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FT1 A fresh discovery to the world of #2 size planes, this
may be the earliest one yet, a Worrall's Patent of May
26, 1856; with a sole measuring 7 1/2" long, the cutter
1 5/8" wide, it meets the criteria for being a #2 size
plane; with the cast iron top that runs the length of
the wooden base, the patent specifies a clever way of
securing the cutter with a bolt that draws a cleat
attached on the back of the iron, this same mechanism
is used on the ECE adjustable wooden bench planes all
these years later; made by the Lowell Plane & Tool Co.,
the firm really cranked out all sorts of planes, many
of these in various lengths, this is the first #2 size
of which I'm aware, it was found locally, just some 25
miles from where it was made; in overall fine shape,
there is a notable flaw, a flaw that is commonly found
on the smoothing planes that have a projection integral
to the cast iron top - it snaps off from downward pre-
ssure applied on the tote; regular cast iron simply
cannot withstand the applied forces with nothing to
support it below, such is the case with this plane;
were it present, this plane would be pushing five
figures, but due to its uniqueness, it's certainly
worthy of a serious collection of #2 size planes; the
Stanley #2 is photographed along side of it to show
its scale, that plane is not included with the Worrall's:

http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/f5.jpg $985.00


ST1 #45 combination plane; a very clean ca.1945 example in a
good original box; used a few times, everything that went
into the box when is left Stanley is present, save for the
screw driver; all you need to do with this one is hone a
cutter and start taunting wood with it:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t1.jpg $255.00
ST2 #80 scraper; little used, still with instruction pamphlet,
earlier UK production, original box is tossed in for free,
it shows crumpling on one side; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t2.jpg $55.00
ST3 #71 router; 100% complete, with instructions and original
box, maybe used once or twice, and put away; earlier UK
production, some minor finish loss on one knob; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t3.jpg $160.00
ST4 #112 cabinet scraper; a worker that was rejapanned and with
a good replacement iron, the horn of the toe very slightly
tapered for a previous owner's comfort; clean, the cutter
can be sharpened and used as is; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t3.jpg $150.00
ST5 #20 circular plane; a worker 1920's production, with sweet-
heart iron, no damage, finish loss along rails, sole is
bright, it carries a Colin provenance tag; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t4.jpg $155.00
ST6 #10 jack rabbet; UK production in sound worker shape, the
iron can be honed and the plane used as is; a bit dusty,
no damage, the knob has a small flat work on one side;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t5.jpg $125.00
ST7 #40 scrub plane; last production with rosewood knob and
tote, it saw limited use and is in much nicer than usual
condition; owner stamped his initials in cheek and in the
tote, with larger letters, maybe he was worried that some-
one was going to steal the tote; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t9.jpg $80.00
ST8 #271 miniature router; a clean example with all three ori-
ginal parts, it can be honed and used as is; US made;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t19.jpg $60.00
ST9 #4 smoothing plane; made right after WWII, it has a thicker
than usual casting; looks to be unused, some superficial
rust on the cutter from sitting idle; a worker that's ideal
for those starting hand planing; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t20.jpg $90.00
ST10 #6 fore plane; a very clean ca.1950 worker, with all ori-
ginal parts, all it needs is a honing; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t22.jpg $115.00
ST11 #606C corrugated Bed Rock fore plane; square size model
with "STANLEY" lever cap, it's very dusty/dirty, but is
damage free; a sound worker awaits an application of elbow
grease; dates to early 1930's, bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t22.jpg $120.00
ST12 Five Hurwood pattern screw drivers; clean, most with the
steel inserts at end of wooden handles, four with black
finish, one with blue, lengths from 4" to 18 1/2"; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t25.jpg $75.00
ST13 #604C Bed Rock corrugated smoothing plane; ca.WWI model with
V-logo and "BED ROCK" lever cap; lightly cleaned, some no
harm mild pitting at the back right side wall, the cap iron
shows some of that as well; will make a sound worker;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t27.jpg $135.00
ST14 Pair of #750 bevel edge chisels with their original leather
tip handles; both as found and in need of a clean, they
will do so well to make sound workers; 3/8" (not stamped
with model number) and 1" that's stamped with number; right
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t31.jpg $55.00
ST15 #92 cabinetmaker's rabbet plane; earlier UK production,
used once or twice and them put back in the original box;
a very popular plane on both sides of the Atlantic, it
can be honed and used as is; top:
  http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t32.jpg $115.00
ST16 Pair of side wings for the #57 corebox plane; the standard
pair that are positioned outermost on the plane, they are
free of damage, and show general nickel loss; many #57
planes are missing these; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t32.jpg $115.00
ST17 #92 rosewood butt gauge; with nickel plated arm, an un-
common version, it's stamped with sweetheart logo and
model number; little used, owner initials in rosewood
fence; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t50.jpg $75.00
ST18 #90J bull nose rabbet; a handy plane for general work, UK
made, no damage, as found, normal finish loss; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t51.jpg $55.00
ST19 #23 transitional smoothing plane; a ca.WWI model with V logo,
it will match your growing "type 11" collection of one of
each; barely used, superficial rust on the iron, minor
stain on knob, it way too nice to burn; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t54.jpg $75.00
ST20 #118 low angle block plane; unused ca.1960 production, the
body is pressed steel which suits it well for rougher jobs,
it's equally at home doing finer work, it won't chip about
the mouth like cast planes of this style can do; tattered
remains of the original box are tossed in for free; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t54.jpg $55.00
ST21 Full set of hollow and round bottoms for the #45 combination
plane; as found, dirty from sitting, #6, #8, #10, and #12
pairs, the first two pairs have their irons, the second two
pairs do not, those are easy to find as they are the same
as those supplied with the #55; workers all, the #5 nosing
bottom, sans cutter and one screw, is tossed in for free:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t55.jpg $325.00
ST22 #45 combination plane for parts/restoration; a fairly clean
1930's example with half the original number of cutters in
the wooden sleeve, it's missing the long arms, cam rest,
beading stop, and the adjustable fence locking screw; some
minor storage rust, there's lots that can be done with this
one as is:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t56.jpg $110.00
ST23 #8 jointer; early 1900 production with two patent dates
embossed on the main casting, it predates the frog adjust-
ing screw; all original parts, as found, dirty, it will
clean to be a fine worker; nicely grained tote, the lever
cap was used as a screw driver, there's chipping to the
leading edge, that can be filed clean, the hole for the
fulcrum screw was enlarged at the bottom (for who knows
what reason), it holds the iron fine as is; a worker that
needs a bit of elbow grease; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t62.jpg $145.00
ST24 #66 beader; nickel plated model with both original fences
and a single cutter, the router; a fine worker, you can
make your own cutters or get them from modern makers of
the tool; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t64.jpg $85.00
ST25 #55 concave spoke shave; ideal for rounding and knocking off
sharp corners, the 2" cutter is ground concave across its
width; mid-1890's production, most japanning is MIA, a sound
worker; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t65.jpg $45.00
ST26 #3 smoothing plane; unused, post-WWII production with
heavier casting, it can be honed and used as is; sometime
it was mated with a later #3C box, which is tossed in for
free; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t67.jpg $110.00
ST27 #65 low angle block plane; earlier example with the standard
lever cap, it's ca.1915 production with all original parts;
as found, in need of a clean, it's identical to the popular
#60 1/2 but larger; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t67.jpg $60.00
ST28 #67 Universal spoke shave; complete, with fence, flat, and
curved soles, the handles can be positioned at a right angle
to each other; one of the most versatile shaves made, it can
rabbet (left or right), work curved edges, and do standard
work; minor finish loss, a worker; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t68.jpg $125.00
ST29 Pair of clean #25 rosewood sliding bevels; ready to use,
a 6" with sweetheart logo on blade, and an 8" from ca.
1950; simple to use, a brass nut with level locks the
blade in the desired position; bottom right two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t72.jpg $55.00
ST30 Matching set of Jennings pattern augers in the original
three section wooden box; the best pattern for hardwoods,
double thread, the lead screw pulls them into the wood
without your forcing them; diameters of 1/4" to 1" in 1/16"
increments, little used, made in Sheffield, England (after
Stanley halted production in the US), they saw limited
use; minor tarnish from sitting idle; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t75.jpg $190.00
ST31 #386 jointer gauge; complete, no damage, most plating, and
ready to mount on your larger bench plane to guide it for
making square and beveled edges; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t83.jpg $120.00
ST32 #93 rabbet; clean and little used UK model, free of damage,
it can be honed and used as is; this style is no longer in
production; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t83.jpg $125.00
ST33 #39 1/4" dado plane; narrowest of the series, earlier model
with embossing on right cheek; all original parts, no damage,
in sound worker shape; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t85.jpg $115.00
ST34 Same as previous, but 3/8" wide; WWI vintage with V-logo
stamped in lever cap screw, all original parts, a sound
worker; bottom middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t85.jpg $110.00
ST35 Same as previous, but 1/2"; another earlier model with
embossing on right cheek; in sound worker shape, the top-
most screw on a spur is a replacement; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t85.jpg $110.00
ST36 Type 11 #3 smoothing plane with Lie-Nielsen iron and en-
graved cheeks done by Catharine Kennedy; a clean worker
that still has shavings in the mouth, when your woodworking
mate boasts of his type 11 #3, you can lay this on on the
bench and leave him stammering lustfully; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t87b.jpg $190.00
ST37 #4 1/2 oversize smoothing plane; type 11 made ca.WWI, with
all original parts, and in nicer than usual cosmetic con-
dition; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t95.jpg $145.00
ST38 #4 1/2C corrugated oversize smoothing plane; caked with
sawdust from sitting in a working shop, early 1930's pro-
duction, no damage, sweetheart iron; a worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t95.jpg $130.00
ST39 #248A grooving plane; complete, with its seven cutters of
extra thickness, many today like this plane for general
grooving, it was originally offered to the weatherstripping
trade; clean and barely used, a fine worker; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t96.jpg $130.00
ST40 #59 doweling jig with a tin of pins to locate the center
of each hole in the mating board; clean, in an owner made
wooden box, all sleeves present (one in box, which isn't in
the photo), the tool can accept any piece of piping to work
custom diameters; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t96.jpg $40.00
ST41 #3 trammel points; the largest side of the bronze series,
this pair is the later production and shows practically no
signs of use; pencil clasp is with them, it tried to escape
when I snapped the photo; a fine working pair; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t96.jpg $75.00
ST42 Good worker group of three #40 Everlasting bevel edge chisels;
widths of 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4"; as found, in better than usual
as found condition, and nearly full length; left three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t97.jpg $110.00
ST43 #20 Everlasting 3/4" bevel edge chisel; a worker that saw
a fairly tough life, it has plenty of life left in it after
grinding an new edge, about 3/16" needs to be removed as
some numbnuts beveled it on the backside as well; a solid
worker will be the reward of your efforts; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t97.jpg $45.00
ST44 #20 Everlasting 1/8" bevel edge chisel; the narrowest of the
series, clean, only in need of a honing, an owner carved an
initial in the wood; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t97.jpg $70.00
ST45 #4 smoothing plane engraved by Catharine Kennedy and with
holly knob and toe; 1930's production, with a later Stanley
iron, it appears the casting was blued/aged, the engraving
detail is well done; a unique worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t102a.jpg $190.00
ST46 #77 doweling machine; a very clean and barely used example,
only some finish loss on the wooden handle, probably during
storage; with the standard 3/8" diameter head, perfect for
doweling 3/4" thick stock, these are great workers that make
stronger dowels than the junk you buy in the store:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t107a.jpg $335.00
ST47 Pair of cornering tools for working a radius on a sharp
edge; the #28 and #29, which work 1/16", 1/8", 3/8", and
1/4" diameters, each is in fine shape and not mis-filed
like so many are; if you've ever cut yourself on, or
raised a splinter from, a sharp edge, you'll appreciate
how handy these are; bottom right two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t108.jpg $45.00
ST48 #3C corrugated smoothing plane; early 1930's production with
all original parts, cleaned, no damage, decal remnants on
the tote, it can be honed and used as is; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t119.jpg $110.00
ST49 #78 duplex rabbet; 1920's production, all original parts,
no damage, sound worker, dusty from sitting in a working
shop; the standard and best selling metallic rabbet ever
produced; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t119.jpg $80.00
ST50 #140 combination skew rabbet block plane; as found worker,
one side plate screw is a replacement, no damage, will
clean to be nicer than usual condition; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t125.jpg $95.00
ST51 #2 smoothing plane; offered for parts, the main casting
cracked and was welded; tote has a partial split, "STANLEY"
lever cap, lots of useful stuff on this one; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t125.jpg $110.00
ST52 #50S grooving plane; identical to the #50, but with fewer
cutters, it's designed for grooving and rabbeting, it likely
was Stanley response to Record's very popular 044; in the
original box, complete, little used, some minor plating loss
on the main casting, it's a fine worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t133.jpg $125.00
ST53 #750 3/4" bevel edge chisel; not marked with model number,
guaranteed to be a #750, original leather tip handle, it's
as found; finish loss to wood, some bashing to leather,
general tarnish, it will work as well as a mint one; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t133.jpg $30.00
ST54 #605 Bed Rock jack plane; as found ca.1930 example with all
original parts and in need of a clean; "STANLEY" lever cap,
a solid worker is screaming to be release from its captive
grime; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t134.jpg $120.00
ST55 #104 Liberty Bell smoothing plane; a later model with all
original parts, no damage, the external cheeks were cleaned
the rest ignored; the first steel body plane offered by
Stanley, it's a rugged plane for general work; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t134.jpg $95.00
ST56 #94 four-foot, four-fold fully brass bound boxwood rule;
from the 1920's, with sweetheart logo, it's the longest
folding rule Stanley offered; as found, most original finish
remains, one side a bit dry (the side shown in the photo),
it can easily be used as is, or you can give a coat of wax
or oil to improve the finish; a fine worker for larger
measuring projects; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t134.jpg $70.00

**** ******

WP1 Pair of worker snipe bills by Gleave/Manchester; dark
patina, always together, same owner mark, boxing is free
of cracks, each has a tiny ding at the heel, which is
almost always the case; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t4.jpg $175.00
WP2 Clean 16" beech jack plane by Marples; used a few times,
some minor scratches in sole, still with decals, it can
be honed and used as is; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t7.jpg $110.00
WP3 Preston bull nose chamfer plane; adjustable fence sets the
width of cut, the cutter is at the toe so it can do stopped
and regular work; fine mouth, which is formed by the brass
plate at the toe; great quality, no owner mark, free of
modification, the iron can be honed and used as is; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t9.jpg $115.00
WP4 Clean pair of side snipes; complimenting the work of snipe
bills and hollows and rounds, these planes were often sold
with hollows and rounds to make for cleaner transition of
the molded work to the non-molded area; by Edwards/Manchester,
same owner mark, nicely cleaned, free of modification, the
heel of the boxing shows usual roughness; can be honed and
used as is; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t10.jpg $175.00
WP5 C.Triggs quirk ogee and astragal; rather strange propor-
tions, it's a ca.1800 effort that has little spring and
no boxing; cuts 3/4" deep by 1" wide, never cleaned or
modified, with owner marks; broad round chamfers, a small
chip off the quirk at the heel:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t14.jpg $120.00
WP6 Mathieson moving fillister; the perfect solution to cut a
rabbet in any grain direction, a wedged nicker scores the
grain to make a clean shoulder, the side is fully boxed
for longer wear, an adjustable stop and fence control the
depth and width of cut; the nicest example I've had since
I can't remember when, no owner mark, some minor banging
on the heel from backing the iron off, it's barely used,
all you need to do is hone the iron; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t18.jpg $190.00
WP7 7/8" match planes by Hollingworth; a good size to work 3/4"
to 1" stock when cutting the popular tongue and groove
joint; with owner mark, free of modification, sound workers;
bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t18.jpg $80.00
WP8 3/8" match planes by Burley; for narrow work that requires
a tongue and groove joint, it's a rather uncommon pair; as
found, owner mark, no damage; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t20.jpg $90.00
WP9 German moving fillister; with brass fence and stop, it
does what the American and English planes do, but with a
different design; skewed cutter, shoulder boxed with horn-
beam, the nicker is secured with an eye bolt; made by
Famous, it saw careful use and had plenty left in it;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t24.jpg $95.00
WP10 Double iron sash plane by L.Scovil; cuts the common square
ovolo simultaneously with the rabbet; as found, never abused,
dry surface, it saw very little use, all of it over 150 years
ago; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t31.jpg http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t31a.jpg $115.00
WP11 Odd 1/16" fenced grooving (and dado) plane by R.Nelson;
resembling the common fenced grooving planes that do the
work that a Record 043 does, this one is far from that in
quality and design as it has a nicker iron forward of the
cutter in the manner of a common dado; for custom work,
the fence is adjustable and made like a common moving
fillister's is, it also has an adjustable depth stop; a
short plane, at 8 1/2", it's in fine shape, little used,
and with no owner marks; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t33.jpg $185.00
WP12 Rosewood and beech coachmaker's 6 3/4" long plough plane;
with rosewood fence and arms, a beech stock, rosewood
wedges, this craftsman made plane is in fine shape, the
curved skate at the toe adds to its charm; designed so it
 can work smaller stuff, it's been lightly cleaned, has
owner mark, and no iron; a better quality example than
most, its maker put more effort to make it look nice as
well as to make it a sound worker for his custom jobs;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t33a.jpg $295.00
WP13 Extra clean and nice Mathieson badger; a larger rabbet with
a skewed iron, this one was used once or twice and then put
away; with a very comfortable closed tote, owner mark, it
would be difficult to find a nicer example; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t62.jpg $185.00
WP14 2" wide skewed rabbet by A.Monty of Roxton Pond, QC, eh;
in fine worker shape, little used, normal bang marks on
heel from when backing the wedge out; a good quality ex-
ample of a less common width; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t63.jpg $55.00
WP15 Mahogany box chamfer plane; a nice example made by a talented
owner, the chamfer's width is set by sliding the 'sole' (the
box) up/down relative to the sole, a brass screw locks it in
place; with owner mark, the plane saw limited use, it was
stored with the wedge and iron out of it, the body shrank a
bit so the mortice needs a few strokes with a rasp to make
a proper fit; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t65.jpg $115.00
WP16 #1 hollow and round pair by Brain-Late-Shepley; narrowest
of the 36 standard HR's, always together, with same owner
mark, never cleaned, the round's mouth was slightly opened
and wedge finial has an ancient chip off the face, each is
 a fine worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t70.jpg $75.00
WP17 Unique owner-made toothing plane; using a saw's handle for
a grip, it's very well made with a brass strike button and
what looks to be ebony sole forward of the mough; 2" wide
Marples iron shows its age, it's 100% usable as is; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t71.jpg $85.00
WP18 Ulmia ECE horned apple smoothing plane with full adjustment
features; applied hornbeam sole for longer wear, mouth is
adjustable, this design proved to be one of the best made
for adjusting the iron's set and lateral alignment mechanic-
ally; barely used, minor storage scuffs, it can be honed
as is; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t71.jpg $110.00
WP19 Mathieson 17" jack plane; still with decal, limited use
with plenty more left in it, minor scratches on sole, with
normal stable end checks, iron shows some rust that will
clean; a worker, jack planes don't need to be pretty; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t84.jpg $80.00
WP20 Another Mathieson bench plane, this a technical jack for
trade schools; razee form, 15" long, boxwood strike button,
mouth shows some wear forward of the iron, it's still in
sound worker shape; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t84.jpg $70.00
WP21 Shipwright's jointer with 22" figured yellow birch stock
and dark mahogany tote; in the typical razee configuration
done so the forearm wouldn't be restrained by the stock
when planing overhead or vertically, this one is in fine
worker shape, it was cleaned, and has no damage about the
wedge; fit with a Siegley iron, the planes were owner made
a come with a wide variety or irons found in the owner's
chest; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t93.jpg $165.00
WP22 Pair of quarter rounds by Gouch&Bowen; always together,
with same owner mark, irons recently sharpened, free of
alteration, and like many pairs of these planes, one has
a molded detail on the side while the other doesn't;
middle pair:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t94.jpg $175.00
WP23 Pair rule joint planes made by Leon Robbins; made similar
to his popular panel raisers, with laminated construction
for the bodies, strike button on each toe, and nicely
figured maple; barely used, much less common than the panel
raisers; bottom pair:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t94.jpg $345.00
WP24 French cornice plane; manufactured, the mark is a lion that
is stamped over some lettering that I can't read; made of
cormier, 16" long, with a 2 7/8" width iron that cuts a
broad ogee; back right corner looks to have been pared a
bit, probably for better comfort during use; a nice example
and a massive piece of wood that has lots of sawdust on it;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t99a.jpg $165.00
WP25 1" rabbet by Mathieson&Son; non-skewed, it saw limited use,
but managed to be on the wrong end of stain splatters, it's
a fine worker nevertheless; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t99.jpg $55.00
WP26 Unused, and still with original box, Marples hollowing
plane; with a convex sole on both directions, the wedge and
 iron have never been out of the box and are still in their
original wrappers; decal on side, the photographer neglected
to orient the plane properly; 8" long, fine quality, and an
uncommon plane by this firm; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t100.jpg $115.00
WP27 Broad quirk ogee and stepped fillet by Bensen&Crannell of
Albany; a very clean and little used plane of an uncommon
profile, it cuts 3/8" deep by 3/4" wide; owner mark, iron
is sharp enough to use as is:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t105.jpg $135.00
WP28 Greenfield Tool Co. broad quirk ogee and astragal; cuts a
pleasing 1/4" deep by 1" wide profile, the plane is as
found, some minor roughness to the boxing, and is free of
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t106.jpg $110.00
WP29 Boxwood 5/8" bead with integral grip; well made, 3" sole
length, free of modification, flat chamfers, and very well
made, probably post-WWII; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t108.jpg $115.00
WP30 5/8" (depth of cut) quirk ogee; nice proportion, iron was
honed and used, it's manufactured with an odd abbreviation
maker's name; owner mark, 7/8" width cut, a good worker:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t110.jpg $110.00
WP31 Mathieson 3/8" (depth of cut) ogee; as found, dark patina,
owner mark, sharpened and used recently, a fine size for
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t111.jpg $90.00
WP32 W.Parkes 3/4" (depth of cut) quirk ogee and astragal; iron
was ground and sharpened to match the sole, wood is re-
finished, owner mark, usual bank marks on heel from backing
off the wedge/iron; good proportions and perfect for today's
standard thickness wood:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t112.jpg $115.00
WP33 S.Rowell/Albany 3/4" (depth of cut) quirk ovolo and astragal;
good proportions, width of cut is 7/8"; iron ground and
sharpened to match the sole, owner mark, plane was cleaned,
a check in the boxing, with a no-harm splinter at the heel
of the astragal:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t113.jpg $110.00
WP34 3/4" match planes by Watkins/Bradford; workers, in usual
as found condition, with owner mark, one wedge an older
replacement; perfect size for cutting the common tongue
and groove joint in 3/4" stock; top two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t124.jpg $75.00
WP35 Matching half-set of even number skewed hollows and rounds
 by Gardner of Bristol; always together, same owner mark,
free of modification, never cleaned, and in fine worker
shape; some show minor staining, minor superficial rust on
some irons from sitting idle, this is well above average
condition for such planes:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t126.jpg $790.00
WP36 L.Bist/Norwich 3 3/4" miniature smoothing plane; perfect
for working smaller pieces, areas, around knots, etc., it
saw little use, thick parallel 1" iron by Fenton&Marsden,
show minor bang marks on toe and heel, with owner mark; a
nice plane that still carries a fairly sharp iron; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t127.jpg $80.00
WP37 1/8" fully boxed bead by Moseley; as found, with stains,
owner mark, boxing at heel shows wear, rest is fine; in
sound worker condition, smallest size in the standard set,
and perfect for cabinet work; top left and left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t128a.jpg $55.00
WP38 1/8" cockbead by Holbrook; a must have for period work, it's
the detail that surrounds a drawer; steep pitch for working
harder woods, fully boxed sole, free of modification, and
an uncommon size; owner mark, boxing has shrunk at heel, a
solid worker; top right and middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t128a.jpg $75.00
WP39 1/8" center bead by D.R.Barton; fully boxed sole, in sound
worker shape, the bead proper is 1/8", overall width of cut
(including the quirks) is 3/16", thus the stamping on the
heel; uncommon size, little used, boxing has shrunk at the
heel, guaranteed to be a fine worker; bottom and right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t128a.jpg $65.00
WP40 Monstrous size miter plane; measuring 24" long, it carries
a 3 1/2" wide iron; designed to be used on its side, it was
fit with a handle later in life, and then removed, leaving
two screw holes; free of work, some stable checks (a piece
of wood this large is difficult to keep check free), the
heel was near the glue pot fire and shows some minor
charring; bang marks on heel, oiled, a very uncommon plane,
 it will do what a #51 plane will do but for less money;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t129.jpg $185.00
WP41 Pair of #3 hollow and round planes; manufactured by
Copeland&Co. (found with next pair that are marked), only
with owner mark, clean condition, the hollow was flatted
for custom work, the round will put it right; work 5/16"
diameter; bottom left pair:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t129.jpg $55.00
WP42 Pair of #7 hollow and rounds planes by Copeland and Co.;
found with previous, clean condition, owner mark, free
of modification, work 7/16" diameter; bottom middle pair:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t129.jpg $80.00
  WP43 #10 skewed hollow and round plane by Varvill; as found,
free of modification, owner mark, sound workers; bottom
right pair:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t129.jpg $85.00
WP44 Owner made plough plane; the European design, threaded
metallic rods with wing nuts and round nuts to sandwich
the body at the desired distance from the fence; offered
for restoration, no wedge or iron, well made, as found,
7 1/4" long, the throat was later modified; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t135a.jpg $65.00
Wp45 3/16" dado by T.Tileston/Boston; a very uncommon narrow
width, it's in fine shape and saw little use; ca.1825 make,
ideal for the dados used in desk interiors; a nice example
by one of Boston's best makers; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t135.jpg $120.00

MS1 Record No.778 duplex rabbet; earlier production, complete
with all original parts, it can be used as is after honing
the iron; a better design than the Stanley #78 with its
two arms, longer fence, and easier to set with the captive
adjusting nut; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t2.jpg $115.00
MS2 Dark rosewood slitting gauge by James Howarth; fine quality
product, cleaned, fence is has countersunk screw that's set
with a screw driver; brass collar around the cutting blade,
with brass wedge; owner mark, a good working example of the
most versatile gauge of all; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t2.jpg $95.00
MS3 Marples M5 jack plane; showing signs of use, with grunge
and rust from sitting idle, it has no damage, all original
parts, and is capable of making a fine worker; a bit more
mass than Stanley's output, it's far less common than the
New Britain products, all Marples bench planes are uncommon;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t5.jpg $75.00
MS4 Record No.405 combination plane; complete, in the original
box, it's made so that the plane can be stored partially
assembles, with the rest of the parts having their own
location to keep everything in place; identical to the #45,
it's a fine quality worker that saw very little use; the
bottoms from the previous month's list will compliment this
plane to make it perform a wider range of work:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t6.jpg $215.00
MS5 New old stock E.C.Atkins No.2 10" backsaw; apple handle,
some finish loss from something rubbing against it, great
quality, and ready to use as is; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t7.jpg $110.00
MS6 Earlier 11" divider with decorative work at the hinge;
probably English-made, points ground, owner initial pricked
in the arm; a fine worker with more detail at the hinge
than usual; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t8a.jpg $85.00
MS7 Five incannel gouges with boxwood handles; by Sorby and
Marples, each in sound worker shape, widths of 1/4", 5/16",
1/2", 3/4", and 1", the latter is 11" long; good quality
workers; right five:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t8.jpg $145.00
MS8 9" (edge length) Witherby drawknife; barely used, still
with good amount of glazing and finish on the handles, it
can be honed as is; best quality; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t9.jpg $75.00
MS9 Spiers/Ayr rosewood stuffed dovetailed smoothing plane; with
parallel sides, the plane is in nice shape, very lightly
cleaned, no damage, 8" long, the parallel iron is a good
replacement, the cap iron is original; loads of mass, it
will make a fine worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t10.jpg $295.00
MS10 7/8" bevel edge paring chisel with boxwood handle; by
Marples, 15+" long, clean condition, ferrule is loose;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t11.jpg $45.00
MS11 1" bevel edge paring chisel with boxwood London pattern
handle; by Ward, 15+" long, well cared for, it can be honed
and used as is; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t11.jpg $50.00
MS12 1 1/2" (hair narrower) bevel edge paring chisel with boxwood
London pattern handle by Marples; 16 1/2" long, it can be
honed and used as is; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t11.jpg $55.00
MS13 Early 14" friction joint divider; with an American look,
they were found locally; never cleaned or abused, well made,
and in sound worker order; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t12.jpg $70.00
MS14 Pair of drawbore pins with boxwood handles; by Marples,
always together, tips have been deliberately blunted, one
handle has a stable check and a crack in the brass ferrule;
sound workers; right two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t12.jpg $110.00
MS15 Small stake anvil in later turned wooden base; a very nice
example that saw practically no use, it's stamped on one
side E.Gray&Son; 3 1/2" long, can be put to use immediately,
double horn, and good detail that many of these wee anvils
lack; with provenance tag; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t13a.jpg $110.00
MS16 6 1/2" rosewood stuffed smoothing plane; cast shell, very
well done, it's roughly the size of a #2 plane; 1 3/4"
wide iron, cleaned, owner mark, backside of iron has some
pitting adjacent to the slot, you'll never reach that;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t13.jpg $190.00
MS17 12" Disston backsaw; a cleaner than usual example with no
damage, the blade was driven a bit deeper into the spine
(a trick used to straight the blade after sharpening);
teeth are probably sharp enough for softer woods, it will
benefit from a quick touch-up; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t15.jpg $75.00
MS18 Preston 8" ebony spirit level; a very nice example that
escaped the buffing wheel, original vial, full brass
plating along the top; stamped with the EP logo; a quality
tool; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t15.jpg $80.00
MS19 Preston fancy cast nickel plated spoke shave; flat sole, 2"
wide cutter of usual used length, as found, most plating
remains, it will clean to be much nicer looking; with the
captive adjusting nut that Preston used on as many tools
as possible; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t15.jpg $70.00
MS20 Three different size beech and boxwood spoke shaves; classic
Sheffield pattern, each usable, various makes, a fourth (the
 shortest one) is tossed in for free as the sole is worn and
 cutter is short, there's still life left in it; top pile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t16.jpg $75.00
MS21 Two bygones, a livestock lead and an odd special purpose
wrench; good age, normal patina/surface, the lead is 8 1/2";
bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t16.jpg $60.00
MS22 Six cabinetmaker's screw drivers; made either by Marples or
Clay for Woodcraft, they saw little use, but have tarnished
from sitting idle; lengths from 7" to 16 1/2"; workers all;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t17.jpg $120.00
MS23 Unusual cast iron router with simple cast design to suggest
a leaf pattern; a lot of mass to this 9" wide thing, it has
stubby turned handles held onto the casting's rods by square
nuts; open throat, this one appears to have been designed in
a vacuum; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t17.jpg http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t17a.jpg $155.00
MS24 Lie-Nielsen #66 beader; a beefier copy of the Stanley
product, but in bronze, it has nine cutters (no router)
and is in little used condition; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t19.jpg $155.00
MS25 Decorative miniature router; looks to be made of walnut,
4" long, carved volutes form the grips, rosewood wedge,
inlaid cross bands to either side of the wedge; very well
made, 7/16" wide cutter, routers such as this are commonly
used by carvers, and similar trades that do finer work; a
very nice thing that's better in the hand rather than it
appears on the screen; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t19.jpg $120.00
MS26 Millers Falls No.1 circular spoke shave; free of modifi-
cation, no damage, it only needs a honing to be use;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t20.jpg $65.00
MS27 1 1/2" bevel edge cranked paring chisel by Buck Bros; clean
and only in need of a honing, perfect for paring recessed
surface; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t21.jpg $60.00
MS28 Same as previous, but 1"; hone and pare with it; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t21.jpg $55.00
MS29 Same as previous, but scarce 1/8"; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t21.jpg $65.00
MS30 Norlund pattern hatchet on axe handle; not signed, but looks
to be a Norlund, someone decided to put a Maine manufactured
longer handle on it to use as an axe; head is in normal
shape, it's guaranteed to be a fine worker; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t23.jpg $65.00
MS31 Large trammel points on a mahogany beam; made by a gifted
patternmaker for his own use, decorative screws, one with
pencil carrier, steel points, nearly 8" long, they never
were on the wrong end of a buffing wheel and have a nice
patina that takes decades to produce; perfect for larger
layout work; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t23.jpg $120.00
MS32 Patternmaker made bronze router; good mass, 3/8" wide
cutter with long shank, turned wooden knobs, a square head
bolt secures the collar to the cutter; a worker for those
who don't want to buy a Stanley; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t24.jpg $60.00
MS33 Curved edge drawknife; as found, wooden handles are tight,
7" end-to-end width of edge, in need of a clean, it saw a
good bit of use, there's still some life left in it; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t25.jpg $55.00
MS34 Goodell-Pratt No.4 1/2 drill; cleaner than usual, with most
nickel plating on the gear, rosewood handle unscrews for
bit storage, three jaw chuck; fine quality, can be used as
is; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t25.jpg $65.00
MS35 1" No.15 bent gouge by Taylor; earlier work, from a hoard
of patternmaker's chisels, all it needs is a honing; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t26.jpg $35.00
MS36 1" No.19 bent gouge by Buck Bros.; from same pile as pre-
vious, replacement handle, it can be honed and used as is;
second from left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t26.jpg $35.00
MS37 5/8" deep sweep gouge; made by a German company, I think
Dastra, with a screw logo, it's very clean, was found with
previous two, earlier production, only needs a honing;
second from right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t26.jpg $35.00
MS38 1/2" No.18 bent gouge by Buck Bros.; found with previous,
clean and only in need of a honing, ferrule is cracked;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t26.jpg $30.00
MS39 Norris No.13 cast smoothing plane; approximating the #4 1/2
in size, it has more mass than that plane; offered as a
worker, the tote is a replacement, as is the iron, the plane
itself is in fine shape, though the sole could stand a
polishing; fine mouth, larger bun for better grip, iron
will need to be ground to be square with the sides; 9" long,
an uncommon model; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t27.jpg http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t27a.jpg $335.00
MS40 Twelve later Henry Taylor carving chisels; seven longer
one show some pitting, but should clean ok to be workers;
five shorter are clean and look to be unused, except for
one which has a pit spot; a variety of shapes and widths
of good quality:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t28.jpg $95.00
MS41 Lignum vitae mallet; a good size for general banging of
chisels, free of checks, faces show normal bang marks with
some chipping around the circumferences, it's still 100%
usable as is; turned handle, head is 5" long, max diameter
of 2 3/4"; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t29.jpg $45.00
MS42 6" (edge length) drawknife with splayed wooden handles; the
kind made by PS&W, great quality, as found and in need of a
clean, this tool was favored by patternamkers, carvers, etc.;
a less common length for this tool, it's normally 4" long;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t29.jpg $55.00
MS43 5/8" screw box by Boker; with matching tap, box has turned
integral handles, it saw limited use; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t29.jpg $80.00
MS44 Disston D-8 5 1/2pt ripsaw; 26" long, with finger cutout
apple handle, it's in much cleaner than usual shape and is
still sharp enough to use as is; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t30.jpg $135.00
MS45 Disston D-8 8pt crosscut; 26" long, apple handle, in much
clean than usual shape, still fairly sharp, owner etched
his name along the spine; a fine quality worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t30.jpg $135.00
MS46 8" ebony spirit level with full brass plating and raised
vial; made by John Wilson of Sheffield, it's a less common
pattern; original vial, lightly cleaned, and with an owner
mark, the owner lightly filed a notch in the brass at the
center to make reading true level easier; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t34.jpg $115.00
MS47 12" macassar ebony spirit level with lovely grain pattern
over its length; in fine shape, very lightly cleaned, it's
by Rabone; free of owner marks, crisp edges, it's not the
typical condition spirit level; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t34.jpg $85.00
MS48 4" metal level with trapezoidal cross section and brass
plated top; well made by some unknown craftsman, cleaned,
it stands 3/4"; vial can be viewed from sides and top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t34.jpg $75.00
MS49 New old stock axe head with original trade label; made by
Edward Elwell of Wednesbury, England, this one sat for over
50 years patiently waiting for you; oval eye, edge 6", some
minor rust blooms during storage, the logo is a creepy double
face head; a well made thing; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t35.jpg $140.00
MS50 Surveyor's holder/carrier for a tape measure; owned by the
Deputy Director of Surveys, E.L.Warring, it has a wooden
handle secured to a tin that carries the tape; finished in
black and white paint, the owner's name is nicely painted
on it; in fine shape, original condition, 15" long, and
very well made, when not traipsing in swamps and thick
underbrush surveying, I suppose it can also be used as a
top secret paddle for table tennis; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t35.jpg $185.00
MS51 Preston No.1368 1 1/2" shoulder/rabbet plane; the widest of
the popular plane that was carried on when Record purchased
Preston's product line; free of damage, in an old baize bag,
most plating present, the loss is where is rested on its
side in the bag, there's no pitting, just spotty tarnish,
that side of the plane is photographed; can be honed and
used as is, this a hefty plane that wants to stay in
motion as it slices across and with any grain below it;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t36.jpg $395.00
MS52 Ultimatum-style brass frame brace with ebony stuffing; the
design, and patent, made famous by Marples, this is a
"trade" brace made for retail by a dealer in Maidstone,
Haynes Bros. (I was told they also were an automobile
dealership and are still in business doing something
else); representing the pinnacle in English brace design,
these are lovely things, with good mass thanks to the
brass and ebony, it's as found and free of owner marks;
chuck works fine, the entire white ring is in the head,
it shows normal knocks/scuffs, but nothing hideous,
there is a stable check in the ebony stuffing at the
chuck; very lightly cleaned, but not to the point of
needing welder's goggles to view it as so many re-
quire; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t36a.jpg $290.00
MS53 Unusual ebony parallel rule with inlaid scales made of
white stuff, it also has some white bits that flank a
a large cast brass semi-circular casting neatly fit at
the top center (I have no idea what function this serves,
but it's original); very well made, and unlike any other
I've seen, it's in overall fine shape noting a splinter
adjacent to the inlaid scale; 15 1/2" long; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t37.jpg $175.00
MS54 Clean 4" (edge length) with splayed turned wooden handles;
the kind made popular by PS&W, a firm which made them for
multiple retailers, this one saw very little use and can
be honed and used as is; perfect for finer work, minor
tarnish from sitting idle; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t37.jpg $60.00
MS55 Brass back dowel/gent's saw with turned mahogany handle;
made by Marples, lightly cleaned, tarnish on the 6 1/2"
blade, teeth still somewhat sharp, this is not a low
quality worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t37.jpg $95.00
MS56 Preston adjustable chamfer shave; the pinnacle model of
the #65 design, it uses the captive nut to engage a slot
in the iron, it has the lateral toggle to align the iron,
 the width of the chamfer is set by sliding the two guides
laterally; as found, 50%, all original parts, a fine quality
worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t38.jpg $115.00
MS57 6" Starrett combination square; with original scribe and
vial, some minor tarnish on the graduated blade and minor
japanning loss, neither of which hinder its use; bottom
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t38.jpg $60.00
MS58 Preston No.1393S beading tool; the small with the thumb
grip to either side of the cutter; adjustable fence, it's
as found and free of damage; a design reproduced, it's a
good and easy to use tool; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t38.jpg $155.00
MS59 Spofford patent 7" sweep brace; cleaned and ready to use,
it's a popular model that can accept nearly all patterns
of augers and bits; rosewood head and grip, pewter bands
are fine, frame has normal mottled surface, it's been
polished clean; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t40.jpg $85.00
MS60 Twelve Addis carving chisels; always together, in fine
worker shape, with matching handle, this represents the
starter set that Addis, et al, retailed to tradesmen and
beginners; great quality, never abused, some minor tarnish
spots; a variety of useful shapes for many carving appli-
cations; widths from 1/16" to 5/8", most are gouges; bottom
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t40a.jpg $190.00
MS61 Rare Hobbies patent #5 1/2 oversize jack plane; the second
I've seen, most knowledgeable and longtime toolers in
England have never seen one, it has a Norris-like adjuster
to set the iron; well made, as found, all original parts,
no damage, good mass, its production probably came too
late to capture the wallets of the woodworking blokes what
lived in England when offered ca.WWII; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t41a.jpg $190.00
MS62 Woden No.4 1/2 oversize smoothing plane; a very clean and
little used quality plane, with plenty of mass, it can be
honed and used as is; some minor scuffs/scrapes to the
wood's finish, it's about as nice as they come with full
decal on the tote; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t41.jpg $145.00
MS63 Unusual mahogany depth gauge with double boxwood slides to
maintain two settings; slides are intentionally curved,
 owner made, very well done, 6" long, owner mark, and with
 nicely shaped grip; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t42.jpg $55.00
MS64 Marples rosewood mortice gauge; in fine, ready to use
condition, the oval head has inlaid circular brass for
longer wear; head is set with a screw driver so that there
is no danger of accidentally knocking its set off; thumb
screw adjusts the sliding pin; a fine quality tool that
couldn't be made for anywhere near this price:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t42.jpg $55.00
MS65 Millers Falls No.1 circular spoke shave; an as found worker
in need of a clean, it will do so well; free of modification,
minor chips on handles' bead turnings; the most popular
model for working curved edges; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t42.jpg $55.00
MS66 3 3/4" double horn jeweler's anvil by Gebruder Fleuss; with
an upsetting block on one side, it saw very little use, a
minor scuff on the top, looks like two small holes were
bored for pins when bending stuff; this is a nice anvil;
top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t43.jpg $85.00
MS67 Small adjustable bench stop; one I can't recall seeing be-
fore, it mounts in a mortice so it sits flush with the
bench's surface; set with a screw driver, the dog is roughly
1" square; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t43.jpg $55.00
MS68 Small bronze bull nose rabbet plane with decorative box-
wood wedge; a very nice plane, carved volutes on each side
of the wedge give this 1 1/2" long plane a fine appearance;
a bit of file work adds a nice touch at the toe and heel,
it carries a snecked iron and a strike button; extra fine
mouth, a plane for precision work and ogling; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t43.jpg $295.00
MS69 Odd divider with articulated points; made like a common
English model, it goes a bit farther in design as the
last 5" of each leg pivots so the tool can work over or
around obstructions; a dedicated thumb screw secures each
leg end in position; well made, manufactured, I can't make
out the maker's mark; in fine working condition; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t44.jpg $115.00
MS70 Bench vise that rotates 360 degrees over its clamping
assembly; a design popular in Europe and England, with
a stylish wing nut to secure it as desired over the base,
3" jaws, the back shows wear from use, both have their
left side intentionally rounded from some custom job;
still a good worker; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t44.jpg $95.00
MS71 Shapely European brace with six original pads (you fit them
with the bits); in fine shape, lightly cleaned, the frame
has a nice curvature, brass collars protect the wood from
splitting at the fiction fit chuck and where the head
rotates on the body; stable check on the head, this is a
nice tool; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t45.jpg $185.00
MS72 Pair of clean Marples front bent gouges with decals on the
original handles; only in need of a honing, medium sweeps,
widths of 5/8" and 3/4"; great quality; right two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t45.jpg $90.00
MS73 Norris No.51 oversize cast smoothing plane; fit with a
mahogany tote and bun, it carries the famed Norris patent
adjuster that performs two functions with one rod; as found,
never cleaned, normal grime from sitting about idle for
decades, it has a replaced iron but with the original cap
iron, tight mouth, a fine worker that is roughly the size
of a #4 1/2, these planes don't get much respect from the
Norris crowd, I like them, and you will, too, if you like
a heavy #4 1/2 size plane; some label residue on iron;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t46.jpg $335.00
MS74 Saw wrest with turned beech handle, it still has its ori-
ginal sliding brass fulcrum; in clean worker shape, this
was the standard tool for setting teeth for a good while
before hammer struck and pliers-like saw sets made their
appearance; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t46.jpg $55.00
MS75 Sash coping chisel; used to scribe the molded portion of
a rail, so it can fit over the corresponding molded
portion of the stile, the handle is extended down the
length of the metal almost to the end, it acts as a stop;
as found, it's used for the common square ovolo that was
commonly used one sash; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t46.jpg $80.00
MS76 Leather slitting gauge with bronze handle stuffed with rose-
wood; by Osborne, a worker with knife, cleaned, a hang hole
was drilled in the wood; top:
  http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t47.jpg $55.00
MS77 8" brass back dovetail saw by Sanderson; with open handle,
never cleaned, extra fine teeth, it was never abused; owner
mark on handle, no chips, a better than usual as found ex-
ample; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t47.jpg $120.00
MS78 Nearly new condition combination try and miter gauge by
Marples; 8" long blade retains 99% of the bluing, no owner
mark, and in ready to use condition; minor dings in the
ebony handle, it's a pre-WWII manufacture of great quality;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t47.jpg $85.00
MS79 Sargent No.1085 combination plane; the firm's version the
the #55, the most complex combination made, this is a very
respectful alternative as it's well engineered and made;
little used, and in a stout owner made case, where all
parts are fit in their own locations and held in place with
clips, the plane still has its original instruction pamphlet
(tatty), 50 of the 52 cutters in the original canvas roll,
and all other parts save for one spur (can be had from the
No.1080, the #45 model); in very clean condition, it saw
limited use, the cutters have some tarnish spots but none
of the common pitting normally found due to the canvas
holding moisture; much less common than the #55, it's a
solid worker or one to display:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t48a.jpg $490.00
MS80 Odd group of three owner made metallic levels; made for
custom work, they were found together, two have a unique
removable cover to expose the vial, which has nothing but
plaster around it; 8" long, one L-shape, the covers are
slotted to engage screws, one slot (on each) is slotted
to that it can slide under a small thumb screw to secure
it or remove it; found locally, one with a V-bottom and
the other with U-bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t49.jpg $295.00
MS81 6" wooden body router; brass nut secures a 3/16" wide
cutter, it's a good worker made by an owner, sole has a
couple screw holes when a fence was required; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t50.jpg $45.00
MS82 7/8" cranked bevel edge paring chisel by Buck Bros.; ca.
1950 production, with original handle, it saw little use,
the back needs a polish near the current edge as some
pitting occurred, it's guaranteed to clean nicely; an
uncommon width; bottom:
 http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t50.jpg $45.00
MS83 Smaller Swedish barrel knife by Engstrom; in overall fine
shape, 2 3/8" long blade, the assembly is removed from the
handle, the blade rotated, and then inserted into the
handle for use; a clever and well made design using the
best Swedish steel from Eskiltuna; birch burl handle;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t51.jpg $125.00
MS84 Combination drill and adjustable wrench by Keystone Mfg.
Co. of Buffalo, NY; configured here with the accessories
to make it function as a press drill, it's a very well
engineered design, the two drill pieces can be removed
to allow wrenching; nearly all plating remains, the ratchet
works fine; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t52.jpg $190.00
MS85 Pair of hammers; a saddler's/tack hammer with nicely curved
head that's 6" across, claw is original length, the original
handle has a hang hole at the bottom, and a combination tool
with a hammer head, the cap unscrews to store bits, etc.,
none are present, it's a fine quality example; both in ready
to bang condition; right two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t52.jpg $90.00
MS86 "IRON AGE" tool box; made of cast iron, with cutout letters,
these were secured to the side of an implement, the tools to
work that are placed in it; in fine shape, no damage, 10"
long, we have one attached to a chalkboard and use it to
hold the chalk, you could put forks and spoons in it just
as easily; 19th century American design and marketing at
its best; top"
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t53.jpg $135.00
MS87 Patented mouth gag for opening an animal's mouth; used by
vets and farmers, it's patented by John Green March 24,
1885, Green was from Waltham, MA; stamped with the patent
date, it's nickel plated, I can't recall seeing one with
this finish before; as found, plating is peeling, free of
damage, it would also serve well to open a youngster's
mouth for washing it out with soap after dropping the
f-bomb at the dinner table; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t53.jpg $85.00
MS88 Cast iron nail caddy and shoe lasts for cobblers; a neat
thing, the nail caddy can be used without the other parts,
those are a post and three different size lasts that fit
the caddy; two cobblers hammer, all of it in fine shape
with normal cosmetic wear, there's almost enough here to
have the elves fully stock your shoe store:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t57.jpg $185.00
MS89 Nice set of leather/cobbler's edging tools, several of
which are by H.Hering of NY; 18 total, a variety of shapes,
most with original handles; as found, need a clean of the
superficial grime and rust:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t58.jpg $195.00
MS90 Pair of drawknives for molding edges; an interesting pair,
each cutting a left and right of the same profile, they
would be useful for timberframing where the posts or joists
can be decorated; good age, smith made, as found with grime,
one cuts a 1" wide fillet, cove, and ovolo the other cuts a
1" fillet and astragal; former has a 'grooving' edge between
the two profiles suggesting that the tools were used for
coachmaking, the grooving portion can also serve as a fence;
quite uncommon tools, with a primitive appearance; top two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t59a.jpg $125.00
MS91 8" (edge length) drawknife made by Witherby for Keen Kutter;
cleaner than usual, with normal tarnish, excellent quality,
it can be sharpened and used as is; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t59.jpg $60.00
MS92 A.A.Woods adjustable hollow auger; complete and in working
order, it saw use and shows normal finish loss; an easy to
use tool for turning round tenons (after first pointed) with
a brace, the adjusting knob self-regulates the two sliding
parts to turn 1/4" to 1 1/4" diameters; generally accepted
as the best working tool of its kind; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t60.jpg $75.00
MS93 Marples transitional smoothing plane; fit with the Bailey
pattern adjustments, the 10" long wooden stock is of a
laminated construction; as found, showing normal signs of
use, it will benefit from a clean; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t60.jpg $55.00
MS94 1/2" lock mortice chisel by Sorby; socket model with turned
wooden handle, beefier design that later production, it's
the tool to use for cleaning narrow and deep mortices;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t60.jpg $60.00
MS95 1 1/2" framing chisel by Underhill of Nashua, NH; great
quality, original handle, steel ring at heel is MIA, it's
in usual as found condition; laminated steel construction,
rust/grime will clean to make this a fine worker; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t61.jpg $50.00
MS96 1/8" T.H.Witherby/Warranted bevel edge socket chisel; the
narrowest of the standard set, with original leather tip
handle; as found, will clean to be a fine worker; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t61.jpg $45.00
MS97 3/4" bent V carving gouge; as found, dirty, it will clean
to be a fine worker; with a maker's mark I can't fully read,
it looks to be Eason or Eaton; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t61.jpg $40.00
MS98 Record 072 rabbet and shoulder plane; 1" wide model, with
adjustable mouth, carefully used, cleaned, no damage, it
can be used with only a honing; bottom s:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t63.jpg $185.00
MS99 Good plumb bob with nice turning and acorn finial; not a
reproduction, 6 1/2" long, normal knocks/dings, lightly
cleaned, a lot of mass to keep it still when in use; top
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t64.jpg $135.00
MS100 Miniature #101-like block plane; by a maker other than
Stanley, it saw very little use, most japanning remains
and glistens, it's a good upgrade for the one of each
of these handy planes; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t64.jpg $75.00
MS101 Union version of the Stanley #48 match plane; their model
No.41, it cuts the tongue and groove joint just like the
Stanley does, it's size for 3/4" to 1" thick stock; in
better than usual condition with more plating than typical,
most loss is on the fence; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t65.jpg $80.00
MS102 Three narrow carving gouges; as found, in need of a clean,
two straight of 1/16" and 1/8" widths, the other a bent
1/8"; makes I can read are Addis and Southward/London;
left three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t66.jpg $50.00
MS103 Group of eight matching carving chisels; found with the
previous group, in need of a clean, three marked S.J.Addis,
rest are likely same make; a variety of patterns, four are
 back bent gouges, two front bent gouges, and two straight
gouges, widths from 1/8" to 1/2", some handles missing
their ferrules, these are worth the effort to put back in
 working order; right pile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t66a.jpg $135.00
MS104 Graduated set of Irwin pattern augers in the original
wooden box and with care and feeding pamphlet; the most
popular pattern for general work, diameters of 1/4" to 1"
in 1/16" increments, they saw little use; box's clasp is
missing, that doesn't hinder the use of any auger; top s:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t68.jpg $130.00
MS105 Record No.A65 chamfering shave; identical to the Stanley
save for the color of the finish, it's a sound worker with
all original parts; guides are slid laterally to set the
width of cut; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t68.jpg $65.00
MS106 Record No.311 combination rabbet, shoulder, and bull nose
plane; earlier production in the original wooden box, 99%
plating and label remain, it can be honed and used as is;
a versatile plane, made right after Record bough the Preston
line, these are identical to the Preston production save
for the embossing; top s:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t69.jpg $195.00
MS107 Record No.041 rabbet; useful for smaller work, 5/8" wide
cutter is set with the captive nut, it's a bargain worker
as there is a 1/16" corner chip at edge of mouth, it'll
work as well as a perfect one; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t69.jpg $135.00
MS108 Record 077A bull nose rabbet; a very clean worker with
decal on nose, original shim to open/close the mouth, the
nose section can be removed for stopped work; original box
has kept this one nice, it can be honed and used after
wiping off the dried cosmoline; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t69.jpg $125.00
MS109 Record eggbeater drill with two positions for the handle;
capable of being configured as a standard drill, the handle
can be set to be at a right angle to the shaft for it to
work as a pistol drill; all original parts, little original
finish, the frame was repainted in Record blue; three jaw
chuck, it's a quality tool that needs a few drops of oil
for smoother action; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t70.jpg $80.00
MS110 12" backsaw by I.Sorby; with Punch logo, earlier production
that has split nut screws to secure the handle, this one
saw little use; 12pt, somewhat sharp, it's a fine quality
saw; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t70.jpg $115.00
MS111 Popping/New York 7 1/2" cast rabbet with rosewood wedge
and stuffing; 1 1/4" wide cutter, which is stamped with
maker's name and location; as found, never cleaned or
abused, Popping was part of a small group of planemakers
that supplied instrumentmakers specialty tools that had
their roots in England; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t72.jpg $265.00
MS112 Preston 8" rosewood spirit level with triangular side
plating and full brass plating along the top; a less common
pattern, lightly cleaned, owner mark, the Preston mark is
weak, but it is readable with magnification; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t72.jpg $85.00
MS113 Clean 5/8" cranked bevel edge paring chisel by Marples; with
decal on handle, minor tarnish on blade, it can be honed
and used as is; fine quality, an uncommon width; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t73.jpg $60.00
MS114 Eight Nicholson files with owner made turned wooden handles;
each file a different pattern, various coarseness, roughly
10" long; bottom pile:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t73.jpg $95.00
MS115 Millers Falls No.772 10" sweep brace; a fine quality pro-
duct made by a firm that was in the brace business decades
prior to Stanley, this example has full ratchet, ball
bearing head, and stout chuck for times you're boring
rocks and steel; decal remnants on the grip, normal finish
loss, can be used as is; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t74.jpg $75.00
MS116 Graduated set of three ebony parallel rules; different
lengths of 6", 9", and 12", the latter is the nicest, the
two shorter showing scuffs/dings from decades of use;
bottom three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t74.jpg $65.00
MS117 Group of little used carving knives; with the two cherries
decal, all different patterns, and in fine worker shape;
seven total; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t75.jpg $75.00
MS118 ECE dovetail plane; model No.23S, in the original box,
looks unused, all it needs is a honing; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t76.jpg $165.00
MS119 ECE router (grundhobel); model No.20S, in the original
box, unused, and waiting for you to route it to wood;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t76.jpg $95.00
MS120 Lie-Nielsen No.140 skewed block plane with nicker; used a
few times, put back in the original box, a piece of wood
was added to the fence, something that it's designed to
accept; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t77.jpg $190.00
MS121 Lie-Nielsen dovetail saw; the continuation of what Pete
Taran and yours truly launched 23 years ago (our are
better), it saw limited use, the back of the spine is
engraved with Catharine Kennedy's initials with scroll
work to either side; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t77.jpg $95.00
MS122 Preston No.1374P smaller spoke shave with the adjusting
nut; a less common model, curved sole, 1 1/2" iron, fancy
casting, plating shows normal loss from use; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t78.jpg $85.00
MS123 Preston adjustable spoke shave with 2" iron; I don't know
this model number, it's much less common than the standard
design, the iron is milled so the entire adjusting nut is
surrounded; fancy casting, flat sole, normal plating loss,
a sound worker; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t78.jpg $95.00
MS124 Pair of Preston ebony and brass knives with telescoping
blades; handy for general work, patternmaker's used such
tools for marking and cutting; both in sound worker shape,
cleaned, one marked with Preston name; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t78.jpg $85.00
MS125 Kansas City Tool Works No.7 Windsor Beader; as made by
Kevin Brennan (yours truly prompted Kevin to make beading
tools), he took the classic Vermont design and modernized
them to a finer quality; this model, often called the
type 2 design, proved to be the best seller of all; used
once, in the original box, with extra cutters and blanks,
instructions, and no longer available new, it's a very
nice tool; some superficial rust on the cutter locking
screw occurred during storage; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t79.jpg $190.00
MS126 Four planemaker's tools made by Mazzaglia Tool; three
floats shaped like plane wedges, a clever design, and a
saw with a similarly shaped handle, they were made by
a maker relatively close to me; barely used, look to be
a fine quality, I don't know if the maker is still in
business or if it is whether these are available new;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t79.jpg $235.00
MS127 Jazzy ebony and brass spirit level by Buist; 11" long,
very decorative brass plating, original vial, cleaned,
one of the nicest patterns offered by the many makers
and retailers of levels; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t80.jpg $135.00
MS128 Odd ebony compound bevel; a strange thing that can carry
two bevels simultaneously, the two end pieces are brass
plated, all of it folds into a compact 8" long by 1 3/4"
wide object; likely owner made, but of a professional
quality, and in fine shape; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t80.jpg $185.00
MS129 Kansas City Tool Works 'cigar' shave; made similar to the
screwed and plated design made popular by the Sheffield
makers, 8" long, unused, some minor tarnish on sole's
brass plate; easy to use, the nets set their respective
tang (on the cutter), your thumbs put pressure on the nuts
during use; no longer in production; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t80.jpg $85.00
MS130 Brass stuffed mallet by Woodworkers Edge; the classic
joiner's mallet that has all the mass needed to drive
joints together without marring the work, the brass pro-
vides the mass, the wooden stuffing offers the striking
face, both of which are secured with the handle; easy
to knock apart when the stuffing needs replacement, it's
a bit smaller than the old ones, the cheeks are engraved
with a sailing ship and a face, the top has acanthus
leaf pattern around the hole, all done by Catharine
Kennedy; I don't know if this tool is still available
new today, I don't believe this one ever struck wood;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t81.jpg $175.00
MS131 Decorative cross peen hammer; a lovely thing made for a
short time by Tools For Working Wood, it's been engraved
by Catharine Kennedy, it's so well done that it could be
ages to look old and fool seasoned toolies; 4" long head,
octagonal handle that's a bit loose due to seasonal
shrinkage, it looks unused; second from left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t81b.jpg $185.00
MS132 Lie-Nielsen brass cross peen hammer; with cherry handle,
face shows some marring, it's still in fine working order;
second from right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t81.jpg $80.00
MS133 Wile plane hammer as now sold by Lee Valley, I believe
this one pre-dates their retailing it; a double end design
 with brass and wood faces; on a figured maple handle, it
saw use showing marring on both faces, the wood has a
check; milled area has "WILE" stamped in it, it may be a
type 1 production, still with lots of life left in it;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t81.jpg $45.00
MS134 Record 071 router; complete, with all features, it's a
quality competitor to the Stanley #71; three cutters, ad-
justable fence, dusty from sitting idle, original tattered
box included; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t82.jpg $150.00
MS135 Knew Concepts coping saw; sold by Lee Valley, this one saw
very little use and is ready to go; 6" throat; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t82.jpg $125.00
MS136 Three smaller spoke shaves in their original box; used
extensively by patternmakers, this their standard set,
each with a different function; flat and curved soles,
3 1/2" long, and handy for finer shaping; original box
included; bottom three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t83.jpg $60.00
MS137 20 1/2" cast jointer with bronze lever cap; kinda sorta
resembling a Knowles style plane, it has loads of mass
and a fine mouth, a turned knob is secured to the casting,
there is some chipping to that, a closed tote mounted on
a brass plate pushes the mass; as found, it will benefit
from a clean and make a fine worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t85.jpg $185.00
MS138 Clean Marples bowsaw; 12" blade, sharp, and ready to use;
a good design for cutting curved work; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t86.jpg $80.00
MS139 Lee Valley small shoulder plane; used once, put back in
the original box with wrapping and instructions, the plane
was too shy to be photographed; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t86.jpg $160.00
MS140 Same as previous, but medium shoulder plane; don't believe
it was used, some very minor tarnish spots from sitting
idle, Lee Valley is the official non-sponsor of supertool.com,
if you don't buy here, buy there; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t86.jpg $180.00
MS141 Lee Valley scraping insert on a Stanley #4 smoothing
plane; an easy to use gizmo that turns your #4 into a
#114 (a non-existent model number, but one Stanley would
have likely used if they offered it); little used, but
caked with sawdust, the plane dates to the early 1930's
and has the orange paint on the sides of the frog, it
can also be used as originally intended after adding a
iron and cap iron; middle:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t87.jpg $125.00
MS142 Bronze smoothing plane with Norris style adjuster and
stuffed with an exotic wood (perhaps cocobolo); looks to
be a Bristol Design product, these planes were fit with
period irons; little used, fine mouth, caked with sawdust,
Norris performance at a non-Norris price; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t87.jpg $265.00
MS143 Lie-Nielsen #10 1/4 jack rabbet with tilting handles; used
once and put away for you to save $ over buying one new;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t88.jpg $335.00
MS144 Decorative eastern European axe; 21" along the edge, lots
of scrolly wolly detail on the face, backside is free of
that and shows normal textured surface; no handle, that's
easy to fit into the socket; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t88.jpg $265.00
MS145 Ulmia No.744 strip and jointer cutter in its original box;
used once or twice, complete, and ready to go, it's a very
useful tool for cutting strips of veneer; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t89.jpg $125.00
MS146 Three unused handled scrapers; different shapes for working
a variety of surfaces, each has the original sticker with
the Union Jack, these aren't modern cheap chinese junk and
were probably made by Clay; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t89.jpg $60.00
MS147 Tite-Mark marking gauge in owner made dovetailed box; little
used, it has 1/4" and 3/8" double bevel mortice blades and
another packet marked mortice blade (total of three extra
sets); with instructions, etc.; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t89.jpg $120.00
MS148 Offset gauge by Glen-Drake; a machinist's style gauge to
use on woodworking joints that you make to 0.00000001"
tolerance on Monday but later find them to be 0.0000001"
on Tuesday, 0.000001" on Wednesday, 0.00001" on Thursday,
0.0001" on Friday, and then with great frustration decide
to hit the bottle and blow 0.25 on Saturday; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t89.jpg $50.00
MS149 Lie-Nielson No.4 size smoothing plane nicely engraved by
Catharine Kennedy; iron model patterned after the Bed Rock
design, it features a detailed sailing ship on one cheek
and an electrocuted rose on the other, brass inlay borders
the work; with original box, little used, some minor tarnish
from sitting, a unique and very well done plane, the images
fail to capture the detail well; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t90b.jpg $485.00
MS150 Lie-Nielson No.2 size smoothing plane; like the previous,
with Catharine Kennedy's work engraved on each side, the
lever cap is also engraved; the left cheek features inlay
of a leaping rabbet, the right cheek her initials in a
stylish Book of Kells-like arrangement; a bit of toolmaking
history here, it saw limited use; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t90d.jpg $485.00
MS151 Hollowing shave with extra deep curvature; probably French
as it has the small turned knobs as handles, this tool
could help make aluminum rain gutters salesmen obsolete;
in fine shape, the curvature is roughly 2" deep and 2 1/2"
wide; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t91.jpg $95.00
MS152 Pair of framing chisels, a 2" wide one with beveled back
and a 7/8" corner chisel; both with replaced handle and
both solid workers, the former is nearly 12" long and the
latter 10 1/4" (steel length); both pre-war manufacture,
I can't see any maker names; middle two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t91.jpg $90.00
MS153 Pair of dividers; both clean and complete, with fine ad-
justment nut, each with brass bushing at hinge, a 6" by
Sampson Mfg.Co. of Newark, NJ, and a super clean 8" by
Peck,Stow&Wilcox; each ready to use; bottom two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t91.jpg $90.00
MS154 Triangular drill index by Morse Twist Drill of New Bedford,
MA; patented August 7, 1906, nearly all the nickel plating
remains on this larger index that takes 1/16"-1/2" diameter
twist drills; not to be confused with the smaller and lower
quality example, this one is only for those who are serious
about keeping their drills in perfect order; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t92.jpg $85.00
MS155 Massive pair of turned wooden trammels; mounted on a later
beam made of exotic wood, each trammel is 12 1/2" long; a
very nice example, obviously used for larger layout work,
the scale of these can't be appreciated from a photo; in
fine shape, one brass ferrule is missing, the turnings are
maple or sycamore; these are awesome; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t92.jpg $265.00
MS156 Rodier's jack plane; one of the more unusual American-made
planes (in Westfield, MA) it's the brainchild of Louis
Rodier, a Canadian who sought America for his fame and
fortune, both those certainly escaped him on this design;
with all original parts, it's offered for parts/restoration
as the mouth (behind the iron) is blown out and the knob
has chips around the base, the tote shows some minor loss
on the horn; has the original Buck Bros. iron, these are
difficult to find unslotted; it seems unbelievable that
the mouth on this could be so damage, perhaps its first
owner punched it out in a fit of rage over buying this
plane; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t93a.jpg $235.00
MS157 Froe with 15" blade; sold by Woodcraft, little used, and
can be used to split big stuff right out of the box; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t94.jpg $85.00
MS158 Three Kunz spoke shave; matching pair of concave and con-
vex and a longer handle one, what Stanley labeled a cooper's
shave; each barely used; top three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t98.jpg $110.00
MS159 14" divider; well made, manufactured, but with no maker's
mark, fine adjustment screw; as found, with superficial
grime that will easily clean, points sharp; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t98.jpg $65.00
MS160 Group of special purpose saws; a veneer saw by Gramercy,
a finer saw with grip at toe and spare blade, and a flush
cutting one by a German firm; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t100.jpg $135.00
MS161 Nine blacksmith's tongs; a variety of forms, some recent
makes, and in usual condition for such tools;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t101.jpg $110.00
MS162 Drafting set in a sharkskin etui; a very nice and clean
example that includes two boxwood rules, one a sector,
a brass protractor, and various drawing aids; all tools
present save for the pen, those are easy to find in the
wild; case's latch works fine, this is an above average
condition set; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t102.jpg $190.00
MS163 Lie-Nielson inlay tool set; looks complete and barely, if
at all, used:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t103.jpg $290.00
MS164 Smoothing plane by Blum Tool Co.; dusty from sitting in
a shop, barely used, and still fairly sharp to use as is;
I believe this design received a patent and is definitely
a different thing, reports are that it does work well
once you understand how to use it; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t104.jpg $185.00
MS165 Lie-Nielsen butt mortice plane; a direct copy of the design
manufactured by Rumbold, it's a time-tested design for
cutting mortices for hinges and similar broad and shallow
areas; little used, the right cheek shows some fairly heavy
rust, it's guaranteed to clean well; top right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t104.jpg $75.00
MS166 Starrett No.453 diemaker's square; with original box, some
minor tarnish on the blade; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t104.jpg $45.00
MS167 Spear&Jackson 8" brass back tenon saw; their model No.52,
still sharp, little used, minor tarnish, the handle was
made with a bolt through it to keep it from splitting; from
the 1970's, a quality worker; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t108.jpg $75.00
MS168 Pair of all iron Spofford braces; just like the model with
rosewood head and pad, these were offered for more rugged
jobs and work the same; sweeps of 10" and 12", all you need
to do is put an auger in the simple to use jaw and start
boring; top two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t109.jpg $85.00
MS169 3 1/2" slick with original turned handle; stamped Middlesex
Mfg., it saw little use and is in much nicer than usual
slick condition; laminated steel construction, the back
wants polishing as you use it since there's is some very
minor pit spots that typical form on the high carbon steel
used for these tools; guaranteed to be a great worker, it's
one of many tools made in Middletown, CT during the 19th
century, that place never gets much credit for that in-
dustry due to New Britain's location; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t109.jpg $165.00
MS170 3 Liogier bent rasps; two in their original packing, I
can't read French, so am clueless what's what here, I
can say the one without the package saw use, and very
little at that, price them new for real sticker shock;
left three:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t114.jpg $225.00
MS171 Auriou No.10 curved ironing rasp in its original packaging;
looks unused; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t114.jpg $55.00
MS172 Pair of floats, one old with cutting face and edge, the
other new but with no maker's name but looks to be a
Lie-Nielsen; both cut on the push stroke, the earlier is
tapered; each in fine worker shape; top two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t115.jpg $110.00
MS173 Five Two Cherries carving chisels; looks to be their
offering of the starter set, variety of shape, little
used, most with decals; widest is 1/2"; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t115.jpg $60.00
MS174 Lie-Nielsen side handle (hotdog) for the low angle jack
plane; unused, with original envelope; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t115.jpg $50.00
MS175 Odd special purpose anvil with broad working area, it can
be flipped over to work as a swage block; at just 5" tall,
the flat area is 5" x 9", overall length is 12"; good age,
I can't recall seeing one like this before, the horn is
snubbed, I suspect it's the original shape, there is a flat
 worked on the top at the horn's end; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t116a.jpg $290.00
MS176 Wentworth saw vise; free of damage (most are), I haven't
had one in some time; easy to use, dusty, a worker that
has been reproduced, this is an original; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t116.jpg $85.00
MS177 Roll of 17 finer chisels for detailed work; someone's
special purpose set for carving, there are some standard
carving chisels among the many narrow gouges and chisel,
all with nice maple handles; by notable makers of Sorby,
Howarth, Ibbotson, etc., they are clean and in sound
worker shape; 1/16" and 1/8" chisels are present, these
alone are almost worth half the price of the pile; you
will like these:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t117.jpg $195.00
MS178 Norris No.50G gunmetal smoothing plane; with the patented
adjuster, steel plated sole, original iron, mahogany bun
and grip, remnants of the maroon finish, lightly cleaned,
this was a premium model over the annealed cast iron
models; owner mark in handle, a solid worker with lots of
curb appeal; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t118a.jpg $795.00
MS179 Leatherworker's adjustable creaser; original thumb screw
and turned handle, it saw little, some mild pitting formed
on the shank; fine quality and guaranteed to be a sound
worker; bottom left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t118.jpg $55.00
MS180 Lund's Patent "Incisor" for cutting the wires on champagne
bottle; in nearly new condition, with most of the firm's
characteristic bronze paint, it's not a common tool and is
a good accessory for those who collect corkscrews; most
examples have next to none of the finish, it would be
difficult to find a nicer example; clearly marked with the
 maker's name and patent; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t118.jpg $155.00
MS181 6" (edge length) folding handle drawknife by Ohio Tool Co;
a fine quality product, OHT was known for their steel, this
as found example saw little use and is dirty from sitting;
guaranteed to clean well, an uncommon size for this kind
of tool; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t119.jpg $75.00
MS182 28" 4pt ripsaw by Spear&Jackson; a very nice example that
was never used on granite or iron, solely wood, it's a
fine quality worker that still has decal remnants around
the escutcheon; progressive teeth, with finer ones located
at the toe to start the thing, it will easily shred wood
with each powerful stroke; still somewhat sharp, etching
visible, owner mark in handle, the English ripsaws are
among some of the best made; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t120.jpg $165.00
MS183 Disston No.12 12pt crosscut; carved apple handle with
reversible grip feature, it saw limited use, oddly the
teeth at the middle show wear and must be recut; tarnish
about the etching, a worthy project for a fine saw;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t120.jpg $75.00
MS184 3/4" joiner's mortice chisel; the classic pigsticker style,
retailed by Nurse, original handle, in sound worker shape,
two larger pitted areas 4" from edge, you'll need several
lifetimes to reach those; an uncommon width for this kind
of chisel; left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t121.jpg $55.00
MS185 Same as previous, but 7/16" and by Marples; a much cleaner
than usual worker; second from left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t121.jpg $45.00
MS186 Same as previous, but 3/8" and by Millard Bros; owner mark
in handle, and a clean worker; second from right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t121.jpg $40.00
MS187 Same as previous, but 1/8"; Sheffield made, with no maker's
mark, the narrowest of the standard set and in sound worker
shape; right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t121.jpg $45.00
MS188 12" combination square with three heads; by Brown&Sharpe,
with scribe and original vial in square head, as found,
bare metal shows tarnish, will clean to be a fine worker
of exceptional quality; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t122.jpg $70.00
MS189 Pair of Record shaves; the models #A151 and #A151R, they
are direct copies of Stanley's product but in their ori-
ginal red finish; little used, with decal remnants, easily
set with adjusting nuts that engage the iron, one has a
flat sold, the other curved, each with a 2" wide iron;
bottom left two:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t122.jpg $75.00
MS190 Millers Falls No.109 angular bit stock; a handy aid that
fits into the jaws of a standard brace and then allows
boring in awkward locations or angular boring; spring
jaws, sound worker shape, with good amount of original
finish; a worker; bottom right:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t122.jpg $45.00
MS191 Larger joiner's mallet; trapezoidal head is friction fit
on the tapered handle, this is the classic design for
driving joints together, banging chisels, and, sometimes,
mashing potatoes; good age, made of beech, little used,
minor bangs marks, 15" long handle; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t123.jpg $50.00
MS192 Millers Falls No.10 oversize smoothing plane; the firm's
version of the #4 1/2, as found, all original parts, no
damage, with usual cosmetic loss; plenty of life left to
it, good mass, and a more affordable choice over the
Stanley; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t123.jpg $90.00
MS193 6" (edge length) drawknife with nicely turned handles; by
Robert Sorby, with kangaroo logo, carefully used, it can
be put back to work with only a sharpening; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t124.jpg $70.00
MS194 Seven punches; used for background work on carvings and
leatherwork; in fine shape, little used; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t127a.jpg $110.00 MS195 Bridge City No.1 1993 commemorative combination square and
 bevel; one of the company's earlier products, in fine shape,
no box; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t127.jpg $155.00
MS196 Unused Marples try square with foldout rest; 27" overall
length of blued blade, ready to go, a fine quality tool
that supposedly is still manufactured, but I can't find
any new source that sells them; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t130.jpg $145.00
MS197 Ulmia frame saw; 23" blade, full label, little used, a
fine quality worker where the blade can rotate relative
to the frame making it versatile for all sorts of work
including resawing; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t130.jpg $115.00
MS198 Gyro Vise by Columbia Vise Mfg.Co; the Versa-Vice by an-
other name, it's a handy vise that can be oriented in many
ways to suit the work; original base, no damage, dirty from
sitting idle, it will clean to be a fine worker:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t131.jpg $110.00
MS199 Unused Record bench screw; for those who wish to make
their own vise, it's a fine quality product by a firm
that knew their stuff when it came to vises, it's a UK
product, not a cheaper product carrying the Record name;
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t132.jpg $95.00
MS200 Norlund hatchet; with most finish on the head, original
handle, little used, and a fine American product, the name
is stamped on the opposite side, it still has the bright
orange paint around the eye; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t132.jpg $70.00
MS201 Early try square; ca.1800, 12" blade, different brass
plating, an owner worked a hollow on one side for placing
his finger; cleaned, the blade shows normal pitting areas;
initials carved in the handle; top left:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/mar/t135.jpg $90.00