00

  ST31 #198 blade holder and honer;offered for just six years,

       thisunnecessary tool is not easy to find for good

       reason– your fingers can hold the blade for honing;

       41/2" long, in fine shape, 95% japanning, not every-

       thingStanley touched turned to gold; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t33.jpg       $135.00

  ST32 #72 chamfer plane; a clean 1920’smodel with clear

      sweetheart logo stamped in the iron; all orignal

       parts, nodamage, 95% japanning, fine worker, a fairly

       commonplane in rarely common condition; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t36.jpg       $335.00

  ST33 ca.1900 pamphlet with the classicImp logo on the

       cover; 20pages, focused mainly on the plane line of

       a companythat was about to experience explosive

       growth,it features the old style Bed Rock design;

       in soundshape, cover a bit dirty, a nice reference;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t47.jpg       $35.00

  ST34 Bed Rock #603 smoothing plane; alloriginal parts, and

       as-found,no damage, it needs a real cleaning; “BED

       ROCK”embossed lever cap, japanning is 90%, so there’s

       a niceone begging to be released from the grime;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t50.jpg       $175.00

  ST35 #65 low angle block plane with theknuckle joint lever

       cap;plane is from the 1920’s, with the fully machined

       long bed,the cutter is a 1930’s Stanley replacement;

       I forgotto pop an eccentric lever for adjusting the

       mouth,it’ll have that when it leave tool port; a

       qualityworking example of Stanley’s best low angle

       plane,the sole will want a polishing as that has

       somegeneral tarnish; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t52.jpg       $70.00

  ST36 #4 1/2 oversized smoothing plane;a mid-1940’s example,

       withrosewood knob and tote and all adjustment features,

       it hasthe leftover thicker WWII casting, suiting it

       well forbetter action; all original parts, no damage,

       darkexterior to the main casting, some rust spots on

       therecently cleaned sole will come off quickly; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t53.jpg       $125.00

  ST37 Unused #50 bevel edge 3/4"Everlasting chisel; still

       with theoriginal red finish on the handle, and most

       of thedecal, this is a real #50, no a ground down

       #40;Everlastings in this condition are next to

      impossible to find; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t58.jpg       $85.00

  ST38 Same as previous, but 1”, andunused; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t58.jpg       $85.00

  ST39 #5 1/2 oversized jack plane; asuper clean, barely

       used type11, with all original parts; made ca.WWI,

       itretains 99% of its japanning, full length iron,

       and waslightly cleaned; just a honing is all this

       fineexample needs; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t62.jpg       $145.00

  ST40 #605C corrugated Bed Rock jackplane; a ca.1920

       example,with all original parts, the first sweet-

       heartlogo on the iron and “BED ROCK” embossed on

       the levercap; as found, in need of a clean, it

       should doso well, japanning is 90%; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t62.jpg       $135.00

  ST41 #45 combination plane; one of thecleanest ones I’ve

       offered,this one literally was used once and then

       put backin its original pasteboard box; the long

       rodsstill are in their wrapper, all plating and parts

       arepresent, including the screw driver and spur packet;

       from themid-1930’s, the box has the three labels, some

       finishsplatters let you know that it’s an old tool; a

       tastyone, indeed:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t63.jpg       $290.00

  ST42 #59 doweling jig; all originalparts, little used,

       and withthe handy original box to keep all the parts

       together,this easy to use tool pre-dates bisquick

       joinery,where joints are strengthened with the tried

       and truedowels; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t77.jpg       $40.00

  ST43 Five Handyman chisels that you canuse for chiseling

       in roughwork, near nails, rocks, electrical boxes,

       etc.;Stanley second line of tools, aimed for around

       the homeuse, they are of better quality than those

       offered inorange and blue mega-stores; widths of 1/4",

       3/4”, 1”,1 1/4", and 1 1/2"; bevel edge and butt

       length,also perfect for opening paint cans; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t77.jpg       $30.00

  ST44 #49 match plane; the popular planefor cutting tongue

       andgroove joints in narrower stock; original cutters,

       nodamage, nickel plating is 75%, it’s that worker,

       not acollector, you’ve been looking for; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t81.jpg       $85.00

  ST45 #9 1/2 block plane; a ca.1950example that was used

       once andthen put back into its original box; all

       originalparts on this example of Stanley’s most

       populargeneral purpose fully adjustable block plane;

       top left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t84.jpg       $50.00

  ST46 Clean #77 rosewood marking andmortice gauge; from the

       1920’s,marked with the sweetheart logo and model

       number,this one was used once or twice, then put

       away;full length points, ready to use out of the box,

       easy touse adjusting screw to set the points for

       layingout mortices; top right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t84.jpg       $50.00

  ST47 #444 dovetail plane; complete,with all original parts

       (no screwdriver) and instructions and in the original

       box;99.99% plating remains, none of the hideous

       flakingor bubbling of that, this contraption was

       used once or twice then put away; asclean as they

       come,there is a small area of grinding at the heel

       of themain casting, this was something Stanley did

       afterbeing caught by quality control inspection post



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t89a.jpg     $1185.00

  ST48 #67 univeral shave; Stanley’s mostcomplex shave,

       the twohandles can be arranged for left or right

       hand workwhere those are at a right angle to each

       other; insolid worker shape, with curved sole and

       thenormally long-gone fence, the flat sole is

       missing,that’s the easiest part to find for this

       tool thatcan rabbet and do general shave work;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t93.jpg       $110.00

  ST49 Pair of #750 style bevel edgechisel; no model number,

       butlikely those, of good quality, width of 3/8” and

       7/8”widths, the latter showing the most use; left


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t93.jpg       $25.00

  ST50 #83C two-foot four-fold boxwoodrule with sliding

       brasscaliper; from the 1920’s, with the sweetheart

       logo,retains a good amount of original finish, with

       some minor dirt/stain on exterior; folds nicely,one

       alignmentpin missing, not a common rule; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t93.jpg       $135.00

  ST51 #7C corrugated jointer; a goodtype 11, ca.WWI, with

       alloriginal parts; 98% japanning, no damage, a bit

       dustyfrom sitting idle, far nicer than usual shape,

       and onlyin need of a quick clean; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t97.jpg       $155.00

  ST52 #8C corrugated jointer; anothertype 11, with all

       originalparts, including the previous type logo on

       the iron(Stanley was using up parts on hand, and

       didn’tknow about the type study, written years after

       thefact); as nice as the previous, and a quality

       worker ofStanley’s longest metallic plane in the

       Baileylineup; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t97.jpg       $180.00

  ST53 #608C corrugated Bed Rock jointer;a ca.WWI example,

       with alloriginal parts, including the “BED ROCK”

       embossedlever cap; 90% japanning, free of damage,

       someminor tarnish on the exterior, far nicer than

       what’snormally found, the longest in of the BED

       Rockline; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t98.jpg       $265.00

  ST54 #151M round sole (front to back)spoke shave; made of

       malleableiron, and painted gray to match the cement

       floor ofyour shop to remind you that it can be dropped

       on cementand survive the freefall; in sound worker

       shape, nodamage, loads of life left in it, and a very

       popularshave for all sorts of work, straight or curved;

       top left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t105.jpg       $35.00

  ST55 Unused #51 spoke shave; a 1930’smodel, that somehow

       managedto keep below the tool radar, hiding for

       decadeswaiting just for you to love it; Stanley’s

       most popularshave for general work; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t106.jpg       $35.00

  ST56 Rare triangular miter; neverassigned a number, and

       onlylisted in the 1870 catalog, this odd tool has

       a boxwood‘rule’ riveted to a steel square; found

       with theRobinson’s Patent bevel listed at the end,

       andcarrying the same owner initials, graduated to

       1/8”increments along the 9” hypotenuse, it’s not

       marked itwith the Stanley name, but is an unmistakable

       product;never cleaned, and very rare in any condition,

       it’s thefirst I’ve ever offered; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t115.jpg      $685.00




  **** ******


  WP1  Small hollow plane by J.Dobie; perfect for smoothing

       andshaping handles, the 5” long stock is free of any

       damage;with a single iron by Ward, no owner marks,

       thisplane is not a re-work; top right and left:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t4a.jpg       $75.00

  WP2  V-grooving plane by Alex Marshall/Glasgow; the fully

       boxedsole cuts a V, suiting it well for use with

       hollowsand rounds for making squares in profiles and

       formaking a starting cut to track a round; a plane

       peculiarto the north of Great Britain, many were

       made byowners, it’s not common to find a manufactured

       one;owner marks; bottom and right:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t4a.jpg       $95.00

  WP3  Carriagemaker’s curved T-rabbet plane by Moon; 6” long,

       in fineshape, all original and no damage, 1 1/2" wide;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t8.jpg        $95.00

  WP4  Large moving fillister with razee body and tote; made

       byGriffin/Ravenna (Ohio), it’s in much nicer than

       usualshape for such a plane; perfect for cutting

       largerrabbets, up to roughly 2 1/4", with, across,

       oragainst the grain; usual owner marks, no damage,

       minorstain, and an uncommon configuration; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t37.jpg       $145.00

  WP5  Odd toted bull nose smoothing plane; like the shorter

       ones,used to work into corners, this one is roughly

       twice thelength, being 7 1/2"; brass plate at nose

       for afine mouth, it’s in good working shape, it’s a

       styleI’ve never seen before; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t41.jpg       $125.00

  WP6  Good B:FROGATT (non-rectangular mark) ca.1775 9 3/4"

       long 3/8”dado; are real survivor, of the old style,

       with afriction fit stop and the unique shaped wedge;

       a pair ofearly owner marks, neatly stamped next to

       eachother, add to this plane’s appeal, this one is

       as niceas can be; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t41a.jpg      $125.00

  WP7  Lumsden&Son/Dundee triple iron molding plane; a 1” wide

       by 3/4"deep ogee, fillet, and bead, a lot of work was

       put intothis one, a single iron could do what the

       three onthis one do; overall fine shape, one wedge a

      replacement (and not colored), free of worm, no owner

       marks,and not a common design; top and right:



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t42b.jpg      $285.00

  WP8  Late 1700’s cherrywood double iron sash plane with

       uniqueboxed ‘plug’ in the sole for longer wear; extra

       crisp lines, flat chamfersterminated with fine gouge

       cuts, alloriginal, looks to be professionally made,

       but not asingle maker or owner mark of any kind,

       91/2" long, this is a very nice example of the

       classicsquare ovolo profile; bottom and left:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t42a.jpg      $135.00

  WP9  Pair of walnut dust joint planes; user made, and of

       finequality, the walnut has an rich patina to it;

       designedto cut a joint similar to a tongue and groove,

       but witha circular groove and tongue; very well made,

       thetonguing plane is designed to work with other

       planes,where the joint is accented with a bevel or

       moldingprior to cutting the tongue; these planes

       were usedon the best work, often on museum cases so

       that airpenetration is minimized, they are not often

       found inmatching pairs; right two:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t51a.jpg      $265.00

  WP10 Different coachmaker’s plough withdado plane-like

       nickeriron my by E.Preston (of the famous Birmingham

       Prestons)with the Litchfield St. address mark; a

       style ofplane that can only be found in the UK, 7”

       long andin overall fine shape, noting replacement

       wedges,it has the usual owner marks on it; decorative

       brassplating surround the mortices for the two irons,

       that’salso found on the body where the screws for

       the skateare secured; certainly very rare, perhaps




        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t61b.jpg      $385.00

  WP11 Kirl&Asling/Nottingham 1/8”diameter slipped fully

       boxedbeading plane; the smallest standard size, in

       fineshape, the stop can be removed so that it can

       workdeeper into the wood, it’s an ideal plane for

       use withhollows and rounds, and a great size for

      cabinetwork; usual owner mark; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t64.jpg       $50.00

  WP12 Tiny astragal, by the same maker asprevious; just 5/16”

       overallwidth, in fine worker shape, and not an easy

       size tofind, it, too, is perfect for cabinetwork;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t64.jpg       $95.00

  WP13 Moseley 1/2" (width and depthof cut) square and cove;

       a ratherodd profile, in fine shape, owner mark on


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t65.jpg       $110.00

  WP14 J.Dobie 1/4” ogee; a very uncommonsize, in sound

       workershape, no damage or alteration, usual owner

       mark;perfect for desk interiors, small boxes, etc.;


         http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t65.jpg       $115.00

  WP15 B.Bown double cockbead with extrawide fillet between

       each; aca.1775 plane, this profile was commonly used

       to decoratethe front edge of shelving on fine case

       pieces;with flat chamfers, and old style wedge finial,

       it’s inextra nice shape, with early initials stamped

       in theheel; a very simple profile that rarely shows

       up; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t66.jpg       $165.00

  WP16 Nice Mutter ca.1800 ogee andsquare; great proportions

       on this1” thick stock, it’s made for harder woods as

       the ironis pitched steeper; in fine shape, no owner

       marks, apretty plane; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t66.jpg       $175.00

  WP17 Uncommon thumbnail plane byMathieson; used to stick

       theclassic edge treatment used on blanket chest lids,

       etc. it’sstamped a size 1/2", that’s probably for the

       radius;used, but with plenty of life left in it, usual

       ownermarks, a few long inactive worm holes, and a

       profilethat’s never available when you need it; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t67.jpg       $125.00

  WP18 Wm.Moss small reverse ogee andastragal; one of my

       favoriteprofiles, with unlimited applications, it’s

       sized for1/2" thick stock, making it most uncommon;

       in fineshape, some original inking still on the toe,

       usual owner mark, this one saw verylittle use; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t67.jpg       $145.00

  WP19 Wide toted molder byW.Gaksin/Willington; cut’s a

       2 1/4"by 1” deep cove, ogee and bead of strange

      proportions; dark patina to the stock, the wedge and

       tote aregood replacements, it has a helper/hang hole

       at thetoe; no owner marks, a chunky and funky big



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t68a.jpg      $285.00

  WP20 Eastwood/York screw arm ploughwith matching set of

       eightirons by Griffiths/Norwich; a sound worker

       set-upfor ploughing grooves, the plane has been

       nicelycleaned and is free of damage, the wedge

       finialshows expected wear from hitting that to


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t72.jpg       $225.00

  WP21 Odd beech smoothing plane withwhat must be a cast

       baseapplied to the sole; combining the durability

       of longerwear with the feel of wooden plane use,

       this is avery well made effort, it was manufactured,

       but Ican’t make out the maker’s mark, which only

       shows thefirst few letters; extra fine mouth, as

       fine asany infill, 8” long, no damage about the

       wedge,some minor pit spots in the sole will lap out

       or can beleft as is; a fine worker; top left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t79.jpg       $115.00

  WP22 Unique double iron molder thatcuts a square, cove

       andastragal; a very strange molder, the tiny wedge

       isforward of the mouth and only cuts the square portion

       of the 1”deep by 1 1/8” profile; manufactured, the

       maker’smark is overstamped by an owner’s, it’s in

       fineshape, showing usual bang marks on the heel, it

       wasrefinished long ago; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t79a.jpg      $285.00

  WP23 Large Lumsden/Dundee (though notquite as large as the

       two pregnant hookers I was chatting with the lasttime

       I was inDundee) quirked ovolo and astragal; as odd as

       thehookers, this one isn’t boxed at the quirk, it cuts

       a 11/4" square profile; in sound shape, usual owner

       marks,that check in the image looks hideous, it isn’t

       (theDundee hookers, however, were – hideous, that is):

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t80.jpg       $145.00

  WP24 Wide Preston complex molder; withthe EP logo of the

      Birmingham tool juggernaut clearly stamped in the toe,

       it cuts avery shallow reverse ogee, bulging blob,

       andfillet, none of which are proportioned in a very

       pleasingmanner; profile is 1” deep and 1 3/4" wide,

       the planeis in sound shape, with a couple small nail

       holesfrom a shim added adjacent to the fence, it has

       usualowner marks:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t86.jpg       $165.00

  WP25 Small 1/2" quirked ogee andastragal by W.Parkes; lots

       of twistsand turns jammed into such a small dimension,

       the planeis in fine shape, having seen little use;

       usualowner marks, it’s difficult to find such complex

       profilesin this size, or smaller:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t87.jpg       $165.00

  WP26 Extra clean and crisp smoothingplane size pattern-

       maker’sradius plane; with many interchangeable soles,

       ofdifferent radii, this is one of the nice such examples

       I’veoffered, it’s well suited for scrub work, precise

      hollowing, leaving plane marks for the period look, etc.,

       ninesoles, rarely found with that many, one iron is

       missing,it was a cherished plane and used with great


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t100.jpg      $185.00

  WP27 Group of ten live oak moldingplanes from Spain; these

       appear tobe new old stock, several have paper label

       remnants;a variety of functions, several with quite

       complexprofiles; stamped in the toe (and labeled) as

       being byVincente del Portillo of Madrid; in sound

       workershape, never altered or abused, how they

       managedto land in olde New England is a mystery, maybe

       they weresent north long ago from Florida after Juan

       Ponce deLeon foretold the southward migration that was

       to comecenturies later and decided to do some preemptive

       massredistribution so Florida would remain above sea

       level; aninteresting grouping, and an instant




        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t101b.jpg     $385.00

  WP28 1” wide skew rabbet plane byW.Greenslade; in sound

       workershape, no appreciable wear or nail holes, the

       oldfinish was removed some time ago; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t101b.jpg      $30.00

  WP29 Extra clean matching set of 25hollow and round planes

       by Crow;seven more than the standard half-set, and

       elevenshort of the full-set, these planes are as

       clean asthey come, and will have you well on your

       way to a full set; many pairs, nomodifications, the

       pairs are#1, #3, #6, #10, #11, #13, #16, #17, and

       #18; thehollows are #2, #4, #5, #7 and #14; the rounds

       are #8and #15; there are no #9 or #12 planes; always

       together,with a single owner mark, a bit of searching

       willresult in a bargain full set, these are priced

       atroughly $20/plane:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t107.jpg      $490.00

  WP30 Figured boxwood miniature moldingplane; 5 1/2” long,

       it cuts acurved reverse ogee; in fine shape, no

       damage,extra dense wood, even the wedge has the

       figure;single owner/maker mark, great patina, this

       isn’tyour usual small molder; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t110.jpg      $185.00







  MI1  Clean, and ready to use, Spear&Jackson No.52 brass spine

       14”backsaw; right out of a patternmaker’s chest, still

       with theoriginal etching on the blade, loads of mass

       foreffortless cutting of wider stuff, this was the

       pride andjoy of its original owner and now you can

       experiencehis same feelings; 12pt, with appropriate

       ownername stamps of “A.WORTHY”, it certainly is; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t2.jpg        $95.00

  MI2  12” cast iron Davis Pat. level as manufactured by M.W.

       Robinson;no damage, and all original vials, this one

       has alater black finish applied over it, that may or

       may notcome off, it’s still a functional precision

       levelwith Victorian flair; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t2.jpg       $110.00

  MI3  Extra clean, and large, Brades beech spoke shave with

       brassplated sole; 14” long, 4” long blade, barely

       used,finest quality and designed for more controlled

       finerwork, it only needs a honing to pull shavings;

       ownermark, and not an easy size to find; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t3.jpg        $55.00

  MI4  Odd brass shave with two castings that slide over each

       other andare locked in place with the fence screw;

       this waslikely used as a chamfering shave, where the

       width ofwork is set by sliding the two parts relative

       to eachother, it carries a large beading cutter; the

       fence hasan angled face, there probably was another

       oneopposing it, a la the #65 shave, that’s now MIA;

       neverpolished, well made, never seen anything like


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t3.jpg        $85.00

  MI5  Smaller pump drill with cast flywheel; original turned

       handle, asmall chip adjacent to the hole for the shaft,

       theoverall length is 9”; shaft is two-piece, with a

       joint formedtoward the top, it may have been shortened

       for finerwork; good patina, and 100% usable; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t4.jpg        $65.00

  MI6  A heretofore never seen complete collection of the ever

       popularAlumo series of grooving planes; all three, in

       theirbest profiles, with all original parts and no

       damage,the 1A, 2B, and 3B planes are an aluminum lover’s

       fancy,one is for grooving, the other two for rabbeting,

       they werethe stuff of weatherstrippers long ago and are

       stillX-rated tool porn today; many before have tried to

       collectthem all, but were only met with frustration, you

       can nowspare yourself of the same misery that shouldn’t

       happen toa dog:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t5.jpg       $145.00

  MI7  4 1/2" long cast iron anvil with side horn; likely a

       French product, with real age,great detail, and in

       usableshape for banging out mini horseshoes; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t6.jpg        $55.00

  MI8  Preston double side rabbet; the ultimate design of

       thisBirmingham firm’s efforts, after several iterations,

       it provedso sound that Record and Sargent continued it

       fordecades; all original parts, as-found, 75% plating,

       in needof a clean, the nose section can be removed for

       stoppedwork; a very handy plane; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t6.jpg       $110.00

  MI9  Classic cooper’s brace with the oversized head that’s

       41/2" diameter; in amazing condition, with no repairs,

       that initself is quite rare as these got the daylights

       beat outof them, even the head is free of shrinkage

       checks orchips; the original nosing bit is present,

      structurally usable, with some long inactive worm

       holesthat just add to its character; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t9.jpg       $155.00

  MI10 Clean Millers Falls No.2-01eggbeater drill; in ready

       to usecondition, with seven of the original eight

       drillpoints in the head, smooth action, and the most

       populardesign for eggbeating wood; bottom:

         http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t9.jpg        $70.00

  MI11 Very rare Buck Brothers crankedflat chisel; 2” wide,

       I can’trecall ever having one of these before as

       they arealways bevel edge; a massive chisel, with

       itsoriginal handle, nearly 17” long, in fine worker

       shape,pre-WWI, finest quality, it likely was a

       specialorder product; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t11.jpg       $125.00

  MI12 Cranked Buck Brothers gouge, whichcame with the

       previouschisel; 2” wide, similar size and condition,

       originalhandle, and perfect for roughing out large

       semi-circulardepressions; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t11.jpg       $55.00

  MI13 Buck Brothers 1” cranked beveledge paring chisel;

       originalhandle, in sound worker shape, bit of tarnish,

       plenty oflife left to it, and only in need of a

       honing tobe put back to work; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t11.jpg        $60.00

  MI14 Clean rosewood slitting gauge withcontrasting boxwood

       thumbscrew; brass wedge secures the knife firmly in

       place,this tool saw very little use; ideal for a wide

       range ofapplications – cutting veneers, parting small

       moldings, cutting in deep lines forinlay, general

       marking,etc. – it’s in ready to use condition; chip

       on fencewas neatly glued back in place; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t12.jpg       $65.00

  MI15 Uncommon Disston folding sawjointer; hinged to make it

       work overdifferent thickness blades, it’s in fine and

       littleused shape; still with the file, and ready to

       use onyour saws bad teeth; bottom left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t12.jpg       $45.00

  MI16 Tiny brass miter template; likelya Preston product,

       thoughunmarked, in fine worker shape, the bottom edge

       is just3” long; accurately guides a chisel to pare

       45 degreecuts for scribing or mitering joints; bottom


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t12.jpg       $45.00

  MI17 Patented hacksaw by Diamond SawCo.; no patent date to

       be foundon it, the nickel plated frame is embossed

       with thecompany name, it has cast handle with grip

       linescast into it; in sound shape, plating is around

       25%, nodamage, blade is secured with brads, as is

       normallythe case with older saws; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t13.jpg       $65.00

  MI18 Preston&Son rosewood doubleblade shipwright’s bevel;

       clearlystamped with the company name, and a Liverpool

      ironmonger’s, it’s in clean shape, never abused or

       polished,and of the finest quality; 12” long; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t13.jpg       $85.00

  MI19 Clean, barely used, Trask’s Patenttransitional razee

       smoothingplane as manufactured by Union Mfg. Co.; with

       the modelnumber of 515 and 1905 patent date stamped in

       the toe,it has all original parts, and is about as

       nice asthey come; a simple design, found both as a

       metallicand transitional plane, it was doomed to fail

       as thewoodworking community had already come to accept

       theBailey design as the standard; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t14.jpg       $145.00

  MI20 A.A.Woods adjustable spokepointer; with a max working

       diameterof about 1 3/4”, its shank acts as the depth

       stop toregulate the diameter it turns; almost mandatory

       prior toturning round tenons with a hollow auger, it

       preparesthe stock by ‘chamfering’ the end grain to

       make thehollow auger work easier; in fine worker shape;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t14.jpg       $30.00

  MI21 Uncommon Preston two-foot,four-fold boxwood rule with

       brassslide on one leg; no model number stamped in it,

       it doeshave the famed EP logo stamped into one leg;

       with mostoriginal finish inside, and a fair bit on the

       exterior,it’s a wider rule at 1 1/2" across; all

       alignmentpins, a small area of stain at one end, it’s

       the usualPreston quality; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t116.jpg      $145.00

  MI22 The Wilson saw filing jig; a solidand well made tool

       thatslips over the blade and allows you to keep the

       filingangles consistent from tooth to tooth; no damage,

       you addfile and saw, and have at it; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t15.jpg       $110.00

  MI23 12” Disston backsaw; as found, insound shape, no

       damage,good teeth that only need a quick touch up

       with afile, a quality general purpose saw; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t15.jpg       $60.00

  MI24 Pair of different cast iron siderabbets; each 5” long,

      rectangular shape, no damage, left and right examples

       to suitthe work as needed, these may have been

       manufacturedas there’s nickel plating remnants; top


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t16.jpg       $185.00

  MI25 Scarce Billings&Edmands RockyHill, Ct. adjustable

       vise;made early on, prior to Billings’ more famous

      partnership with Spencer, this vise’s jaws can be

       simplyadjusted so that the legs remain parallel

       with eachother to ensure a firmer grip; in fine

       workingshape, 5” long, minor dings in jaws, and

       ready touse; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t16.jpg       $85.00

  MI26 Small Preston nickel plated spokeshave; 1 1/2" wide

       iron,curved sole, decorative casting, all original

       parts,as-found, plating is about 50%; a fine worker

       for finerstuff; middle right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t16.jpg        $85.00

  MI27 Rare Millers Falls No.66 extralong jointer gauge; this

       is,without a doubt, the longest and best jointer gauge

       evermade, it’s a true jointer gauge as the fence is

       16” long;with all the fine features of the shorter No.

       88, thisone is particularly suited for longer work,

       itquickly attaches to the cheeks of the plane with two

       camlevers; the turned wooden knob can be repositioned

       for leftor right hand work; no damage, and only the

       secondI’ve owned; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t17.jpg       $265.00

  MI28 Uncommon Ohio Tool Co. 040 scrubplane; like most of

       OhioTool’s metallic planes, they simply copied

       Stanley’sdesigns plane for plane as long as there

       were noactive patents, their products were a bit

       lowerquality and they tried to grab the market by

       offeringtools at a lower cost; this plane has all

       originalparts, including the glued tote, it does

       differfrom the Stanley version in that it has a

       screw atthe toe for better stability; most japanning

       remains,globe logo stamped in the iron, and far less

       commonthan the Stanley; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t20.jpg       $125.00

  MI29 Another Ohio Tool Co. offering,this their 0120 block

       plane;all original parts, globe logo stamped in the

       iron,cutter is adjustable with a lever, it’s also far

       lesscommon than the Stanley version; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t20.jpg       $45.00

  MI30 Millers Falls No.1 circular spokeshave; one of the

       mostpopular, and best, shaves for doing curved edges,

       this oneis free of damage, with all original parts,

       and noneof the common filing down (when it got in

       the wronghands); handles unscrew so you can work

       it intotighter areas; an earlier model with the

       patentdate stamped in it; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t21.jpg       $65.00

  MI31 Clean Yankee No.2101 8” sweepbrace; pre-Stanley, with

       the hardrubber head stamped with the “YANKEE” name,

       this fineworker is free of damage, show minimal

       cosmeticwear, it was made for the Bell System and

       is the brace of choice for those who wantsomething

      indestructible; an uncommon size for this model; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t24.jpg       $90.00

  MI32 Disston stair saw; a good worker,the blade can be

       adjustedwithin the body to control the depth of cut,

       it’s thetool of choice for cutting stopped dados,

       grooves,etc.; in used, but not abused, shape, one

       nut isreplaced, it’s sharp enough to use out of

       the box;bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t24.jpg       $45.00

  MI33 Worker Sheffield plated brace;made by Barton Brothers,

       it’s in soundshape, with no damage other than minor

       dings inthe head; chuck button operable, never cleaned,

       thisveteran saw use, but wants more; top:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t26a.jpg      $125.00

  MI34 Two trays of old style augers, thekind designed for

       braceslike MI33; out of an old tool chest, each fit

       in itsown spot, a good variety of styles and sizes,

       they arepredominately center bits; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t26.jpg       $155.00

  MI35 Clean Record A151R adjustablespoke shave; barely

       used,with curved sole (front to back), it only

       needs ahoning to be put back to work; the 2” wide

       cutter isa snap to set with the two captive nuts;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t27.jpg       $35.00

  MI36 Pair of Marples miter templates;rarely found as a

       matchingpair, one for outside paring, the other for

       insideparing; 6” long, most plating remains, ready

       to use;right two:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t27.jpg       $80.00

  MI37 Matching set of barely used BuckBrothers carving chisels;

       right outof a patternmaker’s chest, always together,

       a goodvariety of shapes, and from the 1930’s; sixteen

       in total,as clean as the come, good variety of shapes

       forgeneral carving, longest measures 11”, shortest

       is 8 1/2”; each with original handles, they areextra

       finequality, nearly all patternmaker in New England

       used BuckBrothers edge tools in their work:



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t29b.jpg      $375.00

  MI38 Smaller ball peen hammer by Atha;great quality, it’s

       a companythat Stanley ultimately bought out; original

       handle, head is 2 1/2" long, itwas used, but never


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t30.jpg       $15.00

  MI39 Jet black ebony handle try squareby an odd maker (or

      supplier), J.Tinkler of Jarrow; is extra clean shape,

       barelyused, 9” blued blade, no owner marks, and of

       RobertMarples quality, it’s a lovely tool for use

       orcollecting; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t30.jpg       $75.00

  MI40 A.A.Woods adjustable hollow auger;the best tool for

       turninground tenons on rectangular stock (after using

       MI20), it’sself-regulating adjustment mechanism can

       workdiameters 1/4" to 1 1/4"; original stop, most

      japanning, still with lots of life left in it; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t31.jpg       $80.00

  MI41 Three screw pitch gauges; anearlier B&S, with patent

       date,No.632, a Union Caliper of Fitchburg (an uncommon

       maker),and a later B&S No.633, this one shows some

       slightpitting; each is in sound worker shape, a quick

       lookreveals no missing teeth; middle three:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t31.jpg       $30.00

  MI42 Earlier hacksaw; of similarconstruction as Lancashire

       patternexamples, but sans the design of those, this

       soundexample has a nice wing nut to tension the 6”

       longblade; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t32.jpg       $45.00

  MI43 Worker PEXTO drawknife; alightweight example that was

       favoredby patternmakers, modelmakers, and similar

       tradesthat needed a finer tool; 4” cutting edge, the

       originalblack handles have been painted green, fine

       quality,and by a firm know for its edge tools;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t32.jpg       $40.00

  MI44 Preston nickel plated rabbet; identicalto the common

       japannedrabbet planes, but for the scarcer finish,

       this onehas all original parts and no damage; 50%

       plating,3 3/4” long with a 1 1/8” wide iron, it’s

       perfect mouthis almost as difficult to find as the

       finishis; an excellent worker; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t33.jpg       $115.00

  MI45 Record No.04 1/2SS oversized smoothingplane; Record’s

       premiumline of planes, with the Stay Set iron, you

       don’tneed to removed the cap iron to hone the cutting

       iron viaan removable portion of the ingenious two-part

       cap iron;all original parts, including the repaired

       rosewoodtote, this plane has a bit more mass than the

       standardRecord and Stanley models, it will benefit

       from aquick cleaning and will prove to be an excellent


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t34.jpg       $125.00

  MI46 Record No.04SS smoothing plane;with the same features

       as theprevious, in little used shape, with no damage,

       and afine working example of a smoothing plane that

       is evenbetter than the Stanley’s of the same era;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t34.jpg       $95.00

  MI47 Marples No.4 smoothing plane; afine quality worker,

       with afit and finish as good as any contemporary

       Stanleyproduct (from the 1930’s); unique red finish,

       rosewoodknob and tote, and in little used condition;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t35.jpg       $65.00

  MI48 Marples equivalent of the Record043, this their model

       number40; identical in all regards to the ever popular

       smallRecord grooving plane, same cutter set (1/8”, 3/16”,

       and1/4"), this one saw very little use and remains in

       itsoriginal tattered box; a perfect worker for a bit

       lessdinero than the Record; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t35.jpg       $95.00

  MI49 Ohio Tool Co. No.015 block plane;with its original

       tatteredbox (entirely restorable), this one saw very

       little useand has all original parts; most of the

       labelremains, Ohio Tool stuff is not easy to find in

       itsoriginal packaging; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t36.jpg       $135.00

  MI50 Ohio Tool Co. No.04 1/2C oversizedsmoothing plane;

       in soundshape, with all original parts, including

       theundersized tote, the iron is stamped with Patent

       AppliedFor; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t37.jpg       $125.00

  MI51 Millers Falls No.1198 drill; ahigher end brace, with

       smootheraction than the popular No.2 and No.5 models,

       it has aratcheting crank for working into tighter

       areas; infine working shape, and ready to use; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t38.jpg       $85.00

  MI52 Rare folding rule that has thepatented feature of

       allowingit to function as a try square; stamped “The

       HandyRule & Try Square” and the June 9th, 1891 date,

       it’sreally a simply design where an arm engages one

       of twoholes to fix it at 95 or 45 degrees; fit on a

       Stephens rule, it’s in soundshape, with no damage,

       justexpected wear from use; it’s patent No.453,890

       if youwant to read about it; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t38.jpg       $685.00

  MI53 Beefy user-made level with lots ofbrass plating;

       two feetlong, the bottom, ends, and a good portion

       of thetop are protected with heavy gauge brass, the

       two plumbvials and level vial are also plated with

      bullet-proof brass plating, glass covers the vials;

       stocklooks to be walnut or a light colored mahogany,

       two glasscovers are missing as are a couple screws

       for theplates, the thing has a lot of mass, it’s a

       rathershowy effort; top:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t39a.jpg      $285.00

  MI54 Extra clean, and 100% alloriginal, cast Norris No.25

       bull noserabbet plane; clearly stamped with the model

       numberand name on the nose, the Norris name is also

       stampedin the mushroom end iron; crisp edges, all

       finish onthe rosewood, no owner marks, the strike

       button atthe heel was struck once or twice, no bang

       marks onthe wood, this one is as nice as they come,

       notingjust a few small areas of mottling (hate to

       call itpitting as that makes it sound worse than it

       is) fromsitting idle; bottom left:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t39b.jpg      $485.00

  MI55 Yankee No.51 automatic drill; innew condition, with

       fullcompliment of eight drill points stored in the

       handle’smagazine, and with the original box; made

       by NorthBros., prior to Stanley’s buyout of that

       firm,this is a great tool for finer drilling of

       smallholes, you push it down, it drills, and then

       springsback; bottom right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t39.jpg       $50.00

  MI56 Clean 6” (cutting edge length)drawknife by PEXTO;

       stillwith most of the original polish, tight handles,

       and an uncommonlength for finer work, this is a

       superquality tool, that only needs a honing to be

       put backto work; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t40.jpg       $65.00

  MI57 Coachmaker’s brass plated groovingplane; a very well

       madeContinental tool, 10” long, extra long snecked

       wedge andiron, all original, no damage, it’s a tool

       classicwith great lines; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t40a.jpg      $355.00

  MI58 Clean, and carefully used, NorrisNo. 51 parallel side

       smoothingplane; never abused, altered, and mucked with,

       itretains nearly all the deep maroon finish and has

       itsoriginal 2 1/4” Norris-marked iron and cap iron;

       mahoganytote is free of damage, an owner stamped his

       name inthat; no pitting, loads of mass, and a fine

       workingquality plane that’s nicer than the common as




        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t43b.jpg      $655.00

  MI59 Odd Glass Developments 12”adjustable level; with four

      countersunk adjustment screws, two each for the level

       and plumbvials, this company wanted to make sure your

       woodenlevel is as accurate as a wooden level can be;

       all original,with a dry finish; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t44.jpg       $125.00

  MI60 Clean and sharp 6” brass back openhandle saw; no

       maker’smark, it’s a quality Sheffield-made tool

       that hasno defects and is ready to use out of the

       box; agreat tool for finer work, 14tpo; bottom left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t44.jpg       $85.00

  MI61 Small cast brass router withturned brass knobs; just

       31/2" long, with a 1/4" wide cutter; never abused or

       polished,well made, and a fine worker; bottom right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t44.jpg       $65.00

  MI62 Four nice London pattern boxwoodhandle paring chisels;

       each byMarples, with extra long blades; a 1/4” with a

       crackedferrule, 13” long; a 5/8”, heel of handle

       chipped,14 1/2" long; a 1”, 15 1/2" long; and a 1 1/2",

       nearly17” long; good patina to the boxwood, these are

       oldhandles, fine quality, and fine workers; left four:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t45.jpg       $165.00

  MI63 1 1/2" wide Henry Taylorgouge; looks to be a No.4,

       it mayhave been used once, and is free of rust, it

       has acracked ferrule; second from right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t45.jpg       $45.00

  MI64 Another wide Henry Taylor gouge,this 1 3/8” No.5; in

       similarcondition, with some dried cosmolene, both are

       finequality UK carvers; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t45.jpg       $45.00

  MI65 Irish pattern low angle skewedblock plane; low pitch

       to theiron, with the slight skew, suit this one well

       forshooting end grain; 8” long, with a 2” wide iron,

       no cracksor chips about the mouth, original red finish,

       wedge looksto be mahogany; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t46.jpg       $135.00

  MI66 Graphic French brace; made ofcormier, and designed

       to beused with a breast plate, it was commonly used

       bychairmakers; free of any damage, it saw little use

       as thepoint that engages the breast plate shows no

       realwear; no bit, it takes a flattened tang variety;

       goodpatina, it has crisp edges above and below the


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t46.jpg       $155.00

  MI67 Unused Goldenberg polished singleiron; a quality

       Frenchmake, it has the eye logo; looks to be new

       oldstock, a hair shy of 2” wide, slight skew, it

       waslikely ground to be used in a fillister; second


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t47.jpg       $25.00

  MI68 Peugeot 1 1/2" toothing iron;with elephant logo,

       littleused, loads of life left in it, fine quality,

       andperfect for those who wish to make their own

       tootingplane; second from right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t47.jpg       $30.00

  MI69 Another Peugeot iron; 1 3/16”width, polished, unused,

       andfinest quality; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t47.jpg       $25.00

  MI70 Good quality hand vise withoriginal turned ebonized

       hardwoodhandle; nearly 8” long, in barely used shape,

       the 11/8” long jaws are spring loaded, opening when

       the thumbscrew is slackened; ready to use out of the

       box; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t48.jpg       $55.00

  MI71 Nicely turned gunsmith’s wrench;with wild turning, 5”

       long, andwith most original finish, it’s pretty little

       thing;wood is some exotic, possibly rosewood; some

       minorchips in the ring at the widest diameter; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t48.jpg       $85.00

  MI72 Another gunsmith’s wrench, this adogleg example with

       an ebonyhandle; 6” long, oval flats on the handle to

       keep itfrom rolling about, minor tarnish; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t48.jpg       $75.00

  MI73 Eagle sliding bevel with 12” longblade; works like the

       Stanley#18 by turning a thumb screw at the butt; in

       soundworker shape, a few areas of localized pit spots,

       and agood size for general work; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t49.jpg       $40.00

  MI74 Quality gimlet with turned darkrosewood grip; 7” long,

       1/4"diameter, the lead screw is in fine shape; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t49.jpg       $40.00

  MI75 J.Anderson’s patented adjustablecenter bit; designed

       toreplace the seemingly infinite number diameters of

       theclassic bit (I have an unused set of roughly 50!),

       this onefailed to replace those as it was more time

       consumingto set its diameter than just to grab the

       properone from your set; in typical center bit shape,

       with some minor pitting; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t49.jpg       $40.00

  MI76 Addis&Sons #16 1 1/4"curved gouge; barely used, no

       pitting,and ready for a honing and a handle; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t50.jpg       $45.00

  MI77 Another Addis&Sons carver,this a #19 1 1/4" curved

       gouge; camewith previous, and ins same shape; second


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t50.jpg       $45.00

  MI78 Three more carvers, which camewith the previous, one

       an 11/16” #27 front bent gouge, theother two similar

       vintageHenry Taylor’s, a 3/4" #21 entering chisel, the

       other a3/8” #23 left corner entering chisel; in fine

       shape,good quality; right three:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t50.jpg       $75.00

  MI79 Circular twist drill holder by theCleveland Twist

       DrillCo.; made of maple, 7” diameter, no damage, and

       wants aclean; holds from 1/16” to 1/2" diameters in

       1/32”increments; don’t go mad trying to find twist

       drillsloose in a box, buy this for sanity’s sake;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t51.jpg       $45.00

  MI80 L.S.Starrett surface gauge withvernier adjusters; 7”

       tall, insound shape, looks to be pre-WWI, an owner

       neatlyetched his name on the base; left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t52.jpg       $75.00

  MI81 Different adjustable bench stop;one I can’t recall

       seeingbefore, this simple design uses a screw driver

       toraise/lower the dog, which is ‘grooved’ to fit over

       the maincasting; as found, in sound shape, 3 1/4"

       long,it’s morticed flush into the bench’s surface;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t52.jpg        $45.00

  MI82 The Buckeye foot-operated saw set;one of the more

       complexattempts at saw doctoring, this one actually

       requiresa tapping foot to slam the hammer onto the

       anvil;rarely found with the foot casting and chain,

       it is missingthe leaf spring, which is a no-brainer

       toreplace with a strip of spring steel; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t53.jpg       $135.00

  MI83 Carpenter’s or stonemason’s squarewith graphic cutouts

       for theplumb bob; so many of these are of modern or

       dodgyorigin, this is the real deal; three cutouts for

       the bob,it has the additional decorative feature of

       verticalsection rising from the hypotenuse, two ogees

       flank thecutout for the plumb bob; never cleaned,

       stillwith the grime and scale of time clinging to it,

       the legsforming the right angle are 13” long; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t54.jpg       $285.00

  MI84 Well made 18” long carriagewrench; English origin,

       andpatented, it must have been hand assembled as there

       arematching part numbers on the jaws and large thumb

       screw;very well made, something that often can’t be

       saidabout UK wrenches (spanners), if it didn’t have

       a UK Reg.number on it, you’d swear it’s American made;

       you canalso use this rugged tool as a crandall hammer

       to prepare granite for mortar; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t54.jpg       $265.00

  MI85 Clean and complete (save for onescrew) Record holdfast;

       theusually long lost flange and collar are present, the

       missingscrew is a simple replacement; never used, the

       shank is12” long; one time these were easy to find,

       but notanymore; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t55.jpg       $65.00

  MI86 Long turning chisel with rosewoodhandle; a 2” wide

       skew byRobt.Sorby, with the kangaroo logo; this came

       out of anolder patternmaker’s chisel, so it’s not a

       recentmake; 23” long, little used, some superficial

       rust thatwill easily clean; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t55.jpg       $55.00

  MI87 1 1/2" cranked bevel edgeparing chisel with boxwood

       Londonpattern handle; came with the previous item,

       nomaker’s mark, has a much more pronounced crank to

       it thanthe standard design, barely used, with some

      superficial rust; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t56.jpg       $85.00

  MI88 L.S.Starrett 12” combo square withall three original

       heads; apre-WWII example, in as new condition as they

       come fromthis era, all original, and a finer quality

       thanavailable new today; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t56.jpg       $85.00

  MI89 Pair of steel calipers formounting on a wooden beam;

       from thesame patternmaker’s chest as MI85, very well

       made, thethumb screws have a brass bearing plate to

       clamp tothe beam; about 10” long, he used them very


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t56.jpg       $90.00

  MI90 Record 077A adjustable bull noserabbet plane with

       removablenose for doing stopped work; also with the

       originalshim, for opening the mouth when doing

       coarserwork, this one is free of any damage and saw

       verylittle use, it still has the dried protective

       coating onit; 4” long, 1 1/8” wide, and with the

       tattyoriginal box tossed in for free; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t57.jpg       $115.00

  MI91 Six Marples carving chisel; thisstarter set is

       identicalto countless other maker’s sets offered in

       the US,UK, and elsewhere; variety of shape, with

       mahoganyhandles, some spotty tarnish, good quality;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t57.jpg       $55.00

  MI92 1/2" long bevel edge paringchisel; likely by Marples,

       I can’tmake out the entire name; little used, edge

       needs agrinding, some tarnish toward that, over 13”


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t57.jpg       $35.00

  MI93 Fine complete and matching set ofRussell Jennings

       augerswith their original wrapping and in their

       originalthree section box; the best augers for boring

       clean andaccurate holes in hardwood, the lead screws

       pull theauger into the work without your having to

       bear downon them heavily; made prior to Stanley buying

       the firm,pre-WWII manufacture, it would be difficult

       to find anicer set; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t58.jpg       $225.00

  MI94 Group of four mahogany gauges;from the same pattern-

       maker’schest as previous, there’s a slitting guage,

       twograsshopper gauges, and what looks to be a depth

       gauge; insound shape, some minor chips, one gauge is

       missingits scribe:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t59.jpg       $55.00

  MI95 Seven barely used C.E.Jenningsbevel edge socket chisels

       in theoriginal hinged wooden box; made by Merrill &

       Wilder, intheir Hinsdale, NH plant, Jennings bought

       out highquality toolmakers and then rebranded them

       withtheir name; of the finest quality, though most of

       you havenever heard of them, each was tested by whacking

       them witha mallet into hardwood, not too many makers

       (past andpresent) can make that claim; seven of the
      original twelve, some original handles remain, widths

       of 1/8”,5/8”, 3/4", 7/8”, 1”, 1 1/2", 1 3/4", and 2”,

       severaldifficult widths to find; a few were used more

       than theothers; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t60.jpg       $195.00

  MI96 Millers Falls No.3 carving set inthe original hinged

       woodenbox; the company’s best carving set, they snap

       intoclips for storing; twelve in total with rosewood

       handles,all are original to the set including the

       one withstained hardwood, MF simply ran out of one

       size andsubstituted that (many companies did similar

       backthen); only one saw any real use, they are in

       fineshape, the average length is 8”; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t60.jpg       $195.00

  MI97 12” long brass plated jarvis withdouble iron; as

       nicelymade as they come, and in little used shape,

       this isone of the copper’s finest tools that can

       also beused by other trades for general rounding

       such as handrails, handles, spokes, etc.; 2” wide

       iron;owner marks, with a hang hole not drilled

      completely through; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t68.jpg       $95.00

  MI98 The widest contour template I’veever seen, this a

      French-made example that can register 12” of profile;

       in theoriginal box, and in fine worker shape, the

      instructions are in French, so you’ll need to be a

       cultured tool-o-phile to decipher those; inthe

       originalhinged wooden box, this thing is ideal for

       a seriousrestorer of things in wood or plaster:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t69.jpg       $290.00

  MI99 ‘ello, gov’nor, wot’s this, then;here’s a boxed and

       littleused Governor brand plough plane; a rather

       unsightlything, perhaps favored by folks who

      appreciate the earthy taste of Marmite and what live

       inCheapside, the plane looks to have been inspired

       by a #46combination plane, sans the decoration and

       sleeklines; complete, with eight cutters, it’s all

       there,including the original box; ‘avin a wee giraffe

       with thisone:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t70.jpg       $115.00

  MI110 Clean Plumb Champion Axe with theembossed wood

       chopper; made by a firm know for quality axes, this

        istheir top of the line brand, the embossing is

       strong; little used, with the original handle,

       some easily cleanable surface rust, the blokes down

       under, for some reason, love these embossed axes,

       some day I should aks them why; one just sold at an

       online sight for considerably more; left:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t71a.jpg      $185.00

  MI111 Collins/Legitimus smaller axe; insound shape, with

       protective leather sheath, some minor mushrooming

        andchipping on the flat of the head, the fawn’s

       foot handle looks original, it’s a nice length of

       25”; fine quality, Collins was one of the last American

        axeproducers, sending their goods all over the world,

       particularly South American, where lots of rainforests

       needed destroying; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t71.jpg       $85.00

  MI112 Hand-Made drop forged side axe;the axe to use for

       general shaping work, it’s beveled on one face with

        theother flat; fine quality, original handle has the

       common tightening treatment of nails pounded into the

        endgrain; only needs a honing, a clean bevel was

        recently ground, the back was polished abit; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t71.jpg       $50.00

  MI113 Extra large Lancashire patternhacksaw; as large an

       example as I’ve offered, it’s nearly 23” long; made

        byFisher&Co./Sheffield, it carries the UK military

       arrow, it likely dates to ca.WWI; in fine shape, it’s

        waytoo large to bake into a cake (to spring lover

        boyfrom the hoosegow) unless you’re one of those

       Irish travelers what fancy oversized cakes; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t73.jpg       $145.00

  MI114 Graphic European eel spear; a verywell made tool

       that has five tangs seriously barbed for real

       gripping power; usual surface rust, 17” long, and

        notsomething I’d enjoy have thrust into my body;

        Ihave several others, of various shapes, so if

        you’reinto these things, drop me a line; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t73.jpg       $190.00

  MI115 Clean boxwood 8” combination ruleand level; made

        byEmpire, in nearly new condition, no damage, and

        farless common than the 6” and 12” examples; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t74.jpg       $75.00

  MI116 Purfling tool made by Preston(not marked, but un-

       mistakable as theirs) for C.Pool of Notthingham;

       used to cut the boundaries for the perfling, it’s

        infine shape, barely used, and ready to go; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t74.jpg       $135.00

  MI117 Machinist’s 4 1/2" markinggauge; a nicely made tool

        bysome forgotten tradesman, the beam is graduated,

        thefence secured with a metal wedge; plenty of life

       left in it; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t74.jpg       $65.00

  MI118 Goodell-Pratt 10 1/2” longeggbeater drill; rosewood

       grip and handle, the latter unscrews to store the

       drills within (there are three in there); three jaw

       chuck, very well made, a drop of oil will stop it

       from sounding like your old Zebco spincast reel of

       your youth; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t75.jpg       $35.00

  MI119 Preston double side rabbet; theold style model, what

       eventually morphed into what MI8 is, this one has

       much more elegance than that later model, it also is

        abit larger; no damage, all original parts, 75%

       nickel plating, it has the use-it-whenever-and-wherever

       vernier adjustment screws to fine set the irons;

        51/2" long, the nose piece can be removed to do

       stopped work; bottom left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t75.jpg       $275.00

  MI120 Different twist handle wrenchwith extra pair of jaw

        setat 90 degrees from the standard jaws; manufactured,

        Ican’t make out the maker’s rectangular stamp, it’s

        9”long; in usual wrench shape, showing bangs and

       dings, it operates smoothly; I’m not a wrench nut,

        Ihave seen a fair number of different ones, this is

        oneI can’t recall seeing before; bottom right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t75.jpg       $135.00

  MI121 Long framing chisel by New HavenEdge Tool; 2” width,

        themetal portion measures 12 1/2"; great quality,

       though you have never heard of the maker, this one

        hasa laminated steel construction; backside in

       nearly covered with fresh reddish surface rust that

       will easily clean; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t76.jpg       $55.00

  MI122 Worker corner chisel; 7/8”, it’s in need of a real

       clean and a regrinding; some pitting, I don’t believe

       it’s terminal, it has an old steel hooped handle;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t76.jpg       $30.00

  MI123 Fine brass back dovetail saw inan even finer walnut

       sheath that fits it like a glove; sharp enough to use

        outof the box (and sheath), it’s a ca.1875 Sheffield

        made example by F.Brittain, there isetching remnants

        ofa Bristol ironmonger; open handle is perfectly

       shaped to fit the hand, it has a no-harm small chip

        onthe bottom forward horn; the sheath has a crisply

        chamfered‘spine’; not your usual saw only worth

       painting saw; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t76.jpg       $135.00

  MI124 Little used lignum vitae carver’smallet; still with

       some original wax remnants, turned beech handle, it’s

       free of the many usual checks found on this tool, it

        hasone no-harm and long stable check, such is the

       nature of lignum; ready to use; top right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t77.jpg       $50.00

  MI125 Large copper glue pot; with itsoriginal copper

       insert, both have their bail; a master pot, from

       which other pots were filled, it’s 7” tall; I haven’t

       filled it with water to check for leaks, if there are

        anya drop of solder will solve that; one ear missing,

       with a wire repair, far less common than the cast iron

        pots, it holds about a quart’s worth ofstinky gloppy


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t78.jpg       $115.00

  MI126 Cast iron glue post; originalinsert, both with bails,

       it’s the standard design used on both sides of the

       Atlantic; in typical condition, in need of a clean

       after sitting idle for decades, these glue pots make

       great double boilers for fondue or melting chocolate,

        allin a workshop setting, of course; 4” tall, holds

        abouta “poynt” (how pint’s pronounced in Ireland);


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t78.jpg       $75.00

  MI127 Rare glue ladle; made of copper,with a turned wooden

       handle, this was used to drip precisely glue into

       narrow/confined joints, typically tongue and groove

       joints; nicely cleaned, in fine shape, it might also

       find practical use in the kitchen to catch those

        nastybay leaves in your ragu; not a common tool at

       all; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t78.jpg       $95.00

  MI128 Good hollowing shave byP.W.Walker&Co. Burton (a

       bleak city, only saved by being the brewing epicenter

        ofBlighty); little used, and perfectly suited for

       general hollowing work, coopers pushed them to smooth

        theinsides of barrels; 1 3/4" wide single iron, one

        handledrilled with a hang hole, it’s not in the

       usual beer barrel beat to death condition; top right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t79.jpg       $95.00

  MI129 Uncommon Rapier #4 1/2 smoothingplane; with all

       original parts, and in little used shape, it’s a fine

       quality plane that hales from deepest darkest Norfolk,

       England; fit with hard rubber knob and tote, good

       amount of mass, Rapier tried to compete with Record,

        butobviously came up short in the tool grudge match;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t81.jpg       $110.00

  MI130 6” long pair of dividers withnicely detailed legs;

       beefy, all original, and ready to use, they are of

        aquality that could only be made nearly 200 years

       ago; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t81a.jpg       $55.00

  MI131 Ceremonial axe with decorativecast brass head; turned

       handle accents the head, it’s 23” long, good mass to

        it,looks to be ca.WWI, “made in England” lightly cast

       into it; this doesn’t look to be some cheap souvenir

       sold at the Tower of London; top:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t82a.jpg      $125.00

  MI132 Fine Harvey Peace Brooklyn, NYbacksaw with open

       handle; stamped VULCAN, and with the are and hammer

        logo,this a great example of Peace’s best work;

       nicely detailed handle is secured with split nut

       screws, the saw is in a fine state of preservation,

       never abused or altered; tiny chip on one horn, a

       previous owner proudly stamped his initials in the

       wood, no pitting, the blade is 10” long; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t82a.jpg      $285.00

  MI133 Decorative matching plumb bob setin a hinged wooden

       case; with bovine influence throughout, each 7” long

       plumb bob has a cow’s head on it, the folding brass

        holder also has a cow’s head,there’s even another

       cow’s head on the exterior of the box; both with

       spools, an internal brass plaque states “BULL FARM

       CIVIL ENGINEERS”; all this seems too good to be true,

        andbullshite aside, this matching set, although

       very well made, is roughly 20 years old, made by a

       clever Englishman who has now taken residence in tool

       heaven (likely at the back forty); this is one of his

       best efforts, most of his work is sold by sneaky tool

       sharks as old, it’s now very collectible; and while

       there likely was never a Bull Farm Engineering Co.,

       these plumb bobs can find practical use on the farm

        to getcows plumb after a rowdy night on the drink

       followed by cow tipping, they may even help you get

       vertical the next morning; a lot of work was put into

       these, they are quite nice; top:



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t83b.jpg      $485.00

  MI134 Unused Record 080 scraper; stillin the plastic

       wrapper, all parts are present, the original box is

       tossed in for free, this simplest of scrapers is one

        ofthe most useful in the shop for all sorts of

       applications; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t83.jpg       $45.00

  MI135 Uncommon multi-tool for slateroofing; with a hammer,

       snips, and punch, this tool was designed to make that

       rugged job easier, it failed to make obsolete the

       tried and true many tools that trade used; in fine

       shape, as found, good leaf spring, 14” long, it’s

        amanufactured tool that no one wanted to claim as

       it’s free of any identifying marks; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t84.jpg       $155.00

  MI136 Group of AMT screw boxes, taps,and pointer; 1/2",

       3/4", and 1”, they look to be unused; AMT lovers

       stay awake at night dreaming of such uncommon tools

        bythis firm, here’s your chance to become the

       world’s largest collector of AMT stuff:

         http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t85.jpg       $75.00

  MI137 Pair of extra long windingsticks; from the same

       patternmaker’s chest as noted on tools previously

        listed,this fine working pair is much longer than

       what’s typically found; two feet long, no hang holes,

        andperfectly suited for flattening wider boards;

       left two:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t88.jpg       $75.00

  MI138 Shapely Preston coachmaker’srouter; stamped with the

       “EP” logon in the wood, these were normally sold in

       right and left hand pairs, this one is in fine shape,

        notinga replaced wedge; this can rout a 3/16” groove

       along any straight/curved edge; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t88.jpg       $85.00

  MI139 Davis Patent smoothing plane;antique tool lovers are

       well familiar with this company’s ornate cast iron

       levels and braces, but the iron planes are seen few

        andfar between; this is a plane that never should

       have been made as its merits are adjacent to nil,

        andthe design is fraught with weaknesses that render

        ituseless after any real use; a pity that a company

       that mastered inclinometers could offer such a weak

       entry in the plane race, but there you are; this

       example has all original parts, including the front

       knob that has a flat cut at the top, likely so that

        theoriginal owner could get his fingers onto the

       clamping screw just behind it; a reproduction knob

        ison the plane, that can easily be removed for the

       original; there is no chips/cracks at the mouth,

       something quite uncommon as this a very weak spot;

        the‘bridge’ of the main casting does exhibit a

        partialcrack, just below the thumb screw, not above

        it,the fatal design flaw that doomed the plane;

       some gold remnants at the base of the ‘frog’, the

       plane has never been cleaned, it’s still a very

       respectable example that is much nicer than the few

       examples that show up now and then:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t90.jpg       $985.00

  MI140 Scarce Ohio Tool 012 scraper;only embossed with the

       “012”, Ohio Tool did a decent job on this one by

       offering a beefier rosewood handle; in sound worker

       shape, the blade is a replacement by Atkins; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t91.jpg       $85.00

  MI141 Part for a plated brace, thelignum head; I earlier

       sold the bottom part of this tool, I can’t recall

        whobought it, the head is waiting to replace a

       damaged one; a solid example, a couple of minor and

       stable checks; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t91.jpg       $20.00

  MI142 Washer cutter for a common brace;used for cutting

        disks in leather, etc. the two adjustablepoints can

       work up to 3 1/2" diameter; in sound worker shape,

       it’s manufactured, but I don’t know by whom; top


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t92.jpg       $20.00

  MI143 Good 1896 French tool catalogue;I won’t try to

       translate any of this, as I fumble at “murky bow cups”

        and“parsley views french fries”; there are 50 pages

       loaded with all sorts of tools, concentrating on

       rabots; in fine shape, small hole in the cover, 7”

        by10 1/2", you can convert those dimensions to metric,

        ifyou wish; a great period reference, et un catalogue

        très agréable; right:




        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t92c.jpg      $190.00

  MI144 Different cast iron low angleblock plane; a nicely

       made example that uses a cast iron wedge to secure

        theiron, this was likely some apprentice’s piece;

        41/2" long, minor roughness at back of mouth,

       some remnants of original red finish; bottom left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t92.jpg       $55.00

  MI145 Clean and matching set of Irwinpattern augers; in

        theoriginal hinged wooden box, little used, diameters

        of1/4" to 1”, Irwin’s are the best choice for

       general and rough boring work; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t94.jpg       $90.00

  MI146 Good curved/gutter adze byBrades, a premium edgetool

       maker from England; extra clean, only in need of a

       honing and handle, it’s 12” long and 3 1/4" across

        thecurvature; has a good ring to it when thumbed

       with your knuckles; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t94.jpg       $85.00

  MI147 Good double sided planemaker’sfloat; with coarse

        andfiner teeth, this one will do most of the work

        truingodd shape mortices, etc.; Sheffield made by

       Spencer, full original length and in sound worker

       shape, it’s a very nice example of a specialized

       tool that doesn’t appear too often; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t95.jpg       $110.00

  MI148 Different patented cast iron AllWay saw with its

       original blade; made by the Ultra Mfg. Co. of New

       York City, this odd thing has three positions in

       which the blade can be attached by engaging a cast

        lugand then snapping the blade in place; fresh out

        ofa basement; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t95.jpg       $35.00

  MI149 Fine and nearly new condition 4”(edge length) draw-

       knife; well suited for detailed and smaller work,

        thehandles are riveted to the forged iron, this one

        sawbarely any use, it looks to be a Buck Brothers

       product from ca.WWI, there are no markings on it;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t95.jpg       $90.00

  MI150 Odd ratcheting screw driver inthe form of a brace;

       definitely a manufactured piece, I see no markings,

       there may be some that are revealed after it’s given

        aclean; looks to be 1920’s, 14” long, 4” sweep, I’ve

       never seen another like it; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t96.jpg       $155.00

  MI151 Bagshaw&Field/Philadelphiarosewood handle tool

       handle; with plated chuck that’s identical to those

       used on Sheffield-style plated braces, this as-found

       example holds a screw driver bit, one of several

       that originally came with it; a bit scuffed up, the

       chuck’s button won’t release the catch, it can be

        takenapart for an easy mend; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t96.jpg       $55.00

  MI152 Well made American rosewoodstuffed sliding bevel with

       brass body; I don’t know who made this one, but it

        hasto be manufactured due to its quality; as found,

        inneed of a clean, 12” blade, the screw at the pivot

       needs replacing as it’s too short; will restore to be

        avery nice looking tool; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t96.jpg       $90.00

  MI153 Extra long Bishop adjustable sawas patented by Fred.

       Wuest; the 18” long blade is as long as they come for

       this very useful saw that allows the blade to be

       raised/lowered within a steel frame that acts as a

       depth stop; perfect for cutting long tenon shoulders,

       like on the lock rail of a door, the blade is sharpened

        onthree sides, each with a different tooth pattern so

        itcan do rip and crosscut work; as-found, in need of

        aclean, some minor localized pitting, nothing that

       prevents it from being a worker, it’s a very under-

       appreciated saw design that surprises many who use it

        dueto its versatility; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t98.jpg       $110.00

  MI154 An instant boring set comprisingof a later model

       Stanley #923 brace (10” sweep), and set of Irwin

       augers, and adjustable bit, and several countersink

        andscrew driver bids, all housed in one of the most

       hideous boxes every constructed by mankind (but

       entirely functional); dating from the 1960’s, and

        insound worker shape, this one will serve all your

       rugged boring tasks that fill your otherwise mundane



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t99a.jpg      $135.00

  MI155 Early iron frame brace withsubtle turned detail on

        thegrip; as found, right out of a dirty basement

        and in need of a clean, it has a largethumb screw

        tosecure the bit; 13” sweep, good details from the

       grip to the transition of octagonal cross-section;

       large turned wooden head has two holes bored in it

        forwho knows what reason; a beefy brace; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t102.jpg       $55.00

  MI156 Spofford iron brace; made byFray, and stamped with

        thepatent date, this indestructible braces is one

        ofthe most versatile of all braces, anything that

        canbe pinched in the chuck will be firmly held in

       place; no damage, usual iron brace condition; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t102.jpg       $35.00

  MI157 Large froe; with a 14” longblade, and in much nicer

       than usual froe shape, this handy tool cleaves wood

       blanks from the stump, following the grain, resulting

        instronger objects made from the blanks; good age

        toit, with a strong handle; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t102.jpg       $55.00

  MI158 Extra clean, 100% complete, andbarely used Millers

       Falls No. 21 bench mounted drill press; with its

       original reversible table, for standard boring or

        usewith the vise, this 30” long tool is Millers

       Falls most complex boring tool made; some drill marks

        inthe table, as would be expected, the main drive

       gear was drilled by the original owner, likely so

        hecould bore rocks, it can be used as is, or if you

       wish replaced with the same casting off a common as

        mudbreast drill; lots of cast iron with this great

        working tool; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t103.jpg      $265.00

  MI159 Graphic fireman’s axe; this is areal working one,

        nota decorative or parade axe, with its original

       extra long handle; wonderful curves and detail to

        thehead, this one was used, and shows a repair to

       most fragile portion of the axe, the slender area

       adjacent to the eye; an old weld as made there, that

        was never filed cleanly, somethingthat can be done

        tomake for a nearly invisible repair; seeing this

       beautiful tool beating at your door, smashing it to

       bits, might make you forget for a moment that your

       house is burning down; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t103a.jpg     $165.00

  MI160 Most unusual bookbinder’s rollwith 12 interchangeable

       rolls, many of which are quite elaborate; the handle

        ofthis one is electrified to heat the roll as the

       gold leaf is applied (there’s a tube of that); in what

       must be one of the earliest application of electricity

        toa tool, this thing has a 1930’s look to it, it’s

       obviously manufactured, though I see nothing to indicate

        bywhom; being sold as an artifact, and not to be used

        as intended, unless you wantto do your impersonation

        ofTed Bundy, notorious mass murderer who met his maker

       from 2000V of alternating current while comfortably

       seated in Ol’ Sparky in Florida’s big house; roughly

        22”long, and in fine shape, noting that the wiring’s

       insulation has long passed its warranty and shelf-life,

       just like Ted and Ol’ Sparky:



        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t104b.jpg     $585.00

  MI161 Large front bent spoon gouge; 15/8” wide, looks to

        bea No.25; no maker’s mark, it was likely fashioned

        bya patternamker long ago, it’s of fine worker

       quality, nicely fitted with turned wooden handle;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t105.jpg       $35.00

  MI162 Very unusual clamp withrattail-like thumb screw that

        hasa screw driver tip; definitely an 18th century

       forged tool, I haven’t a clue what the special purpose

       tool was made for, my only guess is gunsmithing; about

        5”long; as found, screw turns easily; middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t105.jpg       $65.00

  MI163 Unused Sloyd knife by Murphy ofAyer, MA; made just

       down the road from me, this general purpose shop

       knife has a 2 3/4” long blade, it’s popular for

       carving, whittling, and unlimited shop uses; fine

       American-made quality from a firm that’s managed

        tostay in business for over 100 years; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t105.jpg       $10.00

  MI164 Scarce Tucker’s 1859 patent ironframe brace; as found

        andin need of a clean, this simple brace uses a

       rotating eccentric cylinder in the chuck to capture

        thenotch in the bit; 10” sweep, the turned wooden

       head may be a very old replacement, it’s secured to

        theframe with a square nut; one of the many brace

       designs that managed to ring up abysmal sales; top:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t106a.jpg      $85.00

  MI165 Odd sliding bevel mounted on arosewood beam with

       decorative brass inlay; very well made, the 11” long

       steel blade is secured with two wing nuts; looks to

        bemanufactuared, but I see no maker’s mark; the

       brass end caps each have a hole bored in them, this

       must have mounted to something; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t108.jpg      $290.00

  MI166 Rare Dr.Bates Drain Clinometer;at first glance, this

       hinged thing looks like a user-made contraption, but

       that’s not the case as the good doctor, it was

       manufactured by W.H.Harling of London; 12 1/2" long,

        anadjusting screw is turned to lift the upper portion,

       reading degrees of inclination off a fixed brass

       scale; and internal spring lifs the upper half upward;

        infine shape, never cleaned or abused, like you need

       this thing to keep sh*t running downhill; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t108.jpg      $985.00

  MI167 Different dovetailed rabbet planewith rosewood

       stuffing that rises up to form a closed tote; a pretty

       thing, very well made, 9” long, 1 1/4" wide iron,

       tight mouth, owner marks stamped in the stuffing, the

       wedge is an old replacement; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t109.jpg      $365.00

  MI168 Wildly cast brass shoulder plane;owner-made, by R.

       Colecott, his name is cast into the rectangular flat

        oneach side; the background is mottled to give it a

       sorta upholstered look; stuffed with mahogany, never

       abused, loads of mass, 8” long, with a 1 1/4" snecked

       iron; likely unique; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t109.jpg      $590.00

  MI169 Small ebony pump drill withpivoting ebony handle

       that unscrews to store the points (three original

       included); manufactured, there’s a marking on the

       brass yoke, I can’t make it out; 7” long, fully

       operable, and even a cute tool the missus will like;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t110.jpg      $155.00

  MI170 Brass marking gauge withreversible fence for general

        andcurved marking; very well made, a brass lever

       pinches the arm to lock the head in place; never

       cleaned or abused; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t110.jpg      $110.00

  MI171 Good Lancashire pattern shoulderplane; one of the

       nicer ones I’ve owned, with great patina to the

       brass main casting and nicely polished mahogany

       handle; never altered or abused, no owner marks,

       these odd looking planes are designed to run on

        thetenon cheeks, with the skewed iron cleaning

        theshoulder; 9 1/2" long; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t111.jpg      $385.00

  MI172 Unique Slater rosewood and steelside rabbet; looking

       like the standard design made by countless craftsmen

        inthe UK, this one is clearly stamped with the Slater

        name,Meredith St. and Clerkenwell London location;

        inbarely used condition, no damage, and ready for a

       significant collection of fine tools; bottom:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t111a.jpg     $490.00

  MI173 Moulson try square with castbrass handle; another

       extremely rare tool, with a 3” long blade, it’s been

       cleaned, there are owner’s initials stamped in the

       handle; top left:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t112.jpg      $190.00

  MI174 Cast iron triangular level;patterned after the very

       rare Millers Falls version, this UK example is

       embossed “BRITISH MADE”; original vial, well made,

       there is no remaining finish; hypotenuse is 5 1/4"

       long; top middle:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t112.jpg      $185.00

  MI175 One-foot, four-fold ivory rule;only marked No.52,

       it’s in sound shape, with all alignment pins, no

       chips, cracks, or warpage, some discoloration of

        theivory at the joints, this is only visible on

       what you see and not on the inside; top right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t112.jpg      $125.00

  MI176 A.G.Thornton Manchester brassprecision level in its

       original hinged case; 5 1/4" long, the ends on this

        oneallow it to be used as a line level or as a

       standard level, thus the two cutouts on the tube;

       good patina, some minor dings, very well made;


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t112.jpg      $185.00

  MI177 Rare Preston No.1355 adjustablerabbet plane; as

       found, this one has its original adjustable fence

       that can be positioned on either side of the main

       casting; with a Record iron, and blue background

        inthe casting, this one likely was made right

       when Record bought out Preston and was selling all

        itsstock in process; in sound shape, noting the

       ever present corner chips at the bed, an owner

       lightly pricked his initials in it; one of the Holy

       Grails of Preston collecting:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t113a.jpg     $975.00

  MI178 Miniature presentation caulkingmallet made to

       celebrate the launching of the S.S.Geddington Court

        atNorthumberland Shipping Ltd. August 3, 1928; with

        allthe details engraved on the silver plated plaque,

       it’s made of mahogany, the head is just 8” long; the

        endof the handle has decorative carving to make the

        eyetake in the totality of the cute tool; in fine

       shape, it likely had two silver plated hoops at the

       faces, those have long disappeared; it’s not uncommon

        tofind commemorative mallets for buildings, but one

        fora ship’s launching is quite rare; top:


        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t114a.jpg     $385.00

  MI179 A unique roll ofHoltzappfel&Co. bits in their original

        leatherroll; so rare that even the world’s foremost

       expert in braces, Reg Eaton, is unaware of such an

       item, he’s never even seen a single bit with the mark;

        infine shape, barely used, two are missing, these are

        a musthave for a serious brace collector, especially

        onewho has a Scottish pattern brace that carries the

       same mark; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t114.jpg      $590.00

  MI180 Booklet, “Scotch and EnglishMetal Planes” by Ken

       Roberts; despite the errant title, perhaps influenced

        byMr.Roberts’ fondness of a dram or two of the uisce

       beatha, this long out of print book was the first

        attempt at cataloguing theoutput of Stewart Spiers

        andThomas Norris, the foremost metallic planemakers

       during the 19th and 20th centuries in England; 74

       pages, paperback, printed on Roberts’ beloved

       manila-colored paper, it’s in sound shape, and

       difficult to find as it wasn’t printed in great

       volume; right:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t116.jpg       $65.00

  MI181 Isaiah Robinson’s 1870 patentsliding bevel; identical

        tothe one I patterned my first reproduction bevel,

       this is an original; never cleaned or abused, 6” blade,

        infine shape, a marvel of Victorian design and inventive-

       ness, owner neatly stamped his initials, the patent date

        isclearly stamped; a great little example of a great

       little tool; top:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t115.jpg      $290.00

  MI182 Isaiah Robinson’s 1872 improvedpatent sliding bevel

       with sliding tab for quick setting 90 degrees to make

        itfunction as a double square; no, not an original,

        buta 100% true copy, as homage to the original, made

        byyours truly here at the tool bunker; exact down to

        thelast detail, the 9” long blade can be set to any

       angle desired and then quickly locked in place by

       turning the large thumb screw; a quantum leap in bevel

       design, and an engineering achievement for its time,

       loads of mass (weighs nearly one pound), it works as

       well as it looks; bottom:

        http://www.supertool.com/forsale/aug/t115.jpg      $295.00